L' Italiana in Algeria

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Giaochino Rossini


Angelo Anelli


22 May 1813, Venice (Teatro San Benedetto)




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About the opera L' Italiana in Algeria

L'italiana in Algeri (The Italian Girl in Algiers) is an operatic dramma giocoso in two acts by Gioachino Rossini to an Italian libretto by Angelo Anelli, based on his earlier text set by Luigi Mosca. The music is characteristic of Rossini's style, remarkable for its fusion of sustained, manic energy with elegant, pristine melodies.
Rossini wrote L'italiana in Algeri when he was 21. The opera was composed in either 18 or 27 days, depending on which source one believes (Rossini, not surprisingly, pegged it at 18). Rossini entrusted the composition of the recitatives as well as the aria "Le femmine d'Italia" to an unknown collaborator. The opera is notable for Rossini's mixing of opera seria style in opera buffa. The overture is widely recorded and performed today, known for its distinct opening of slow, quiet pizzicato basses, leading to a sudden loud burst of sound from the full orchestra. This "surprise" reflects Rossini's early admiration for Joseph Haydn, whose Symphony No. 94 in G major, "The Surprise Symphony", is so named for the same shocking, semi-comic effect.
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Roles in L' Italiana in Algeria

Isabella Contralto
Lindoro Tenor
Taddeo Bass
Mustafà Bass
Elvira Soprano
Zulma Mezzo-Soprano
Haly Bass

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Arias from L' Italiana in Algeria
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Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1OvertureItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.01instrumentaln/aItalian
2Serenate il mesto ciglioItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.02recitative,choirS Mz BItalianElvira/Zulma/Haly
3Ritiratevi tutti Haly t'arrestaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.03recitativeB Mz SItalianMustafà/Zulma/Elvira
4Il mio schiavo italian faraiItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.04recitativeB BItalianMustafà/Haly
5Languir per una bellaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.05ariatenorItalianLindoro
6Ah! quando fia chio possaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.06recitativeT BItalianLindoro/Mustafà
7Se inclinassi a prender moglieItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.07duetT BItalianLindoro/Mustafà
8Ah! mi perdo mi confondoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.08duetB TItalianMustafà/Lindoro
9Quanta roba quanti schiaviItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.09aria,choirbassItalianHaly
10Cruda sorte amor tirannoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.10ariacontraltoItalianIsabella
11Qua ci vuol disinvolturaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.11ariacontraltoItalianIsabella
12Gia ci siam tanto faItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.12recitativecA B BItalianIsabella/Taddeo/Haly
13Ah! Isabella siam giunti a mal partitoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.13recitativeB cAItalianTaddeo/Isabella
14Ai capricci della sorteItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.14duetB cAItalianTaddeo/Isabella
15E ricusar potrestiItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.15recitativeMz T SItalianZulma/Lindoro/Elvira
16Ascoltami italianoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.16recitativeT BItalianLindoro/Mustafà
17Dunque deggio lasciarviItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.17-1 recitativeS B Mz BItalianElvira/Mustafà/Zulma/Haly
18Or mi tengo da piu gran SultanoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.17-2 ariabassItalianMustafà
19Gia d'insolito ardoreItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.18ariabassItalianMustafà
20Vi dico il verItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.19recitativeMz S TItalianZulma/Elvira/Lindoro
21Viva viva il flagel delle donneItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.20recitativeB BItalianHaly/Mustafà
22Oh! che muso che figuraItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.21duetB cAItalianMustafà/Isabella
23Vo star con mia nipoteItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.22recitativeB B BItalianTaddeo/Haly/Mustafà
24Pria di dividerei da voiItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.23quartetS Mz T cAItalianElvira/Zulma/Lindoro/Isabella
25Va sossopra il mio cervelloItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.24-1 septet,finaleB 3Ss Mz T cAItalian
26Nella testa ho un campanelloItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini1.24-2 ensemblen/aItalian
27Uno stupido uno stoltoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.01recitativeS Mz BItalianElvira/Zulma/Haly
28Haly che te ne parItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.02recitativeS B MzItalianElvira/Haly/Zulma
29Amiche andare a dir all italianaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.03recitativeB S MzItalianMustafà/Elvira/Zulma
30Qual disdetta e la miaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.04recitativecA TItalianIsabella/Lindoro
31Ah! come il cor di giubiloItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.05ariatenorItalianLindoro
32Ah! se da solo a solaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.06recitativeB BItalianMustafà/Taddeo
33Viva il grande KaimakanItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.07recitativeB BItalianTaddeo/Mustafà
34Ho un gran peso sulla testaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.08ariabassItalianTaddeo
35Buon segno pe'l BeyItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.09recitativeMz S cA TItalianZulma/Elvira/Isabella/Lindoro
36Per lui che adoroItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.10ariacontraltoItalianIsabella
37Io non resisto piu questa IsabellaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.11recitativeB T BItalianMustafà/Lindoro/Taddeo
38Ti presento di mia manItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.12recitativeB cA B TItalianMustafà/Isabella/Taddeo/Lindoro
39Con tutta la sua boriaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.13recitativebassItalianHaly
40La femmine d'ItaliaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.14ariabassItalianHaly
41E tu speri di togliere IsabellaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.15recitativeB TItalianTaddeo/Lindoro
42Orsu la tua nipote con chi credeItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.16recitativeB T BItalianMustafà/Lindoro/Taddeo
43Pappataci che mai sentoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.17recitativeB T BItalianMustafà/Lindoro/Taddeo
44E puo la tua padronaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.18recitativeB MzItalianHaly/Zulma
45Tutti i nostri italianiItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.19recitativeB TItalianTaddeo/Lindoro
46Pronti abbiamo e ferri e maniItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.20-1 choirn/aItalian
47Amici in ogni evento m'affido a voiItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.20-2 recitativecontraltoItalianIsabella
48Pensa alla patriaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.20-3 ariacontraltoItalianIsabella
49Vedi per tutta ItaliaItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.20-4 aria,choircontraltoItalianIsabella
50Qual piacer fra pochi istantiItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.20-5 ariacontraltoItalianIsabella
51Che bel cor ha costeiItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.21recitativeB BItalianTaddeo/Mustafà
52Dei pappataci s'avanza il coroItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.22recitativeT B BItalianLindoro/Taddeo/Mustafà
53Non sei tu che il gradoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.23quartet,choircA B T BItalianIsabella/Mustafà/Lindoro/Taddeo
54Son l'aure secondeItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.24quartet,choirT cA B BItalianLindoro/Isabella/Taddeo/Mustafà
55Mio signore mio maritoItaliana in Algeria, L'Rossini2.25septet,finaleS Mz B B B cA TItalianElvira/Zulma/Haly/Mustafà/Taddeo/Isabella/Lindoro