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La Scala di Seta Synopsis

The Silken Ladder

In defiance of her tutor Dormont, Giulia has married Dorvil, who climbs to her room each night on a silken ladder she lowers for him. Hearing that Dormont wants her to marry Dorvil's friend Blansac, Giulia determines to trick Blansac into falling in love with her cousin Lucilla.
All goes to plan until Giulia's servant Germano hears her musing about a rendez-vous. Thinking Blansac is her lover, he congratulates him on his luck. Blansac is delighted at the prospect of an assignation with Giulia.
Lucilla and Germano hide in Giulia's room, followed by Dorvil, until, at the stroke of midnight, Blansac finally appears. He is scared into hiding by the arrival of Dormont, who discovers each in their hiding places and demands to know what is going on. Giulia then emerges to tell him of her marriage to Dorvil and, after Blansac agrees to marry Lucilla, Dormont gracefully resigns himself to the situation.