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Zeffiretti lusinghieri

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Idomeneo - "Oh smania! oh furie!" (Sylvia Sass)

Singer: Sylvia Sass

Mozart is certainly a composer one can easily come to love. His music is never short of exciting and when he made masterpieces he made masterpieces! I don't think that there is an opera-lover who hasn't heard "Le nozze di Figaro" or the Requiem. "Idomeneo" is one of Mozart's earliest operas, one of his first attempts at Italian opera seria. No, this isn't "Don Giovanni", but this opera does contain beautiful melodies, especially striking is the incredibly intense Act III Quartet. Some may also cherish the dramatic "Fuor del mar" or the gentle "Zeffiretti lusinghieri", but for me the best piece is given to the character of Elettra: "D'Oreste, d'Ajace". This is a very interesting aria: it last only three minutes, five, if you count the preceding recitative, yet it is very demanding of the singer, both dramatically and vocally. Someone once remarked that this probably is one of the earliest examples of a Mad Scene for the soprano, though I myself think that this is probably only a dramatic possibility, as the text doesn't indicate something of that sort (though it doesn't deny such an approach :-)). It's very interesting to note that most librettos that I have seen don't contain this aria, which could point to some interesting conclusions (an insertion aria for a special soprano maybe?), nontheless, most recordings include this scene, which is wonderful. Now the version I'm posting comes from a soprano I haven't known before this, Silvia Sass. When I first heard it, I couldn't belive my ears, I played it again and again... I did some reading and found out that she is known as one of the last great dramitic-coloratura sopranos and also as the "new Callas", and this except really proves it. What shocked me even more was the fact that she had sung many purely dramatic roles successfully, yet she manages to overcome those difficult staccati patterns easily. A wonderful performer! I hope you enjoy this rendition (your comments are most welcome)!

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No. 19 - Aria

Zeffiretti lusinghieri,
Deli volate al mio tesoro:
E gli dite, ch'io l'adoro,
Che mi serbi il cor fedel.

E voi piante, e fior sinceri,
Che ora innaffia il pianto amaro,
Dite a lui, che amor più raro
Mai vedeste sotto al ciel.

English Libretto or Translation:

No. 19 - Aria
Gently caressing zephyrs,
oh fly to my beloved
and tell him I adore him
and to keep his heart true to me.
And you plants and tender flowers
which my bitter tears water,
tell him that you never saw
a love more rare beneath the sky.

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