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Languir per una bella

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Opera title:

L' Italiana in Algeri


Giaochino Rossini




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L' Italiana in Algeri Libretto



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Gioachino Rossini - L'italiana in Algeri (1813) - Alternative Aria for Lindoro - "Concedi, amor pietoso" (Gregory Kunde)

Singer: Gregory Kunde

Rossini was not above rewriting his music to suit the particular characteristics of a singer or a production. The performance history of "L'italiana in Algeri", following the premiere at San Benedetto, is no different: a production at La Scala the following year saw two important changes - Isabella's cavatina is replaced by a larger and more elaborate (though less interesting) "Cimentando i venti e l'onde", while Lindoro's rather slight original "Oh come il cor di giubilo" gives way to the present piece, "Concedi, amor pietoso"; whereas in the case of the former the substitution is no competition to the original, the latter is undeniably a very attractive piece and a perfect replacement. The aria is thematically similar to the original but the simplicity of the one-sectioned "Oh come" transforms into the beloved "cantabile - cabaletta" "Concedi" and a very lovely one, at that. The cantabile, set to falling string lines and an elaborate clarinet solo, is completely on par with the lovely "Languir per una bella" (also, the alternative is linked to the first aria by the similarities of their orchestration), while the cabaletta, though not as immediate, is still more than delightful, providing the tenor with some breathtaking coloratura. While I do not know, if Rossini reused an earlier piece for the cantabile of this particular piece, the cabaletta also appears in an alternative to Tancredi's opening cavatina, already posted here:
I have three versions of this piece in my collection but I decided to go with Gregory Kunde's well-defined Lindoro. Hope you'll enjoy :).

P.S. I actually have the alternative for Isabella's cavatina which I will post in a while ;).

Watch videos with other singers performing Languir per una bella:


Lindoro solo, indi Mustafà.


Languir per una bella
E star lontano da quella,
E' il più crudel tormento,
Che provar possa un cor.
Forse verrà il momento;
Ma non lo spero ancor.
Contenta quest'alma
In mezzo alle pene
Sol trova la calma
Pensando al suo bene,
Che sempre costante
Si serba in amor.

English Libretto or Translation:

Lindoro alone, then Mustafa.


Languir for a beautiful one
And stay away from that,
It is the most cruel torment,
That proving can be a cor.
Perhaps the time will come;
But I still do not hope so.
Content this alma
In the midst of the pains
Sol finds calm
Thinking about his good,
Which is always constant
You keep in love.

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