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Un soave non so che

Opera details:

Opera title:

La Cenerentola


Giaochino Rossini




La Cenerentola Synopsis


La Cenerentola Libretto


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Prince Ramiro / Angelina


Tenor / Contralto or Mezzo-Soprano



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Gioachino Rossini - La Cenerentola - "Un soave non so che" (Joyce DiDonato & Jose Manuel Zapata)

Singer: Joyce DiDonato

The series of musical excepts from Giachino Rossini's operas, entitled "Master of Belcanto", continues with new uploads and a whole new concept.

I decided to do something a bit different for my new upload: a compilation based on a single theme which is featured prominently in all selections. The first theme is love (what else :)?). The compilation is entitled: "Tornami a dir che m'ami".

Originally, I had planned a more diverse program which would have included arias as well as duets. But when I saw the size of the content I wanted to upload (the remaining compilation is about two hours long), I decided to do love arias as a separate series.

The chosen items include love scenes from the very first to the very last operas by Rossini. We start at "L'occasione fa il ladro" with a simple pastoral duet and finish at the beginning of the second act of "Guillaume Tell" with a romantic grand scena. Such an approach gives us a chance to understand how Rossini's composing style changed with each passing year. The presented excepts are listed below with some notes detailing their characteristics.

As the whole compilation is quite large, I'm going to upload everything slowly.

1) «Se non m'inganna il core» for Alberto and Berenice from «L'occasione fa il ladro».

2) «Quanto e dolce a un'alma amante» for Florville and Sofia from "Il Signor Bruschino".

3) "L'aura che intorno spiri" for Amenaide and Tancredi from "Tancredi".

4) "Credete alle femmine" for Selim and Fiorilla from "Il turco in Italia".

5) "Quest'ultimo addio" for Torvaldo and Dorliska from "Torvaldo e Dorliska".

6) "Ah qual colpo" for Almaviva and Rosina (plus, Figaro) from "Il barbiere di Siviglia".

7) "Un soave che non e" for Ramiro and Angelina from "La Cenerentola".

This one is a really special piece of music. Possibly one of Rossini's best scenes of this type: very lyrical with just a hint of sentimentality; a perfect invocation of love at first sight.

Unlike the numerous versions of the well-known story of the Cinderella where the heroine mets her prince at the ball, Rossini's variant gives the prince and his future bride an opportunity to see each other in a rather more different light, without all the bright lights and glittering gowns. Basically, they just see each other and fall in love.

The duet follows a very interesting pattern: first, two couplets for the characters, so they can express their feelings; then a very beautiful section which utilizes the same words and music but this time the characters actually finish each other's sentences; a tempo di mezzo follows during which the characters leave their inertia and return to their tasks: Angelina starts cleaning up the broken cup, and Ramiro inquires about the daughters of the Baron who promptly shout for Angelina; and, finally, as the girl leaves, both lovers relate how magical their meeting was.

The duet is sung by Joyce DiDonato and Jose Manuel Zapata.

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Blake Larmore Duet from La Cenerentola Rossini 41271
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Un soave non so che Raquel Pierotti Rockwell Blake La Cenerentola 112234
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Cecilia Bartoli Javier Camarena Un soave non so che Cenerentola Rossini 2018 41273
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0879 Frederica von Stade Francisco Araiza Un soave non so che La Cenerentola 1981 41269
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5 - Francisco Araiza
Rossini La Cenerentola Un soave non so che Nicola Monti Teresa Berganza 1958 41274
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Tutto e deserto Un soave non so che La Cenerentola Rossini con testi 41268
2 - Cecilia Bartoli
5 - Raúl Giménez
La Cenerentola Act I Scene 4 Un soave non so che Ramiro Cenerentola Clorinda Tisbe 112256
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Rossini La Cenerentola Act 1 Un soave non so che  41299
2 - Teresa Berganza
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Maxim Mironov Jose Maria Lo Monaco Un soave non so che La Cenerentola Bari 2010 41276
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Rossini La cenerentola Un soave non so che complete scene 41279
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Un soave non so che La CenerentolaRossini Sonia Ganassi e Antonino Siragusa 41267
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Murray Araiza Rossini La Cenerentola Salzburg 1988 41281
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La Cenerentola Tutto e deserto Un soave non so che 112238
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Annalisa Stroppa Kenneth Tarver Un soave non so che La Cenerentola 112239
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Tutto e desertoun soave non so che La Cenerentola Rossini 41287
2 - Katija Dragojevic

Anatoly Orfenov and Zara Dolukhanova sing Un Soave Non So Che from Cenerentolawmv 112244
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Donald George and Mariana Cioromila Un soave non so che Cenerentola Rossini 41278
5 - Donald George

Rossini La Cenerentola Act 1 Un soave non so che Ramiro Cenerentola Tisbe Clorinda 41293
2 - Jennifer Larmore
2 - Laura Polverelli
5 - Raúl Giménez
Un soave non so che 112251
2 - Giulietta Simionato
5 - Cesare Valletti
6 - Saturno Meletti

Un soave non so che feat Teresa Berganza Nicola Monti Sesto Bruscantini Mario Petri 112252
2 - Teresa Berganza
5 - Nicola Monti
6 - Sesto Bruscantini
7 - Mario Petri
La Cenerentola 1992 Remastered Version ACT 1 Un soave non so che 112254
1 - Alda Noni
5 - Juan Oncina
6 - Ian Wallace
6 - Sesto Bruscantini


Un soave non so che
In quegl' occhi scintillò.

Io vorrei saper perchè
Il mio core palpitò.

Le direi, ma non ardisco.

Parlar voglio e taccio intanto.

Una grazia, un certo incanto
Par che brilli su quel viso.
Quanto caro è quel sorriso!
Scende all' alma e fa sperar.

Del baron le figlie io chiedo.
Dove son? qui non le vedo.

Stan di là nell' altre stanze.
Or verranno addio speranze.

Ma di grazia, voi chi siete?

Io chi sono? Eh non lo so.

Nol sapete?

Quasi no.
Quel ch' è padre non è padre ...
Onde poi le due sorelle ...
Era vedova mia madre ...
Ma fu madre ancor di quelle!
Questo padre pien d' orgoglio ...
Sta a vedere che m' imbroglio.
Deh! scusate, perdonate
Alla mia semplicità.

Mi seduce, m' innamora
Quella sua semplicità.

Cenerentola da me.

Quante voci, che cos' è?

A ponente, ed a levante,
A scirocco è a tramontana,
Non ho calma un solo istante,
Tutto, tutto, tocca a me.
Vengo, vengo. Addio signore.
Ah! ci lascio proprio il core,
Questo cor più mio non è.

English Libretto or Translation:

A sweet I do not know that
In those eyes he sparkled.

I would like to know why
My heart palpitated.

I would say them, but I do not dare.

I want to talk and I'm silent.

A grace, a certain enchantment
Par that shines on that face.
How expensive is that smile!
It comes down to the alma and gives hope.

I ask the baron of the daughters.
Where are they? I do not see them here.

Stan there in the other rooms.
Now hopes will come.

But of grace, who are you?

Who am I? Eh I do not know.

Do not you know?

Almost no.
What is a father is not a father ...
Then the two sisters ...
My mother was a widow ...
But it was still mother of those!
This father is full of pride ...
You're going to see that I'm cheating.
Deh! sorry, forgive
To my simplicity.

It seduces me, falls in love with me
That simplicity.

Cinderella from me.

How many voices, what is it?

To the west, and to the east,
A scirocco is a tramontana,
I have not a single moment's calm,
Everything, everything, it's up to me.
I come, I come. Goodbye, sir.
Ah! I leave the core,
This is not mine anymore.

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