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Non la sospiri la nostra casetta

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Giacomo Antonio Puccini




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Floria Tosca





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Callas and Corelli sing the Act I duet of Puccini's Tosca in 1965 (much better sound!)

Singer: Maria Callas

Maria Callas (in one of her last stage performances, as well as in surprisingly excellent voice) and Franco Corelli (in top form!) sing the Act I duet of Giacomo Puccini's Tosca: "Mario! Mario!... Non la sospiri la nostra casetta... Mia gelosa". The conductor is Fausto Cleva. This performance took place in New York, 1965. I've cleaned and improved the sound of this in-house recording a bit, and hope you like the result.

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Lo dici male:
Non la sospiri la nostra casetta
che tutta ascosa nel verde ci aspetta?
Nido a noi sacro, ignoto al mondo inter,
pien d'amore e di mister?
Al tuo fianco sentire
per le silenziose
stellate ombre, salir
le voci delle cose!...
Dai boschi e dai roveti,
dall'arse erbe, dall'imo
dei franti sepolcreti
odorosi di timo,
la notte escon bisbigli
di minuscoli amori
e perfidi consigli
che ammolliscono i cuori.
Fiorite, o campi immensi, palpitate
aure marine nel lunare albor,
piovete voluttà, volte stellate!
Arde a Tosca folle amor!
reclinando la testa sulla spalla di Cavaradossi

English Libretto or Translation:

How faintly you say it'
sits on the steps next to Cavaradossi
Do you not long for our little house
That is waiting for us, hidden in the grove?
Our refuge, sacred to us and unseen by the world,
Protected with love and mystery?
Oh, at your side to listen there
To the voices of the night
As they rise through the starlit,
Shadowed silences:
From the woods, from the thickets
And the dry grass, from the depths
Of shattered tombs
Scented with thyme,
The night murmurs
Its thousand loves
And false counsels
To soften and seduce the heart.
Oh wide fields, blossom! and sea winds throb
In the moon's radiance, ah,
Rain down desire you vaulted stars!
Tosca burns with a mad love!

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