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Se vuol ballare

Opera details:

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Le Nozze di Figaro


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart




Le Nozze di Figaro Synopsis


Le Nozze di Figaro Libretto



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Samuel Ramey: Mozart - Le Nozze di Figaro, 'Se vuol ballare'

Singer: Samuel Ramey

Samuel Edward Ramey (born March 28, 1942 in Colby, Kansas) is an American operatic bass with a long, distinguished career. At the height of his career, he was greatly admired for his range and versatility, having possessed a sufficiently accomplished bel canto technique to enable him to sing the music of Handel, Mozart, Rossini, yet power enough to handle the more overtly dramatic roles written by Verdi and Puccini...

Lyrics & English Translation

Bravo, my lord and master!
Now I begin to understand the mystery,
And to see plain
Your whole plan!
We're going to London, right?
You as minister, I as courier,
and a secret envoy!
It won't be so, it won't be so - Figaro says it!

If you want to dance, Sir Count,
I'll play the guitar for you.
If you want to come to my school,
I'll teach you the moves.
I'll find out, but quietly; or better,
by pretending,
I'll discover every mystery.
The art of fencing, the art of adapting,
Here fighting, there fooling,
I'll overturn all the machinery.

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Bravo,signor padrone! Ora incomincio
a capir il mistero... e a veder schietto
tutto il vostro progetto: a Londra è vero?
Voi ministro, io corriero, e la Susanna ...
secreta ambasciatrice.
Non sarà, non sarà. Figaro il dice.

No. 3 - Cavatina

Se vuol ballare
Signor Contino,
il chitarrino
le suonerò.
Se vuol venire
nella mia scuola
la capriola
le insegnerò.
Saprò... ma piano,
meglio ogni arcano
scoprir potrò!
L'arte schermendo,
l'arte adoprando,
di qua pungendo,
di là scherzando,
tutte le macchine
Se vuol ballare
Signor Contino,
il chitarrino
le suonerò.

English Libretto or Translation:

feverishly pacing up and down the room, rubbing his hands
Well done, my noble master! Now I begin
To understand the secret ... and to see
Your whole scheme clearly: to London,
Isn't it, you go as minister, I as courier,
And Susanna ... confidential attachée ...
It shall not be: Figaro has said it.


If, my dear Count,
You feel like dancing,
It's I
Who'll call the tune.
If you'lI come
To my school,
I'll teach you
How to caper.
I'll know how... but wait,
I can uncover
His secret design
More easily by dissembling.
Acting stealthily,
Acting openly,
Here stinging,
There mocking,
All your plots
I'll overthrow.

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