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Die Lustige Weiber von Windsor Synopsis

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Sir John Falstaff sends identical love letters to Frau Fluth and Frau Reich. They plan
revenge for the insult. Ensuring that her possessive husband knows of her plans, Fluth arranges to meet Falstaff. During their meeting Reich arrives, as arranged, to warn Fluth of her husband's arrival. They tumble Falstaff into a basket and prepare to throw it into the river.

At the inn, Falstaff is once again summoned by Fluth, while her disguised husband does his best to discover the identity of his wife's lover. Falstaff again meets with Fluth, but when her husband arrives he has to escape dressed as a woman.

Fluth and Reich explain the situation to their husbands and discuss how best to punish the philandering Falstaff.
They all meet in the park where, disguised, the couples torment the confused Sir John.
Eventually, he admits his foolish behaviour and begs forgiveness.