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La vendetta oh! la vendetta

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Le Nozze di Figaro


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




Le Nozze di Figaro Synopsis


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Kurt Moll: Mozart - Le nozze di Figaro, 'La vendetta, oh, la vendetta'

Singer: Kurt Moll

Kurt Moll (born April 11, 1938) is a German operatic bass. He has made innumerable recordings of opera, sacred music, and lieder with many of the great conductors and piano-accompanists. In 1991, he won a Grammy Award for his recording of Das Rheingold. He can be seen in many roles on video, including Sarastro (twice), Osmin, the Commendatore, Dr. Bartolo (Mozart), Hunding, Gurnemanz, and Baron Ochs (several times). His voice was notable for its range, a true infra-bass including full, resonant low and very-low notes with relaxed vibrato; also for its unusual combination of extreme size and purring, contrabassoon-like timbre. Although he was large enough for most of Wagner's noble-bass roles, he was not a thunderer and he never performed as Hagen, Hans Sachs, nor Wotan. His interpretations tended to be restrained and intelligent, even in buffo roles like Baron Ochs and Osmin. His recording of Schubert's philosophical "Lieder für Bass" set a new standard for these songs...

Lyrics & English Translation

Vengeance, oh, vengeance
Is a pleasure reserved to the wise.
To forget a shame or an outrage
Is always base and cowardly.
With astuteness, with cleverness,
With judgement, with discernment,
One can do it; the case is serious,
But believe me, it will be done.
If I have to turn over the whole law-code,
If I have to read the whole index,
With a quibble, with a substitution,
I'll find some way to mess it up.
All of Seville knows Bartolo;
That rascal Figaro will be beaten.

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La vendetta, oh, la vendetta!
È un piacer serbato ai saggi.
L'obliar l'onte e gli oltraggi
è bassezza, è ognor viltà.
Con l'astuzia...coll'arguzia...
col giudizio...col criterio...
si fatto è serio...
ma credete si farà.
Se tutto il codice
dovessi volgere,
se tutto l'indice
dovessi leggere,
con un equivoco,
con un sinonimo
qualche garbuglio
si troverà.
Tutta Siviglia
conosce Bartolo:
il birbo Figaro
vostro sarà.


English Libretto or Translation:

Revenge, yes, revenge
Is a pleasure meant for the intelligent;
To forget insults and outrages
Is always low and base.
With astuteness and acuteness,
With judgment and discernment,
I can do it ... The case is serious;
But, believe me, I'll bring it off.
If I have to search the whole legal code,
If I have to read through the whole statute book,
With a quibble or a paraphrase
I'll find some obstacle.
All Seville knows Dr. Bartolo:
That rascal Figaro will lose the day!


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