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About the opera Lear

Lear is an opera in two acts with music by the German composer Aribert Reimann, and a libretto by Claus H. Henneberg, based on Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear.
Reimann wrote the title role specifically for the baritone Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, who had suggested the subject to the composer as early as 1968. Reimann then received a commission from the Bavarian State Opera in 1975. The world premiere, in a production by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle with Fischer-Dieskau in the title role, occurred at the Nationaltheater, Munich on 9 July 1978, with Gerd Albrecht conducting. The production was revived in Munich in 1980. The US premiere, in English translation, was at the San Francisco Opera in June 1981, with Thomas Stewart as Lear, and Gerd Albrecht as conductor. The Paris premiere was in November 1982, in a French translation by Antoinette Becker. The UK premiere was by English National Opera in 1989.
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Roles in Lear

Lear Baritone
King of France Bass-Baritone
Duke of Albany Baritone
Duke of Cornwall Tenor
Earl of Kent Tenor
Duke of Gloucester Bass-Baritone
Edgar Tenor or CounterTenor
Edmund Tenor

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All scenes from Lear

Arias from Lear

Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Wir haben euch hierher befohlen

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.01

Type: recitativeVoice: Br SLanguage: German

Roles: Lear/Goneril
2Was kann ich sagen

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.02

Type: recitativeVoice: S Br SLanguage: German

Roles: Cordelia/Lear/Regan
3Halt König

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.03

Type: recitativeVoice: T BrLanguage: German

Roles: Kent/Lear
4Wenn ich die glatte Kunst

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.04

Type: recitativeVoice: S B-Br BrLanguage: German

Roles: Cordelia/King/Lear
5Komm mit mir Cordelia

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.05

Type: septetVoice: B-Br S S Br B-Br T/cT TLanguage: German

Roles: King/Regan/Goneril/Lear/Gloucester/Edgar/Edmund
6So glaubt der König schafft man Glück

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.06

Type: recitativeVoice: sp S SLanguage: German

Roles: Fool/Goneril/Regan
7Mein Bruder Edgar verzeih

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.07

Type: recitativeVoice: T T/cTLanguage: German

Roles: Edmund/Edgar
8Mein Edmund was gibt es

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.08

Type: recitativeVoice: B-Br TLanguage: German

Roles: Gloucester/Edmund
9Ist nicht das Alter lustig

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.09

Type: recitativeVoice: Br T spLanguage: German

Roles: Lear/Kent/Fool
10So geht s nun

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.10

Type: recitativeVoice: S S TLanguage: German

Roles: Goneril/Regan/Kent
11Nun Töchter beide so entschlossen

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.11

Type: recitativeVoice: Br S S spLanguage: German

Roles: Lear/Goneril/Regan/Fool
12Mein Vater di bist alt

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.12

Type: recitativeVoice: S B-Br Br SLanguage: German

Roles: Regan/Gloucester/Lear/Goneril
13Blas Winde sprengt die Backen

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.13

Type: recitativeVoice: Br sp TLanguage: German

Roles: Lear/Fool/Kent
14Habe ich mein leben retten können

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.14

Type: recitativeVoice: T/cT T BrLanguage: German

Roles: Edgar/Kent/Lear
15Was ist das

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 1.15

Type: recitativeVoice: Br B-Br T/cTLanguage: German

Roles: Lear/Gloucester/Edgar
16Edmund wir fingen deinen Vater ein

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.01

Type: recitativeVoice: T T S SLanguage: German

Roles: Cornwall/Edmund/Regan/Goneril
17Bringt Gloster

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.02

Type: recitativeVoice: T S B-BrLanguage: German

Roles: Cornwall/Regan/Gloucester
18Es fliesst viel Blut

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.03

Type: recitativeVoice: S TLanguage: German

Roles: Goneril/Edmund
19O Goneril wie fürchte ich

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.04

Type: recitativeVoice: Br SLanguage: German

Roles: Albany/Goneril
20Man fand den Vater rasend

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.05

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: German

Roles: Cordelia
21Welt o Welt wer kann sagen

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.06

Type: recitativeVoice: T/cT B-BrLanguage: German

Roles: Edgar/Gloucester
22Wann kommen wir zum Gipfel

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.07

Type: recitativeVoice: B-Br T/cTLanguage: German

Roles: Gloucester/Edgar
23Nein Sie können mir nichts tun

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.08

Type: recitativeVoice: Br B-BrLanguage: German

Roles: Lear/Gloucester
24Mein lieber vater

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.09

Type: recitativeVoice: S BrLanguage: German

Roles: Cordelia/Lear
25Der König und Cordelia gefangen

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.10

Type: recitativeVoice: T S BrLanguage: German

Roles: Edmund/Cordelia/Lear
26Hauptmann du weisst was zu tun

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.11

Type: recitativeVoice: T Br S SLanguage: German

Roles: Edmund/Albany/Regan/Goneril
27Weint weint ihr seid Menschen aus Stein

Opera: LearComposer: ReimannAct: 2.12

Type: recitativeVoice: Br T/cT BrLanguage: German

Roles: Lear/Edgar/Albany