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Nr.Role nameVoiceOperaComposerDescriptionLang.AriasDuetsEnsemblesScenes
31Count Rodolfo

Voice: bassOpera: SonnambulaComposer: BelliniDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 3Ensembles: 4Scenes: 17
32Marquis de Boisfleury

Voice: bass or baritoneOpera: Linda di ChamounixComposer: DonizettiDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 5Duets: 4Ensembles: 5Scenes: 17
33Philip II

Voice: bassOpera: Don CarloComposer: VerdiDescription: the King of Spain, son of Charles V and father of Don CarlosLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 2Ensembles: 1Scenes: 17

Voice: bassOpera: JérusalemComposer: VerdiDescription: the Count's brotherLanguage: French

Arias: 5Duets: 1Ensembles: 3Scenes: 17
35Count Robinson

Voice: bassOpera: Matrimonio SegretoComposer: CimarosaDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: Duets: 3Ensembles: 7Scenes: 16

Voice: bassOpera: Finta sempliceComposer: MozartDescription: a tyrannical misogynistLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 1Ensembles: 3Scenes: 16
37Count Walter

Voice: bassOpera: Luisa MillerComposer: VerdiDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 3Ensembles: 1Scenes: 16

Voice: bassOpera: NabuccoComposer: VerdiDescription: high priest of the JewsLanguage: Italian

Arias: 7Duets: 2Ensembles: 5Scenes: 16
39Dr Dulcamara

Voice: bassOpera: Elisir d'amoreComposer: DonizettiDescription: an itinerant medicine manLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 5Ensembles: 1Scenes: 15
40Barone di Kelbar

Voice: bassOpera: Giorno di regnoComposer: VerdiDescription: the usurperLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 3Ensembles: 4Scenes: 15
41Jacopo Fiesco

Voice: bassOpera: Simon BoccanegraComposer: VerdiDescription: a Genoese nobleman,known as Andrea GrimaldiLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 4Ensembles: 3Scenes: 15

Voice: bassOpera: Xerxes (Serse)Composer: HandelDescription: Arsamene's servantLanguage: English

Arias: 4Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 14

Voice: bassOpera: Clemenza di TitoComposer: MozartDescription: Praetorian prefect, commander of the Praetorian GuardLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: Ensembles: 4Scenes: 14

Voice: bassOpera: Entführung aus dem SerailComposer: MozartDescription: overseer for the PashaLanguage: German

Arias: 3Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 14

Voice: bassOpera: AidaComposer: VerdiDescription: high PriestLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 4Ensembles: Scenes: 14

Voice: bassOpera: Italiana in AlgeriComposer: RossiniDescription: the captain of the Bey's guardLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: 1Scenes: 13

Voice: bassOpera: FavoritaComposer: DonizettiDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: Ensembles: 3Scenes: 12
48Giorgio Talbot

Voice: bassOpera: Maria StuardaComposer: DonizettiDescription: Earl of ShrewsburyLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 3Ensembles: 6Scenes: 12

Voice: bassOpera: AlcinaComposer: HandelDescription: former tutor of RuggieroLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 12

Voice: bassOpera: RodelindaComposer: HandelDescription: Grimoaldo's counsellor, duke of TurinLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 12

Voice: bassOpera: CenerentolaComposer: RossiniDescription: philosopher and the Prince's former tutorLanguage: Italian

Arias: 4Duets: Ensembles: 4Scenes: 12

Voice: bassOpera: AttilaComposer: VerdiDescription: King of the HunsLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 4Ensembles: 2Scenes: 12
53Padre Guardiano

Voice: bassOpera: Forza del destinoComposer: VerdiDescription: a FranciscanLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 4Ensembles: 1Scenes: 12

Voice: bassOpera: Luisa MillerComposer: VerdiDescription: Walter's stewardLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 4Ensembles: Scenes: 12

Voice: bass-baritoneOpera: WalküreComposer: WagnerDescription: Language: German

Arias: 3Duets: 1Ensembles: Scenes: 12

Voice: bassOpera: NormaComposer: BelliniDescription: chief of the DruidsLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 1Scenes: 11
57Don Diégo

Voice: bassOpera: AfricaineComposer: MeyerbeerDescription: an admiralLanguage: French

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 3Scenes: 11
58Don Basilio

Voice: bassOpera: Barbiere di SivigliaComposer: RossiniDescription: a music teacherLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: Ensembles: 5Scenes: 11

Voice: bassOpera: Inganno feliceComposer: RossiniDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 11
60La Rocca

Voice: bassOpera: Giorno di regnoComposer: VerdiDescription: Treasurer to the Estates ofBrittanyLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 3Ensembles: 3Scenes: 11
892 Results
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