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Whence could so much virtue spring

Opera details:

Opera title:

Dido and Aeneas


Henry Purcell




Dido and Aeneas Synopsis


Dido and Aeneas Libretto



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Dido / Belinda


Mezzo-Soprano or Soprano / Soprano



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Purcell: Dido & Aeneas - Jessye Norman (Complete)

Singer(s): Patricia Kern Marie McLaughlin Jessye Norman Della Jones

Dido & Aeneas 1986 recording
English Chamber Orchestra,
Jessye Norman, Robert Aldwinckle, Della Jones, Thomas Allen, Adrian Beers, Patricia Kern, Elizabeth Gale

0:00 Dido and Aeneas - Overture
2:09 Dido and Aeneas / Act 1 - "Shake the cloud from off your brow" Marie McLaughlin

3:24 Dido and Aeneas / Act 1 - "Ah! Belinda, I am prest with torment" Jessye Norman
9:05 Dido and Aeneas / Act 1 - "Whence could so much virtue spring?" - "Fear no danger" Jessye Norman
12:36 Dido and Aeneas / Act 1 - "See, your Royal Guest" - "If not for mine" - "To the hills and the vales" - The Triumphing Dance Marie McLaughlin
17:59 Dido and Aeneas / Act 2 - Prelude for the witches English Chamber Orchestra
19:00 Dido and Aeneas / Act 2 - "Wayward sisters" - "But ere we this perform" Patricia Kern
23:58 Dido and Aeneas / Act 2 - "In our deep vaulted cell" - Echo Dance of the Furies English Chamber Orchestra Chorus
27:05 Dido and Aeneas / Act 2 - Ritornelle - "Thanks to these lonesome vales" Marie McLaughlin
29:50 Dido and Aeneas / Act 2 - "Oft she visits" - "Behold, upon my bending spear" Elizabeth Gale
33:15 Dido and Aeneas / Act 2 - "Stay, Prince" - "Jove's commands shall be obey'd" Derek Lee Ragin
36:37 Dido and Aeneas / Act 3 - Prelude - "Come away, fellow sailors" Patrick Power
39:11 Dido and Aeneas / Act 3 - The sailor's Dance - "See the flags" - "Destruction'sour delight" - The Witches' Dance Patricia Kern
42:42 Dido and Aeneas / Act 3 - "Your counsel all is urged in vain" - "But death, alas" Jessye Norman
48:14 Dido and Aeneas / Act 3 - "Thy hand, Belinda...When I am laid in earth" Jessye Norman
53:38 Dido and Aeneas / Act 3 - "With drooping wings" English Chamber Orchestra Chorus

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Whence could so much virtue spring?
What storms, what battles did he sing?
Anchises' valour mix'd with Venus' charms
How soft in peace, and yet how fierce in arms!

A tale so strong and full of woe
Might melt the rocks as well as you.

What stubborn heart unmov'd could see
Such distress, such piety?

Mine with storms of care oppress'd
Is taught to pity the distress'd.
Mean wretches' grief can touch,
So soft, so sensible my breast;
But ah! I fear, I pity his too much.

repeated by Chorus
Fear no danger to ensue,
The Hero loves as well as you,
Ever gentle, ever smiling,
And the cares of life beguiling,
Cupid strew your path with flowers
Gather'd from Elysian bowers.

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