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Deh! se piacer mi vuoi

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La Clemenza di Tito


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




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Lucia Popp - W.A. Mozart " La Clemenza di Tito" Act I Vitellia "Deh se piacer mi vuoi"

Singer: Lucia Popp

W.A. Mozart " La Clemenza di Tito"
Act I Vitellia "Deh se piacer mi vuoi"
Vitellia - Lucia Popp
Conductor - Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Orchester der Oper Zurich
Recording - March 1993
This is Lucia Popp's last recording.

Rome, AD 79
Vitellia, daughter of the Emperor Vitellius, is in love with the emperor Tito, even though his father murdered hers. Enraged that he has not chosen her as his bride, she persuades his best friend Sesto, who is love with her, to assassinate Tito and share the throne with her. He sets the Capitol of Rome on fire and, in the darkness, kills the emperor, whose death is mourned throughout Rome. The actual victim, a disguised fellow-conspirator, survives to name his assailant.

Sesto is arrested, refuses to implicate Vitellia, and is condemned to be thrown to wild beasts in the Colosseum. Tito cannot bring himself to sign his friend's death warrant, and is about to pardon Sesto and his accomplices when Vitellia admits her guilt and her motive. Tito forgives her as well, demonstrating his celebrated clemency.

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Deh se piacer mi vuoi,
Lascia i sospetti tuoi;
Non mi stancar con questo
Molesto dubitar.

Chi ciecamente crede,
Impegne a serbar fede;
Chi sempre inganni aspetta
Aletta ad ingannar.

English Libretto or Translation:

Ah, if you wish to please me,
cast aside your suspicions;
do not weary me
with these irksome doubts.

He who blindly believes
obliges one to keep faith;
he who always expects
to be betrayed invites betrayal.


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