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Opera Roles for Bass

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896 Results
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Nr.Role nameVoiceOperaComposerDescriptionLang.AriasDuetsEnsemblesScenes
61La Rocca

Voice: bassOpera: Giorno di regnoComposer: VerdiDescription: Treasurer to the Estates ofBrittanyLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 3Ensembles: 3Scenes: 11

Voice: bassOpera: NormaComposer: BelliniDescription: chief of the DruidsLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 1Scenes: 11
63Prince de Bouillon

Voice: bassOpera: Adriana LecouvreurComposer: CileaDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 3Scenes: 10
64Ninfe e pastori

Voice: soprano,contralto,tenor,bassOpera: OrfeoComposer: MonteverdiDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 10

Voice: bassOpera: OrlandoComposer: HandelDescription: a magicianLanguage: Italian

Arias: 4Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 10
66Lord Rochefort

Voice: bassOpera: Anna BolenaComposer: DonizettiDescription: Anna's brotherLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 1Ensembles: 1Scenes: 10

Voice: bassOpera: LakméComposer: DelibesDescription: a Brahmin priestLanguage: French

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 10
68Alvise Badoero

Voice: bassOpera: GiocondaComposer: PonchielliDescription: one of the leaders of the Inquisition, Laura's husbandLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 3Ensembles: 2Scenes: 10

Voice: bassOpera: MasnadieriComposer: VerdiDescription: Count MoorLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 1Ensembles: 2Scenes: 10

Voice: bassOpera: Signor BruschinoComposer: RossiniDescription: a tutor and Sofia's guardianLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 1Ensembles: 4Scenes: 10
71King Créon

Voice: bassOpera: MedeaComposer: CherubiniDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 10

Voice: bassOpera: Giulio CesareComposer: HandelDescription: Tolomeo's GeneralLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 10

Voice: bassOpera: Nozze di FigaroComposer: MozartDescription: doctor from Seville, also a practising lawyerLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 1Ensembles: 6Scenes: 10

Voice: bassOpera: ZauberflöteComposer: MozartDescription: Language: German

Arias: 2Duets: 1Ensembles: 2Scenes: 9

Voice: bassOpera: FalstaffComposer: VerdiDescription: a follower of FalstaffLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 9
76The Dutchman

Voice: bass-baritoneOpera: Fliegende HolländerComposer: WagnerDescription: Language: German

Arias: 4Duets: 1Ensembles: Scenes: 9
77Henry Kissinger

Voice: bassOpera: Nixon in ChinaComposer: AdamsDescription: Language: English

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 9

Voice: bassOpera: Fliegende HolländerComposer: WagnerDescription: a Norwegian sea captainLanguage: German

Arias: 3Duets: Ensembles: 1Scenes: 9

Voice: bassOpera: PoliutoComposer: DonizettiDescription: high priest of JupiterLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: 2Scenes: 9

Voice: bassOpera: Finta sempliceComposer: MozartDescription: Fracasso's orderly,in love with NinettaLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: Ensembles: 2Scenes: 9

Voice: bassOpera: Scala di SetaComposer: RossiniDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: Duets: 1Ensembles: 1Scenes: 8

Voice: bassOpera: Pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers)Composer: BizetDescription: high priest of BrahmaLanguage: French

Arias: Duets: 1Ensembles: 3Scenes: 8

Voice: bassOpera: AroldoComposer: VerdiDescription: a pious hermitLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 8

Voice: bassOpera: Forza del destinoComposer: VerdiDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 1Scenes: 8

Voice: bassOpera: Simon BoccanegraComposer: VerdiDescription: a Genoese popular leaderand courtierLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 3Scenes: 8

Voice: bassOpera: RigolettoComposer: VerdiDescription: an assassinLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 2Ensembles: 3Scenes: 8
87Father Trulove

Voice: bassOpera: Rake's ProgressComposer: StravinskyDescription: Anne's FatherLanguage: English

Arias: Duets: 1Ensembles: 3Scenes: 8

Voice: bassOpera: Occasione fa il ladroComposer: RossiniDescription: his servantLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 8

Voice: bassOpera: Maria di RudenzComposer: DonizettiDescription: old relative of the Rudenz houseLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 1Ensembles: Scenes: 8
90Peperl Geschwandtner

Voice: bassOpera: Hoheit tanzt WalzerComposer: AscherDescription: music teacherLanguage: German

Arias: Duets: 2Ensembles: 4Scenes: 8
896 Results
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