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Ecco ridente in cielo

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Opera title:

Il Barbiere di Siviglia


Giaochino Rossini




Il Barbiere di Siviglia Synopsis


Il Barbiere di Siviglia Libretto


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Count Almaviva





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The Barber of Seville - 'Ecco, ridente in cielo' (Juan Diego Flórez, The Royal Opera)

Singer: Juan Diego Flórez

Juan Diego Flórez as Count Almaviva in Act I of Gioachino Rossini's Il barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville).
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The 23-year-old Gioachino Rossini completed his masterpiece Il barbiere di Siviglia incredibly quickly – legend has it in just 13 days – which Rossini attributed to ‘facility and lots of instinct’. He drew on Pierre-Augustin Beaumarchais’ play Le Barbier de Seville – part of a dramatic trilogy that also inspired Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro. The opera is characterized by youthful energy and bold wit: qualities brought to the fore in Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier’s colourful production.

Il barbiere di Siviglia has all the ingredients for comic chaos: an imprisoned young woman, her lecherous guardian and a young noble suitor. Skilfully plotting behind the scenes is Figaro – an irrepressible and inventive character in whom many have seen a resemblance to the young Rossini himself. The score fizzes with musical brilliance, from Figaro’s famous entrance aria ‘Largo al factotum’ to the frenzy of the Act I finale, when the five principal voices pile on top of each other. Within a few decades of its 1816 premiere, Il barbiere di Siviglia had been toured round the world, reaching opera houses in New York, Buenos Aires, Trinidad and Ecuador. It has remained one of the most prominent and popular operas in the repertory.

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The Barber of Seville Ecco ridente in cielo Juan Diego Florez The Royal Opera 14693
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Luigi Alva Ecco ridente in cielo Il barbiere di Siviglia Rossini 12 14694
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Ramon Vargas Barbiere di Siviglia Ecco ridente in cielo 78576
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Nicolai Gedda Ecco ridente in cielo 14698
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Fernando de Lucia Ecco ridente in cielo 1908 Mezza Voce 78578
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Giuseppe Di Stefano Ecco ridente in cielo 1950 78579
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Javier Camarena Il Barbiere di Siviglia Ecco ridente in cielo 14704
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Giacomo LauriVolpi Ecco ridente il cielo Il barbiere di Siviglia Gioachino Rossini  78584
5 - Giacomo Lauri-Volpi
5 - Dino Borgioli

Rossini Ecco ridente in cielo Il Barbiere di Siviglia Cavatina d Almaviva Atto I Ugo Benelli 14701
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Marcelo Alvarez Il barbiere di Siviglia 14 47627
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Michael Spyres Ecco ridente in cielo Il barbiere di Siviglia Rossini 14696
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Blagoj Nacoski Rossini Il barbiere di Siviglia 78590
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Ferruccio Tagliavini Ecco ridente il cielo 78594
5 - Ferruccio Tagliavini
Tito Schipa Ecco ridente in cielo Il barbiere di Siviglia Gioachino Rossini 14712
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Luigi Infantino Sings Ecco Ridente In Cielo From The Barber of Seville 78599
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Jan Peerce Ecco ridente in cielo from Rossini s Il barbiere di Siviglia  78602
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Il barbiere di Siviglia Act I Scene 1 Largo al factotum 55012
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Alexey Kudrya Ecco ridente in cielo 78609
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Francisco Araiza Ecco ridente in cielo Il barbiere di Siviglia Gioachino Rossini 14705
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enzo de muro lomanto ecco ridente in cielo il barbiere di siviglia  78642
5 - Enzo de Muro Lomanto

giuseppe anselmi ecco ridente in cielo il barbiere di siviglia  78645
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Dmitry Korchak Il Barbiere di Siviglia Rossini Metropolitan Opera Jan 28 2017 78647
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Edgar Bastidas Ecco ridente in cielo Rossini il Barbiere di Siviglia Live Venezuela2006 78649
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Jerry Hadley Ecco ridente in cielo Il Barbiere di Siviglia 14718
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Dmitry Korchak Cavatina d Almaviva Ecco ridente in cielo Il Barbiere di Siviglia 2018 14716
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Tito Beltran Ecco ridente il cielo Il barbiere di Siviglia Gioachino Rossini  78657
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Rockwell Blake Eccoridenteincielo 1992 78661
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Andre Mallabrera Ecco ridente in cielo Il barbiere di Siviglia 14727
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Il barbiere di Siviglia Ecco ridente in cielo  78694
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Rossini Il barbiere di Siviglia Act 1 Cavatina Ecco ridente in cielo  14735
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Richard Conrad Ecco ridente in cielo IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA Gioachino Rossini 14708
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El Barbero De Sevilla Piano pianissimo Aria del Conde Ecco ridente in cielo  47600
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6 - Pietro Spagnoli
6 - Ruggero Raimondi

Ecco ridente in cielo Raul Gimenez Il Barbiere di SivigliaRossini 14702
5 - Raúl Giménez
6 - Leo Nucci

Juan Diego Florez Ecco Ridente in Cielo with score 14700
5 - Juan Diego Flórez
6 - Manuel García
6 - Manuel García

Il barbiere di Siviglia Act I Scene 1 Piano pianissimo senza parlar 88463
5 - Luigi Alva
6 - Tito Gobbi
Rocwell BlakeIl Barbiere di Siviglia Ecco ridente in cielo  14741
5 - Rockwell Blake
6 - Thomas Allen

Jose Mojica Ecco ridente 78604
5 - Enrico Caruso
5 - José Mojica
Il Barbiere di Siviglia 1996 Remastered Version Ecco ridente in cielo Conte 78682
5 - Nicolai Gedda
6 - Renato Capecchi
6 - Ruggero Raimondi
6 - Sherrill Milnes

Il barbiere di Siviglia The Barber of Seville 2002 Remastered Version Act I Scene One 78692
5 - Luigi Alva
6 - Harold Williams
6 - Ian Wallace
6 - Sesto Bruscantini


I suonatori accorciano gli istrumenti, e il Conte canta accompagnato da essi.


Ecco, ridente in cielo
spunta la bella aurora,
e tu non sorgi ancora
e puoi dormir così?

Sorgi, mia dolce speme,
vieni, bell'idol mio;
rendi men crudo, oh Dio,
lo stral che mi ferì.

Oh sorte! già veggo
quel caro sembiante;
quest'anima amante
ottenne pietà.

Oh istante d'amore!
Oh dolce contento!
Felice momento
che eguale non ha!

English Libretto or Translation:

The musicians tune their instruments, and the Count sings, accompanied by them


Lo in the smiling sky,
the lovely dawn is breaking,
and you are not awake,
and you are still asleep?
Arise, my sweetest love,
oh come, my treasured one,
soften the pain, oh God,
of the dart which pierces me.
Oh joy! Do I now see
that dearest vision:
has she taken pity
on this soul in love!
Oh, moment of love!
Oh, moment divine!
Oh, sweet content
which is unequalled!

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