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Mose in Egitto Synopsis

Act 1

*Mosè brings down hail and fire*

God brings darkness and plagues in Egypt as a punishment since the Pharaoh doesn't want to release the Israelites from bondage. The Pharaoh asks Mosè to do something about it and to intecede before God. Mosè did. God lifts His punishment. The Pharaoh tells Mosè that he and his people are free to go. Osiride, the Pharaoh's son is in love with the young Israelite Encia and fears that they will be parted forever. The Pharaoh's son Osiride, objects because he is in love with the Israelites maiden Elcia. He appeals to the Egyptian priest Mambre for help. Mambre and Osiride persuade the king to revoke his decree over the objections of the Pharaoh's wife, Amaltea. Mosè is angered and brings down a storm of hailstones and fire.

Act 2

The Pharaoh once again is afraid and orders the Israelites to leave. The Pharaoh sees Osiride's unhappiness, and breaks his promise to let the Israelites go. Mosè warns him and threatens that God will punish them again with another plague. Osiride tries to kill Mosè. A lightning strikes Osiride dead. Elcia laments her lovers death.

Act 3

By the shore of the Red Sea, Mosè prays to God and begs him to save his people. With his rod, Moses strikes the waters and they split apart, allowing the Israelites to safely cross. When the Egyptian army subdues them, the waters close in on them. Mosè and his people thank God for saving them.