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Aprite un po'quegli occhi

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Le Nozze di Figaro


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




Le Nozze di Figaro Synopsis


Le Nozze di Figaro Libretto



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Great Moments from the Old Met (10)-4: Ezio Pinza as Mozart's Figaro, 1940.

Singer: Ezio Pinza

Continuing the series celebrating the 130th anniversary of the founding of the New York Metropolitan Opera, the present set of uploads features one of the milestones in the history of the Met and a significant achievement of Edward Johnson during his tenure as the Met's General Manager (1935-1949) - the revival of Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro in 1940, with Ezio Pinza leading a stellar cast that includes Bidú Sayão as Susanna, Elisabeth Rethberg as Countess Almaviva, John Brownlee as Count Almaviva and Jarmila Novotna as Cherubino. The revival sparked off what music historian Paul Jackson calls "The Mozart Renascence" at the Met in the 1940s, in which three of Mozart's major operatic works were restored to the Met's standard repertory through the concerted efforts of some of the great singers and conductors of the time working as a close-knit ensemble. The endeavor was to continue into the Rudolf Bing administration.

The present posting features Ezio Pinza in Figaro's recitative and aria "Tutto è disposto...Aprite un po'quegli occhi" from Act 4 of the opera, coming from the third performance (and first live radio Saturday martinee broadcast) of this justly celebrated revival on 9 March 1940 conducted by Ettore Panizza.

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Tutto è disposto:
L'ora dovrebbe esser vicina;
Io sento gente...è dessa!
Non è alcun;
Buia è la notte...
Ed io comincio omai a fare
Il scimunito mestiere di marito...
Nel memento della mia cerimonia
Ei godeva leggendo:
E nel vederlo io rideva
Di me senza saperlo.
Oh Susanna! Susanna!
Quanta pena mi costi!
Con quell'ingenua faccia,
Con quelgli occhi innocenti,
Chi creduto l'avria? Ah!
Che il fidarse a donna, è ognor follia.

Aprite un po'quegli occhi,
Uomini incauti e sciocchi,
Guardate queste femmine,
Guardate cosa son!
Queste chiamate dee
Dagli ingannati sensi,
A cui tributa incensi
La debole ragion.
Son streghe che incantano
Per farci penar,
Sirene che cantano
Per farci affogar,
Civette che allettano
Per trarci le piume,
Comete che brillano
Per toglierci il lume.
Son rose spinose
Son volpi vezzose;
Son orse benigne,
Colombe maligne,
Maestre d'inganni,
Amiche d'affanni,
Che fingono, mentono,
Amore non senton,
Non senton pietà ,
No, no, no, no no!
Il resto no dico,
Già  ognuno lo sa.

English Libretto or Translation:

Everything is set:
the hour should be near;
I can hear people... it is her!
It's nobody;
The night is dark...
and I am just beginning to practice
the stupid work of being a husband...
You ungrateful!
While remembering my ceremony
he was enjoying in reading:
And while I was seeing it I was laughing
at me without knowing it.
Oh, Susanna! Susanna!
What a great suffering you cost me!
With your ingenuous face,
with your innocent eyes,
who would imagine it? Ah,
that it's foul to trust in a woman.

Open your eyes,
you incautious and stupid men
Look at these women
Look what they are!
These you call goddesses
with deceived senses,
to whom the weak reason
tributes incenses.
They are witches who enchant
only to make us pain,
Sirens who sing
to draw us,
Owls who attract
to take out our feathers
Comets who shine
to take our light away,
they're thorny roses
they're charming foxes
they're benign bears,
malign doves,
masters in cheating
friends of worries
who pretend, lie,
don't feel any love,
don't feel any pity,
no, no, no, no, no!
I don't tell all the rest,
anybody knows that.

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