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Opera Roles for Baritone

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674 Results
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Nr.Role nameVoiceOperaComposerDescriptionLang.AriasDuetsEnsemblesScenes

Voice: baritoneOpera: HamletComposer: ThomasDescription: Prince of DenmarkLanguage: French

Arias: 2Duets: 3Ensembles: 2Scenes: 21
32Guido di Monteforte

Voice: baritoneOpera: Vespri SicilianiComposer: VerdiDescription: Governor of Sicily under Charles d'Anjou, King of Naples (Names from Post-1861 version) Language: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 5Ensembles: 4Scenes: 21

Voice: baritoneOpera: CenerentolaComposer: RossiniDescription: valet to the PrinceLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 2Ensembles: 4Scenes: 20
34Giorgio Germont

Voice: baritoneOpera: TraviataComposer: VerdiDescription: Alfredo's fatherLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 10Ensembles: 7Scenes: 20

Voice: baritoneOpera: Adriana LecouvreurComposer: CileaDescription: a stage managerLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: Ensembles: 5Scenes: 20
36Count Stankar

Voice: baritoneOpera: StiffelioComposer: VerdiDescription: her father, an elderly colonelLanguage: Italian

Arias: 6Duets: 2Ensembles: 3Scenes: 20

Voice: baritoneOpera: BohèmeComposer: PucciniDescription: a musicianLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 18Scenes: 19

Voice: baritoneOpera: Linda di ChamounixComposer: DonizettiDescription: Linda's fatherLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 6Ensembles: 5Scenes: 19
39Alphonse XI

Voice: baritoneOpera: FavoritaComposer: DonizettiDescription: King of CastilleLanguage: Italian

Arias: 4Duets: 2Ensembles: 4Scenes: 19
40Corrado Waldorf

Voice: baritoneOpera: Maria di RudenzComposer: DonizettiDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 8Ensembles: 2Scenes: 19

Voice: baritoneOpera: AroldoComposer: VerdiDescription: Mina's fatherLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 4Ensembles: 5Scenes: 18
42Cavaliere di Belfiore

Voice: baritoneOpera: Giorno di regnoComposer: VerdiDescription: a French officerimpersonating Stanislao of PolandLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 4Ensembles: 4Scenes: 18

Voice: baritoneOpera: Battaglia di LegnanoComposer: VerdiDescription: Milanese leaderLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 5Ensembles: 10Scenes: 18
44Captain Corcoran

Voice: baritoneOpera: PinaforeComposer: SullivanDescription: Commander of H.M.S. PinaforeLanguage: English

Arias: 2Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 18
45Sir Riccardo Forth

Voice: baritoneOpera: PuritaniComposer: BelliniDescription: the Puritan leader in love with ElviraLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 7Ensembles: 5Scenes: 17
46Marquis de Boisfleury

Voice: bass or baritoneOpera: Linda di ChamounixComposer: DonizettiDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 5Duets: 4Ensembles: 5Scenes: 17

Voice: baritoneOpera: GiocondaComposer: PonchielliDescription: spy of the InquisitionLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 4Ensembles: 5Scenes: 16

Voice: baritoneOpera: Pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers)Composer: BizetDescription: head fishermanLanguage: French

Arias: 2Duets: 3Ensembles: 3Scenes: 16

Voice: baritoneOpera: Elisir d'amoreComposer: DonizettiDescription: a sergeantLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 16

Voice: baritoneOpera: PoliutoComposer: DonizettiDescription: Roman proconsulLanguage: Italian

Arias: 4Duets: 2Ensembles: 5Scenes: 16

Voice: baritoneOpera: PirataComposer: BelliniDescription: Duke of CaldoraLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 3Ensembles: 1Scenes: 15

Voice: baritoneOpera: AidaComposer: VerdiDescription: King of EthiopiaLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 1Ensembles: 1Scenes: 15
53Monsieur de Brétigny

Voice: baritoneOpera: ManonComposer: MassenetDescription: Language: French

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 2Scenes: 15
54The Pirate King

Voice: bass-baritoneOpera: Pirates of PenzanceComposer: SullivanDescription: Language: English

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 6Scenes: 15

Voice: baritoneOpera: LearComposer: ReimannDescription: Language: German

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 1Scenes: 15
56Lord Guglielmo Cecil

Voice: baritoneOpera: Maria StuardaComposer: DonizettiDescription: Chancellor of the ExchequerLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 4Ensembles: 7Scenes: 15

Voice: baritoneOpera: Luisa MillerComposer: VerdiDescription: a retired soldierLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 3Ensembles: 2Scenes: 15

Voice: baritoneOpera: AlziraComposer: VerdiDescription: Governor of PeruLanguage: Italian

Arias: 5Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 15

Voice: baritoneOpera: PagliacciComposer: LeoncavalloDescription: Pagliacci clown. The fool. Role in Commedia:TaddeoLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: 5Scenes: 15

Voice: baritoneOpera: Madame ButterflyComposer: PucciniDescription: United States consul at NagasakiLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 14
674 Results
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