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Behold upon my bending spear

Opera details:

Opera title:

Dido and Aeneas


Henry Purcell




Dido and Aeneas Synopsis


Dido and Aeneas Libretto



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Aeneas / Dido


Tenor or Baritone / Mezzo-Soprano or Soprano



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Purcell: Dido & Aeneas [Harnoncourt] Ann Murray, Rachel Yakar, Scharinger

Singer(s): Elisabeth von Magnus Rachel Yakar Ann Murray Trudeliese Schmidt

Henry Purcell (1659-1695)

Dido & Aeneas

Act 1:
Ouverture 0:00
1. The Place; Belinda: Shake the cloud from off your brow, Chorus: Banish sorrow - Rachel Yakar 2:53
2. The Palace; Did: Ah! Belinda Ritornelle, Belinda: Grief increasing by concealing... - Murray/Yakar/Chor/Magnus
3.The Palace; Belinda: See, your royal guest appears, Chorus: Cupid only throws the dart... - Rachel Yakar/Arnold /A. Scharinger
4.The Palace; The Triumphing Dance

ACT 2:
5. 1: The Cave; Prelude Sorceress: Wayward sisters, Chorus: Harm's our delight - Trudeliese Schmidt/Arnold Chor/H.Gardow
6. 1: Witches: But ere we this perform, Chorus: In our deep vaulted cell Echo Dance of Furies - E. Magnus/H. Gardow/Chor
7. 2: The Grove: Ritornelle, Belinda and Chorus: Thanks to these lonesome vales - Rachel Yakar/Chor
8. 2: 2nd Woman: Oft she visits Ritornelle, Aeneas: Behold, upon my bending spear... - Anton Scharinger/Rachel Yakar/Chor
9. 2: Spirit: Stay, Prince - Paul Esswood

ACT 3:
10. 1. The Ships: Prelude, Sailor and Chorus: Come away, fellow sailors, The Sailor's Dance - Josef Kostlinger/Chor
11. 2. The Ships: Sorceress: See the flags and streamers curling, Our next motion.. - Trudeliese Schmidt/Chor
12.2. The Place: Dido: Your counsel all is urg'd in vain, Chorus: Destruction's our delight... - Ann Murray/Chor
13. 2.The Place: Dido: Thy hand, Belinda, Dido: when I am laid - Ann Murray 46:25
14. 2. The Place: Chorus: With drooping wings - Chor

Ann Murray (mezzo-soprano, Dido oder Elissa, Köning von Karthago)
Rachel Yakar (soprano, Belinda)
Anton Scharinger (baritone, Aeneas)
Trudeliese Schmidt (Zauberin/Sorceress, mezzo-soprano)
Paul Esswood (spirit, countertenor)
Josef Köstlinger (Seemann/sailor;tenor)
Elisabeth von Magnus (mezzo-soprano, second woman; first witch)
Helrun Gardow (soprano, Zweite Hexe/second witch)

Arnold-Schoenberg-Chor (chorus master: Erwin G.Ortner)
Concentus Musicus Wien
Conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt (06/12/1929 - 05/03/2016)

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Behold, upon my bending spear
A monster's head stands bleeding,
With tushes far exceeding
Those did Venus' huntsman tear.

The skies are clouded, hark! how thunder
Rends the mountain oaks a sunder.

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Full English translation Dido and Aeneas

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