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Opera Roles for Tenor

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1079 Results
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Nr.Role nameVoiceOperaComposerDescriptionLang.AriasDuetsEnsemblesScenes

Voice: tenorOpera: TurandotComposer: PucciniDescription: Head chef of the Imperial KitchenLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 4Scenes: 13
92Sándor Barinkay

Voice: tenorOpera: ZigeunerbaronComposer: Strauss jrDescription: a young exileLanguage: German

Arias: 1Duets: 2Ensembles: 5Scenes: 13

Voice: tenorOpera: AttilaComposer: VerdiDescription: a Knight of AquileiaLanguage: Italian

Arias: 5Duets: 2Ensembles: 2Scenes: 13

Voice: tenorOpera: MasnadieriComposer: VerdiDescription: elder son of MassimilianoLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 1Ensembles: 1Scenes: 13

Voice: tenorOpera: NabuccoComposer: VerdiDescription: nephew of the King of JerusalemLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 2Ensembles: 7Scenes: 13

Voice: tenorOpera: OtelloComposer: VerdiDescription: Otello's captainLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 3Scenes: 13
97The Abbé de Chazeuil

Voice: tenorOpera: Adriana LecouvreurComposer: CileaDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 1Scenes: 12
98Count Loris Ipanov

Voice: tenorOpera: FedoraComposer: GiordanoDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: 3Ensembles: Scenes: 12
99Edwin Ronald

Voice: tenor or baritoneOpera: CsardasfürstinComposer: KalmanDescription: Language: German

Arias: Duets: 8Ensembles: 3Scenes: 12

Voice: tenorOpera: Apollo et HyacinthusComposer: MozartDescription: King of LacedaemoniaLanguage: Latin

Arias: 2Duets: 1Ensembles: 1Scenes: 12

Voice: tenorOpera: Re PastoreComposer: MozartDescription: King of MacedoniaLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 12

Voice: tenorOpera: AlziraComposer: VerdiDescription: leader of a Peruvian tribeLanguage: Italian

Arias: 4Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 12

Voice: tenorOpera: ObertoComposer: VerdiDescription: Count of SalinguerraLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 6Ensembles: Scenes: 12

Voice: tenorOpera: WalküreComposer: WagnerDescription: Language: German

Arias: 5Duets: 2Ensembles: Scenes: 12

Voice: tenorOpera: SorcererComposer: SullivanDescription: of the Grenadier Guards, Sir Marmaduke's sonLanguage: English

Arias: 5Duets: Ensembles: 5Scenes: 12

Voice: tenorOpera: Fille du régimentComposer: DonizettiDescription: a young TyroleanLanguage: French

Arias: 8Duets: 1Ensembles: 1Scenes: 11

Voice: tenorOpera: JuiveComposer: HalevyDescription: a Jewish goldsmithLanguage: French

Arias: 5Duets: 2Ensembles: 3Scenes: 11

Voice: countertenorOpera: Giulio CesareComposer: HandelDescription: her brother and husband, King of EgyptLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 11
109Count Boni Káncsiánu

Voice: tenorOpera: CsardasfürstinComposer: KalmanDescription: Language: German

Arias: 2Duets: 4Ensembles: 4Scenes: 11

Voice: tenorOpera: Cavalleria RusticanaComposer: MascagniDescription: a young villager recently returned from the armyLanguage: Italian

Arias: 4Duets: 5Ensembles: 2Scenes: 11
111Don Alvar

Voice: tenorOpera: AfricaineComposer: MeyerbeerDescription: council memberLanguage: French

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: 5Scenes: 11

Voice: tenorOpera: Sogno di ScipioneComposer: MozartDescription: Scipio Africanus the YoungerLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 11

Voice: tenorOpera: FalstaffComposer: VerdiDescription: a follower of FalstaffLanguage: Italian

Arias: Duets: 1Ensembles: Scenes: 11

Voice: tenorOpera: Lombardi Prima CrociataComposer: VerdiDescription: son of Acciano ruler of AntiochLanguage: Italian

Arias: 3Duets: 2Ensembles: Scenes: 11

Voice: tenorOpera: FidelioComposer: BeethovenDescription: a prisonerLanguage: German

Arias: 3Duets: 3Ensembles: 3Scenes: 10
116Raoul de Nangis

Voice: tenorOpera: HugenotsComposer: MeyerbeerDescription: a Protestant gentlemanLanguage: French

Arias: 4Duets: 6Ensembles: Scenes: 10
117Ninfe e pastori

Voice: soprano,contralto,tenor,bassOpera: OrfeoComposer: MonteverdiDescription: Language: Italian

Arias: Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 10

Voice: tenorOpera: IdomeneoComposer: MozartDescription: Idomeneo's confidantLanguage: Italian

Arias: 2Duets: Ensembles: Scenes: 10

Voice: tenorOpera: Nozze di FigaroComposer: MozartDescription: music masterLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: Ensembles: 6Scenes: 10

Voice: tenorOpera: Turco in ItaliaComposer: RossiniDescription: in love with FiorillaLanguage: Italian

Arias: 1Duets: Ensembles: 5Scenes: 10
1079 Results
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