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Giacomo Antonio Puccini


Giuseppe Giacosa, and Luigi Illica


14 January 1900, Rome (Teatro Costanzi)




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About the opera Tosca

Tosca (Italian pronunciation: ) is an opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini to an Italian libretto by Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa. It premiered at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome on 14 January 1900. The work, based on Victorien Sardou's 1887 French-language dramatic play, La Tosca, is a melodramatic piece set in Rome in June 1800, with the Kingdom of Naples's control of Rome threatened by Napoleon's invasion of Italy. It contains depictions of torture, murder and suicide, yet also includes some of Puccini's best-known lyrical arias, and has inspired memorable performances from many of opera's leading singers.
Puccini saw Sardou's play when it was touring Italy in 1889 and, after some vacillation, obtained the rights to turn the work into an opera in 1895. Turning the wordy French play into a succinct Italian opera took four years, during which the composer repeatedly argued with his librettists and publisher. Tosca premiered at a time of unrest in Rome, and its first performance was delayed for a day for fear of disturbances. Despite indifferent reviews from the critics, the opera was an immediate success with the public.
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Roles in Tosca

Floria Tosca Soprano
Mario Cavaradossi Tenor
Baron Scarpia Baritone
Cesare Angelotti Bass
A Sacristan Baritone
Spoletta Tenor
Sciarrone Bass
A Jailer Bass

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Arias from Tosca
Duets from Tosca

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
2Ah! finalmente!ToscaPuccini1.01recitativeB Br TItalianAngelotti/A Sacristan/Cavaradossi
3E sempre lavaToscaPuccini1.02recitativebaritoneItalianA Sacristan
4Santa ampolleToscaPuccini1.03-1 ariabaritoneItalianA Sacristan
5Recondita armonia di belezzaToscaPuccini1.04ariatenorItalianCavaradossi
6Dammi i colori..Recondite armoniaToscaPuccini1.04recitativeT BrItalianCavaradossi/Scarpia
7Gente la dentro!ToscaPuccini1.04-2 recitativeB TItalianAngelotti/Cavaradossi
8Voi CavaradossiToscaPuccini1.05recitativeB TItalianAngelotti/Cavaradossi
9Mario Mario son qui!ToscaPuccini1.06duetS TItalianTosca/Cavaradossi
10Ora stammi a sentirToscaPuccini1.07duetS TItalianTosca/Cavaradossi
11Non la sospiri la nostra casettaToscaPuccini1.08ariasopranoItalianTosca
12Or lasciami al lavoroToscaPuccini1.09recitativeT SItalianCavaradossi/Tosca
13Chi e quella donna bionda lassuToscaPuccini1.10duetS TItalianTosca/Cavaradossi
14Ah! quegli occhiToscaPuccini1.11-1 duetS TItalianTosca/Cavaradossi
15Qual occhi al mondo puoToscaPuccini1.11-2 duetS TItalianTosca/Cavaradossi
16E buona la mia ToscaToscaPuccini1.12recitativeB T BrItalianAngelotti/Cavaradossi/A Sacristan
17Tutta qui la cantoriaToscaPuccini1.13recitative,choirbaritoneItalianA Sacristan
18Un tal baccano in chiesaToscaPuccini1.14ariabaritoneItalianScarpia
19Tosca che non mi vedaToscaPuccini1.15recitativeBr S BrItalianScarpia/Tosca/A Sacristan
20Or tutto e chiaroToscaPuccini1.16recitativeBr SItalianScarpia/Tosca
21Ed io venivo a luiToscaPuccini1.17duetS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
22Tre sbirre una carrozzaToscaPuccini1.18ariabaritoneItalianScarpia
23Va Tosca! Nel tuo cor s'annida ScarpiaToscaPuccini1.19ariabaritoneItalianScarpia
24Te deumToscaPuccini1.20ariabaritoneItalianScarpia
25Tosca e buon falcoToscaPuccini2.01ariabaritoneItalianScarpia
26Ella veraToscaPuccini2.02-1 ariabaritoneItalianScarpia
27Ha piu forte saporeToscaPuccini2.02-2 recitativeBr TItalianScarpia/Spoletta
28O galantuomoToscaPuccini2.03recitativeBr TItalianScarpia/Spoletta
29Meno male!ToscaPuccini2.04-1 recitativeBr TItalianScarpia/Cavaradossi
30Egli e la sale ascendeToscaPuccini2.04-2 recitativeT Br TItalianSpoletta/Scarpia/Cavaradossi
31Dove Angelotti?ToscaPuccini2.05recitativeBr TItalianScarpia/Cavaradossi
32Ed or fra noi parliam da boni amiciToscaPuccini2.06S BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
33Orsu Tosca parlateToscaPuccini2.07duetBr SItalianScarpia/Tosca
34Ahime! Mario consenti chio parliToscaPuccini2.08recitativeS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
35Floria..amore VittoriaToscaPuccini2.09trioS Br TItalianTosca/Scarpia/Cavaradossi
36Nel pozzo del giardino VittoriaToscaPuccini2.10duetS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
37Vittoria Vittoria!ToscaPuccini2.11recitativeS Br TItalianTosca/Scarpia/Cavaradossi
38Quanto quanto prezzoToscaPuccini2.12-1 duetS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
39Gia mi dicon venalToscaPuccini2.12-2 ariabaritoneItalianScarpia
40Se la giurata fedeToscaPuccini2.12-3 aria,recitativesopranoItalianTosca/Scarpia
41Ah! piuttosto giu m'avventoToscaPuccini2.13recitativeS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
42Vissi d'arte vissi d'amoreToscaPuccini2.14-1 ariasopranoItalianTosca
43Vedi le man giunte io stendoToscaPuccini2.14-2 recitativeS T BrItalianTosca/Spoletta/Scarpia
44Risolvi mi vuoi suppliceToscaPuccini2.14-3 recitativeBr S TItalianScarpia/Tosca/Spoletta
45Ebben? ma libero all istante lo voglioToscaPuccini2.15-1 duetS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
46Io tenni la promessaToscaPuccini2.16ariabaritoneItalianScarpia
47E qual via scegliete?ToscaPuccini2.17recitativeS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
48Tosca finalmente miaToscaPuccini2.18ensembleS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
49E avanti a lui tramava tutta RomaToscaPuccini2.19ensembleS BrItalianTosca/Scarpia
50Io de sospiriToscaPuccini3.01choirn/aItalian
51Mario Cavaradossi?ToscaPuccini3.02duetT BItalianCavaradossi/A Jailer
52E lucevan le stelleToscaPuccini3.03ariatenorItalianCavaradossi
53Ah! franchigia a Floria ToscaToscaPuccini3.04duetT SItalianCavaradossi/Tosca
54Il tuo sangue o il mio amoreToscaPuccini3.05ariasopranoItalianTosca
55O dolce mani mansuete e pureToscaPuccini3.06duetS TItalianTosca/Cavaradossi
56Senti l'ora e vicinaToscaPuccini3.07ariasopranoItalianTosca
57Amaro sol per te m'era il morireToscaPuccini3.08duetS TItalianTosca/Cavaradossi
58E non giungonoToscaPuccini3.09recitativeS TItalianTosca/Cavaradossi
59Come e lunga l'attesaToscaPuccini3.10ariasopranoItalianTosca
60Mario su presto!ToscaPuccini3.11recitativeS BItalianTosca/Sciarrone