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Giacomo Antonio Puccini


Giuseppe Giacosa, and Luigi Illica


17 February 1904, Milan (La Scala)




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About the opera Madame Butterfly

Madama Butterfly (Madame Butterfly) is an opera in three acts (originally two acts) by Giacomo Puccini, with an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. Puccini based his opera in part on the short story "Madame Butterfly" (1898) by John Luther Long, which was dramatized by David Belasco. Puccini also based it on the novel Madame Chrysanthème (1887) by Pierre Loti. According to one scholar, the opera was based on events that actually occurred in Nagasaki in the early 1890s.
The original version of the opera, in two acts, had its premiere on February 17, 1904, at La Scala in Milan. It was very poorly received despite the presence of such notable singers as soprano Rosina Storchio, tenor Giovanni Zenatello and baritone Giuseppe De Luca in the lead roles. This was due in large part to the late completion and inadequate time for rehearsals. Puccini revised the opera, splitting the second act into two acts and making other changes. On May 28, 1904, this version was performed in Brescia and was a huge success.
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Roles in Madame Butterfly

Cio-Cio San Soprano
Suzuki Mezzo-Soprano
B. F. Pinkerton Tenor
Sharpless Baritone
Goro Tenor
Prince Yamadori Tenor
The Bonze Bass
Yakuside Bass

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Arias from Madame Butterfly
Duets from Madame Butterfly

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1OvertureMadame ButterflyPuccini1.01instrumentaln/aItalian
2E soffito e paretiMadame ButterflyPuccini1.02-1 instrumentaln/aItalian
3Questa e la camerieraMadame ButterflyPuccini1.02-2 T T Mz S BrItalianGoro/Pinkerton/Suzuki/Cio-Cio/Sharpless
4Dovunque al mondo lo YankeeMadame ButterflyPuccini1.03ariatenorItalianPinkerton/Sharpless/Goro
5Amore o grilloMadame ButterflyPuccini1.04-1 duetT BrItalianPinkerton/Sharpless
6Quale smania vi prendeMadame ButterflyPuccini1.04-2 T BrItalianPinkerton/Sharpless
7Quanto cielo quanto marMadame ButterflyPuccini1.05-1 n/aItalian
8Ancora un passo or viaMadame ButterflyPuccini1.05-2 aria,choirtenorItalianGoro
9Ecco son giunte al sommaMadame ButterflyPuccini1.05-3 quartet,choirT S Br TItalianGoro/Cio-Cio/Sharpless/Pinkerton
10Gran ventura riverenzaMadame ButterflyPuccini1.06ariasopranoItalianCio-Cio
11L'imperial commissarioMadame ButterflyPuccini1.07T B Br SItalianGoro/Commissioner/Sharpless/Cio-Cio
12Vieni amor mioMadame ButterflyPuccini1.08T S TItalianPinkerton/Cio-Cio/Goro
13Ieri son salita tutta solaMadame ButterflyPuccini1.09-1 ariasopranoItalianCio-Cio
14Tutti zitti!Madame ButterflyPuccini1.09-2 Italian
15Madame ButterflyMadame ButterflyPuccini1.09-3 Italian
16Cio Cio SanMadame ButterflyPuccini1.09-4 Italian
17Bimba bimba non piangereMadame ButterflyPuccini1.09-5 T SItalian
18Ed eccoci in famigliaMadame ButterflyPuccini1.10T B SItalianPinkerton/The Bonze/Cio-Cio
19Viene la seraMadame ButterflyPuccini1.11duetT SItalianPinkerton/Cio-Cio
20Quest obi pomposaMadame ButterflyPuccini1.12-1recitativeS TItalianCio-Cio/Pinkerton
21Bimba dagli occhi pieni di maliaMadame ButterflyPuccini1.12-2duetS TItalianCio-Cio/Pinkerton
22Stolta pauraMadame ButterflyPuccini1.13-1duetT SItalianPinkerton/Cio-Cio
23Vogliatemi bene un bene piccolinoMadame ButterflyPuccini1.13-2duetT SItalianPinkerton/Cio-Cio
24Dolce notte! Quante stelleMadame ButterflyPuccini1.13-3duetT SItalianPinkerton/Cio-Cio
25Sai cos'ebbe cuoreMadame ButterflyPuccini2ariasopranoItalianCio-Cio
26Cora a bocca chiusaMadame ButterflyPuccini2choirn/aItalian
27E izaghi ed izanami sarundascioMadame ButterflyPuccini2.01Mz SItalianSuzuki/Cio-Cio
28Un bel di vedremoMadame ButterflyPuccini2.02ariasopranoItalianCio-Cio
29Chiamera Butterfly dalla lontanaMadame ButterflyPuccini2.02-2ariasopranoItalianCio-Cio
30Ce entrateMadame ButterflyPuccini2.03-1 ariabaritoneItalianSharpless
31Yamadori ancor le peneMadame ButterflyPuccini2.03-2 Italian
32Non lo sapete insommaMadame ButterflyPuccini2.04S BrItalianCio-Cio/Sharpless
33A voi messagio ho gran pauraMadame ButterflyPuccini2.05Br S TItalianSharpless/Cio-Cio/Yamadori
34Ora a noi sedete quiMadame ButterflyPuccini2.06duetBr SItalianSharpless/Cio-Cio
35E questo e questo?Madame ButterflyPuccini2.07Br SItalianSharpless/Cio-Cio
36Che tua madre dovra prendertiMadame ButterflyPuccini2.08-1 ariasopranoItalianCio-Cio
37Due cose potrei farMadame ButterflyPuccini2.08-2 Italian
38Ah! m'ha scordata?Madame ButterflyPuccini2.08-3 Italian
39Io scendo al pianoMadame ButterflyPuccini2.09recitativeS BrItalianCio-Cio/Sharpless
40Vespa rospo maledetto!Madame ButterflyPuccini2.10-1 recitativeT Mz SItalianGoro/Suzuki/Cio-Cio
41Il cannone del portoMadame ButterflyPuccini2.10-2 recitativesopranoItalianCio-Cio
42Tutti i fior?Madame ButterflyPuccini2.10-2 duetS MzItalianCio-Cio/Suzuki
43Vedrai piccolo amorMadame ButterflyPuccini2.10-3 duetS MzItalianCio-Cio/Suzuki
44Una nave da guerraMadame ButterflyPuccini2.11S MzItalian
45Scuoti quella fronda di ciliegioMadame ButterflyPuccini2.12duetS MzItalianCio-Cio/Suzuki
46Or vieni ad adornarMadame ButterflyPuccini2.13ariasopranoItalianCio-Cio
47Intermezzo 2Madame ButterflyPuccini2.14instrumentaln/aItalian
48Tu tu piccolo iddioMadame ButterflyPuccini3recitativesopranoItalianCio-Cio
49Chi sara chi sara?Madame ButterflyPuccini3ariasopranoItalianCio-Cio
50Suzuki Suzuki!Madame ButterflyPuccini3Italian
51Intermezzo 3Madame ButterflyPuccini3.01instrumentaln/aItalian
52Oh eh! oh eh!Madame ButterflyPuccini3.02-1 instrumentaln/aItalian
53Gia il sole Cio Cio San!Madame ButterflyPuccini3.02-2 Mz SItalianSuzuki/Cio-Cio
54Povera Butterfly chi sia?Madame ButterflyPuccini3.03Mz T BrItalianSuzuki/Pinkerton/Sharpless
55Io so che alle sue peneMadame ButterflyPuccini3.04trioBr Mz TItalianSharpless/Suzuki/Pinkerton
56Addio fiorito asilMadame ButterflyPuccini3.05ariatenorItalianPinkerton
57Glielo dirai promettoMadame ButterflyPuccini3.06Mz S MzItalianKate/Cio-Cio/Suzuki
58Quella donna che vuol da me?Madame ButterflyPuccini3.07recitativeS T MzItalianCio-Cio/Pinkerton/Kate
59Come una mosca prigionieraMadame ButterflyPuccini3.08recitativeS MzItalianCio-Cio/Suzuki
60Con onor muore chi non puo serbarMadame ButterflyPuccini3.09ariasilentItalianDolore
61Spira sul mare (Entrata di Butterfly)Madame ButterflyPucciniariasopranoItalian