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Zeffiretti lusinghieri

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




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International Opera Masterclass: Mozart Idomeneo Zeffiretti lusinghieri

Singer(s): Edith Wiens Angelika Kirchschlager Brigitte Fassbaender

International Opera Masterclass with Henning Ruhe, Executive Director and Tobias Truniger, Musical Director of Opera Studio Bayerische Staatsoper München.
Organized by Salerno Conservatoire at Casino Sociale in the same building of Salerno Opera House.

Giovanna Falco soprano
Otello Visconti piano

Henning Ruhe born in Hamburg, studied political science in Hamburg and Piano and Cultural Management at Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt in Weimar. After an apprenticeship as art Director at Staatsoper Unter den Linden in Berlin, he was Assistant Director at Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris and personal assistant to Robert Wilson in Paris and New York. From 2006 until summer 2008, he worked as agent at Mastroianni Associates / IMG Artists in New York. From season 2008/2009, Ruhe is Director of Opera Studio and Department of Education coordinator of Bavarian State Opera and Bavarian State Ballet.

Tobias Truniger is graduated in piano with professors Bloch Boris and Till Engel at Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. He continued his studies in composition, voice and accompanist at Musikhochschule in Leipzig with Prof. Karl-Peter Kammerlander, and in the classes of Brigitte Fassbaender, Norman Shetler and Roger Vignoles.
Tobias Truniger worked as accompanist at Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf, and has taught at Musikhochschule Robert Schumann. Since 2000 he has been Director of studies of voice classes at Musikhochschule Nürnberg-Augsburg and Lieder teacher at München Musikhochschule. As accompanist he has performed with singers such as Angelika Kirchschlager, Thomas Moser and Edith Wiens and he is vocal coach in the major theaters and festivals in Europe. From 2009/10 season he is music Director of Bayerische Staatsoper Opera Studio.

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Idomeneo Ilia s Aria Zeffiretti lusinghieri Undertitled 22769
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Lucia Popp Solitudini amicheZeffiretti lusinghieri Mozart Idomeneo 22764
1 - Lucia Popp

Rebecca Evans Mozart Idomeneo Zeffiretti lusinghieri  22770
1 - Rebecca Evans
Anna Netrebko Idomeneo Solitudini amiche Zeffiretti lusinghieri  22768
1 - Anna Netrebko

Mozart s Zeffiretti lusinghieri from Idomeneo 271700
2 - Joyce DiDonato
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Idomeneo Oh smania oh furie Sylvia Sass 98165
1 - Sylvia Sass

Anna Moffo 1967 IDOMENEO Zeffiretti lusinghieri 22780
1 - Anna Moffo

Rita Streich Zeffiretti Lusinghieri Mozart 271702
1 - Rita Streich

Yvonne Kenny Zeffiretti lusinghieri Idomeneo 27611
1 - Yvonne Kenny
Zeffiretti lusinghieri Sierra 271704
1 - Nadine Sierra

Mariella Devia Solitudini amiche Zeffiretti lusinghieri Idomeneo 1997 22766
1 - Mariella Devia
Sophie Karthuser Solitudini amiche Zeffiretti lusinghieri Mozart Idomeneo 22772
1 - Sophie Karthäuser

Mozart Idomeneo 19 Zeffiretti lusinghieri  22795
1 - Sylvia McNair
Mozart from Idomeneo Zeffiretti lusinghieri Roberta Invernizzi I Virtuosi delle Muse 98166
1 - Roberta Invernizzi

Idomeneo Re di Creta K366 Aria Zeffiretti lusinghieri 27613
1 - Natalie Dessay
Zeffiretti lusinghieri 98172
1 - Ekaterina Siurina

Mozart Idomeneo Zeffiretti lusinghieri Sunhae Im Myungwhun Chung 271710
1 - Sunhae Im
Benita Valente sings Idomeneo arias LIVE 22792
1 - Benita Valente

Idomeneo K 366 Act III Scene 1 Solitudini amiche Zeffiretti lusinghieri 22799
1 - Dorothea Röschmann
LIVE Elisabeth RETHBERG Zeffiretti lusinghieri 1941 98186
1 - Elisabeth Rethberg

Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Zeffiretti lusinghieri Mozart Idomeneo Act III 27631
1 - Elisabeth Schwarzkopf

Rosa Feola Solitudine amicheZeffiretti lusinghieri Idomenoe Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 271716
1 - Rosa Feola

Margherita Rinaldi Zeffiretti lusinghieri Idomeneo 1968 98192
1 - Margherita Rinaldi
Idomeneo Act 3 Zeffiretti lusinghieri Ei stesso vien oh Dei Ilia 98202
1 - Rachel Yakar

Zeffiretti lusinghieri Leona Mitchell Idomeneo 27623
1 - Leona Mitchell
Eleanor Steber sings Zeffiretti lusinghieri from Idomeneo 98188
1 - Eleanor Steber

Idomeneo Zeffiretti lusinghieri 98203
1 - Teresa Stich-Randall
Mozart Idomeneo re di Creta K366 Act 3 Zeffiretti lusinghieri Ei stesso vien oh 98220
1 - Edith Mathis

Zeffiretti lusinghieri Idomeneo Simone Osborne soprano 27618
1 - Simone Osborne
Zeffiretti Lusinghieri Idomeneo K 366 271728
1 - María Bayo

Zeffiretti lusinghieri Erna Berger EMG Mark Xb Oversize Gramophone 271736
1 - Erna Berger
Sena Jurinac Zeffiretti lusinghieri Idomeneo 271737
1 - Sena Jurinac

Anneliese Rothenberger Zeffiretti lusinghieri  271742
1 - Anneliese Rothenberger
Idomeneo re di Creta K 366 Act III Zeffiretti lusinghieri deh volate al mio tesoro 98210
1 - Ruth Ziesak

Mozart Idomeneo re di Creta K366 Act 3 Zeffiretti lusinghieri Ei stesso vien oh 271743
1 - Barbara Hendricks

Idomeneo K 366 Zeffiretti lusinghieri 98208
1 - Victoria de los Ángeles

Idomeneo re di Creta K 366 Act III Scene 1 Zeffiretti lusinghieri de volate al mio tesoro 98211
2 - Sonia Ganassi
Mozart Idomeneo re di Creta K 366 Zeffiretti lusinghieri  271755
1 - Maria Stader

Idomeneo re di Creta K 366 Act III Scene 1 Zeffiretti lusinghieri de volate al mio tesoro 98209
1 - Henriette Bonde-Hansen
Idomeneo K 366 Zeffiretti lusinghieri 271773
1 - Camilla Tilling

Mozart Idomeneo re di Creta K366 Act 3 Zeffiretti lusinghieri Ei stesso vien oh 271782
1 - Heidi Grant Murphy
Gundula Janowitz Mozart Idomeneo Zeffiretti lusinghieri  22790
1 - Edith Mathis
1 - Elisabeth Grümmer
1 - Elizabeth Harwood
1 - Gundula Janowitz
1 - Maria Stader

International Opera Masterclass Mozart Idomeneo Zeffiretti lusinghieri 22778
1 - Edith Wiens
2 - Angelika Kirchschlager
2 - Brigitte Fassbaender
Christiane EdaPierre Zeffiretti lusinghieri Ilia Idomeneo W A Mozart 27627
1 - Carol Neblett
1 - Christiane Eda-Pierre
2 - Maria Ewing

Helen Colbert Rosalinde Weiman sing Idomeneo excerpts New York 1951 271726
2 - Shirley Verrett
3 - Marian Anderson
3 - Marion Freschl
Idomeneo KV 366 Act 3 Scene I Aria Zeffiretti lusinghieri Ilia 271740
1 - Barbara Frittoli
2 - Lorraine Hunt Lieberson

Idomeneo re di Creta K 366 Act III Scene 1 Zeffiretti lusinghieri de volate al mio tesoro 98225
1 - Birgit Nilsson
1 - Sena Jurinac
Idomeneo K 366 Act III Scene 1 Zeffiretti lusinghieri de volate al mio tesoro Ilia 98224
1 - Christel Goltz
1 - Hildegard Hillebrecht


No. 19 - Aria

Zeffiretti lusinghieri,
Deli volate al mio tesoro:
E gli dite, ch'io l'adoro,
Che mi serbi il cor fedel.

E voi piante, e fior sinceri,
Che ora innaffia il pianto amaro,
Dite a lui, che amor più raro
Mai vedeste sotto al ciel.

English Libretto or Translation:

No. 19 - Aria
Gently caressing zephyrs,
oh fly to my beloved
and tell him I adore him
and to keep his heart true to me.
And you plants and tender flowers
which my bitter tears water,
tell him that you never saw
a love more rare beneath the sky.

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