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Summary of all scenes, roles and operas by MozartmozartMozart
Summary of all scenes and roles from Carmen (Bizet)carmenCarmen
All overturesovertureOvertures
A specific aria f.e. "Venti Scudi" from L'Elisir d'amoreventi scudi l' elisir d'amoreVenti Scudi

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All arias for sopranosoprano ariaSelect: Aria + SopranoSoprano Arias
All duets for Bass and Sopranosoprano bass duetSelect: Bass + SopranoSoprano Bass Duets
All arias for Tenor by Mozarttenor aria mozartSelect: Tenor & Type: mozartMozart Arias for Tenor
All arias for Soprano except for arias by Mozart or Verdisoprano aria -mozartSelect: Soprano + Aria & Type: -mozart
All scenes with PapagenopapagenoPapageno
All arias sung by Papagenoaria papagenoSelect: Aria & Type: papageno
All French Tenor ariasaria tenorSelect: Aria + Tenor + FrenchFrench Tenor Arias
All duets for two sopranosduet 2sopranosSelect: Duet & Type: 2sopranosDuets for Two Sopranos

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All roles for sopranosopranoSelect: SopranoSoprano Roles
All roles by BizetbizetBizet Roles

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All Italian operasitalianSelect: ItalianItalian Operas
All operas by VerdiverdiVerdi Operas