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Un vago sembiante

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Il Turco in Italia


Giaochino Rossini




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Il Turco in Italia Libretto



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Gioachino Rossini - Il turco in Italia - "Un vago sembiante" (1815 Insertion Aria) (Raul Gimenez)

Singer: Raúl Giménez

Though Rossini created the belcanto idiom, "Il turco" is as unidiomatic as it is possible. Don Narciso is, effectively, proof of this. Though a classically unrequited lover of Fiorilla, his role is much more, to put it simply, varied, he is very much active in trying to gain his love's affection, not reducing himself to faraway admiration, making him a more down-to-earth sort of fellow than we are used to in opera (Lindoro, Ernesto and other provide a stark contrast to this).

Narciso's part, though composed for the great Giovanni David, is actually cruelly unfair : it demands much of the tenor's vocal abilities and yet it is the smallest of the principal parts (even smaller than Zaida who has no solo opportunities of her own), making casting it very difficult (similar to Idreno from "Semiramide"). Originally, the part had no cavatina with Narciso appearing during a terzettino for himself, Genorio and Poeta, but for the 1815 revival of the opera in Rome, an aria was added, presenting Narciso's feelings for Fiorilla in a delightful cavatina, similarly set, as in the case of the heroine, in ABA form which is presented here.

Raul Gimenez sings the aria very stylishly which is, in effect, one of the reasons I uploaded it (its' vivacity being another factor). Hope you'll enjoy :)!

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