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Voga voga a terra a terra

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Il Turco in Italia


Giaochino Rossini




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Il Turco in Italia Libretto



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Gioachino Rossini - Il turco in Italia - "Voga, voga, a terra, a terra" (Simone Alaimo & Sumi Jo)

Singer(s): Sumi Jo Simone Alaimo

Rossini was lucky for both sides of his main pair of lovers which were filled by superb singing actors, with the part of Selim involving some truly sensational virtuoso music which was written for Filippo Galli, one of the finest bass voices in the history of opera, whose premiere performance is said to have brought down the house, despite the work's cold opening.

Selim, in a perfect theatric gesture, is introduced almost immediately after Fiorilla. The latter's cavatina is followed directly by a short "dialogue" between the chorus and the soprano with a evocative wave accompaniment (similar to the effect used during the overture) and a strangely tragic feel, especially in the surroundings of such vivacious music: Fiorilla sees a Turk boat approaching the harbor and decides to hide to observe the foreigners. Selim promptly descends from the vessel and is immediately charmed by Italy's beauty of which he sings a charming arioso, graced by numerous ornaments. The eyes of the future lovers then meet, resulting in a wonderful exchange of compliments that culminates in their first true duettino which involves a lovely descending coloratura line. A proper dialogue, over a constant running accompaniment then begins with the pair engaging in delicious flirting. A final passionate stretta brings the piece to an end and the lovers to a decision not to leave each other henceforth.

Simone Alaimo and Sumi Jo duet superbly in this lovely piece. Hope you'll enjoy :)!

P.S. I finally decided that my original choice for the background was much better at explaining the narrative, thus I reuploaded the piece :).

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Full libretto Il Turco in Italia

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