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In questa reggia

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Giacomo Antonio Puccini




Turandot Synopsis


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Princess Turandot / Crowd





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Maralin Niska sings "In questa reggia" from Puccini's Turandot New York City Opera; Los Angeles 1976

Singer(s): Montserrat Caballé Carol Neblett Maralin Niska Roberta Peters Renata Scotto Astrid Varnay Glenys Fowles

This is an exciting live performance of Turandot'a Act 2 aria sung by the great soprano Maralin Niska (1926-2016), on tour with the NYCO in Los Angeles at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on December 4,1976. The soprano was first heard at the New York City Opera in the fall of 1967, as the Contessa Almaviva in Le nozze di Figaro, with Norman Treigle in the title role. She went on to perform with that company in many productions, including La bohème (now as Musetta), La traviata (opposite Plácido Domingo), Madama Butterfly, Pagliacci, Suor Angelica, Faust (in Frank Corsaro's production, with whom she would often collaborate), Prince Igor, The Turn of the Screw (as the Governess), La bohème (as Mimì, with George Shirley and Carol Neblett), The Makropoulos Case (with Harry Theyard and Chester Ludgin, directed by Corsaro), Susannah (with Treigle), Tosca (with José Carreras), Don Giovanni (as Donna Anna, conducted by Bruno Maderna), Don Giovanni (now as Donna Elvira, with Richard Fredricks and Richard Stilwell alternating in the name part), Ariadne auf Naxos (as the Composer, staged by Sarah Caldwell), Médée (in the Italian version), Manon Lescaut, Salome (conducted by Julius Rudel), Idomeneo (as Elettra), a double-bill of Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci (in which she sang both Santuzza and Nedda), La voix humaine, La fanciulla del West, Die Fledermaus (as Rosalinde), and Maria Stuarda (as Elisabetta). In all she sang 29 leading roles with the company, the most of any singer in its history. Niska debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in 1970, in La traviata, and went on to appear in La bohème (as Musetta, with Montserrat Caballé, Franco Corelli, and Matteo Manuguerra), Tosca, Les vêpres siciliennes (in John Dexter's production, with Domingo, Sherrill Milnes, and Paul Plishka, conducted by James Levine), and Salome (with Astrid Varnay, conducted by Erich Leinsdorf). On March 15, 1977, Niska sang Musetta in La bohème, for the first of the series, "Live From the Met," with Renata Scotto and Luciano Pavarotti. She then sang Pagliacci with the company. Her final performance with the Met was on their 1978 tour to Wolf Trap Farm Park, in Don Giovanni, in which she portrayed Donna Elvira opposite James Morris, Rockwell Blake, Roberta Peters, Donald Gramm, and John Macurdy. The soprano sang with various other companies in America, as well.
Cast of this performance was:
Maralin Niska (Turandot)
Ermanno Mauro (Calaf)
Glenys Fowles (Liu)
Samuel Ramey (Timur)
Imre Pallo (conductor)

Maralin Niska died in July 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

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In questa reggia, or son mill'anni e mille,
un grido disperato risonò.
E quel grido, traverso stirpe e stirpe
qui nell'anima mia si rifugiò!
Principessa Lou-Ling, ava dolce e serena
che regnavi nel tuo cupo silenzio
in gioia pura, e sfidasti inflessibile e sicura
l'aspro dominio, oggi rivivi in me!

La folla
Fu quando il Re dei Tartari le sette sue bandiere dispiegò.

Pure nel tempo che ciascun ricorda,
fu sgomento e terrore e rombo d'armi.
Il regno vinto! E Lou-Ling,
la mia ava, trascinata da un uomo come te,
come te straniero, là nella notte atroce
dove si spense la sua fresca voce!

La folla
Da secoli ella dorme nella sua tomba enorme.

O Principi, che a lunghe carovane
d'ogni parte del mondo qui venite
a gettar la vostra sorte,
io vendico su voi, su voi quella purezza,
quel grido e quella morte!
Mai nessun m'avrà!
L'orror di che l'uccise vivo nel cuor mi sta!
No, no! Mai nessun m'avrà!
Ah, rinasce in me l'orgoglio di tanta purità!
Straniero! Non tentar la fortuna!
Gli enigmi sono tre, la morte è una!

No, no! Gli enigmi sono tre, una è la vita!

La folla
Al Principe straniero offri la prova ardita,
o Turandot! Turandot!

English Libretto or Translation:

In this palace, I am a thousand years and a thousand,
a desperate cry sounded.
And that cry, transverse lineage and lineage
here in my soul he took refuge!
Princess Lou-Ling, sweet and serene ava
who reigned in your dark silence
in pure joy, and you challenged inflexible and sure
the harsh dominion, today you live in me!

The crowd
It was when the King of the Tartars the seven of his flags unfolded.

Even in the time each one remembers,
it was dismay and terror and roar of arms.
The kingdom won! And Lou-Ling,
my ava, dragged by a man like you,
like you a stranger, there in the atrocious night
where his fresh voice went out!

The crowd
For centuries she has been sleeping in her huge grave.

O Principles, that to long caravans
you come from all over the world
to throw your fate,
I avenge on you, on you that purity,
that cry and that death!
No one will ever have me!
The horror of that killed him alive in my heart is mine!
No, no! No one will ever have me!
Ah, the pride of so much purity is reborn in me!
Foreigner! Do not try your luck!
The enigmas are three, death is one!

No, no! The enigmas are three, one is life!

The crowd
To the foreign Prince you offer bold proof,
or Turandot! Turandot!

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