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Fernando Corena

Singer details:

Voice: Bass
Nationality: Swiss
Year of Birth: 1916
Year of Death: 1984

About Fernando Corena:

Fernando Corena (22 December 1916 – 26 November 1984) was a Swiss bass who had a major international opera career from the late 1940s through the early 1980s. He enjoyed a long and successful career at the Metropolitan Opera between 1954 and 1978, and was a regular presence at the Vienna State Opera between 1963 and 1981. His repertoire encompassed both dramatic and comic roles in leading and secondary parts, mainly within Italian opera. He was highly regarded for his performances of opera buffa characters and is generally considered one of the greatest basso buffos of the post-war era. He was heralded as the true successor to comic Italian bass Salvatore Baccaloni, and in 1966 Harold C. Schonberg wrote in The New York Times that he was "the outstanding buffo in action today and the greatest scene stealer in the history of opera".

Fernando Corena was born in Geneva, Switzerland, to a Turkish father (the name was Korena) and an Italian mother. He studied theology at the Fribourg University, hoping to become a priest. After winning a vocal contest, he turned his attention to music. He first studied in his native Geneva, 1937-38. He was then noticed by Italian conductor Vittorio Gui, who encouraged him to complete his vocal studies in Milan, with Enrico Romani.

At the beginning of World War II, he returned to Switzerland, where he performed regularly on radio broadcasts, and made a few appearances at the Zurich Opera House.

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More Arias, Duets and Ensembles performed by Fernando Corena

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Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
91Io so che alle sue pene Popularity:

Opera: Madame ButterflyComposer: PucciniAct: 3.04

Type: trioVoice: Br Mz TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Sharpless/Suzuki/Pinkerton
92Principessa divina! Popularity:

Opera: TurandotComposer: PucciniAct: 3.04

Type: recitativeVoice: Br S SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Ping/Turandot/Liù
93Che veggo..egli..mio padre Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 2.12

Type: recitativeVoice: S Br MzLanguage: Italian

Roles: Aida/Amonasro/Amneris
94Oh cielo! Popularity:

Opera: Barbiere di Siviglia, IlComposer: RossiniAct: 1.10

Type: recitativeVoice: T BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Count/Figaro
95Non sperar se non m'uccidi Popularity:

Opera: Don GiovanniComposer: MozartAct: 1.02-2

Type: recitativeVoice: S Br B BLanguage: Italian

Roles: Anna/Giovanni/Leporello/Commendatore
96E finita Don Pasquale Popularity:

Opera: Don PasqualeComposer: DonizettiAct: 3.04

Type: recitativeVoice: B SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Don Pasquale/Norina
97Tous les trois reunis Popularity:

Opera: Fille du régiment, LaComposer: DonizettiAct: 2.07

Type: trioVoice: T S BLanguage: French

Roles: Tonio/Marie/Sergeant
98Ho una casa nell honan Popularity:

Opera: TurandotComposer: PucciniAct: 2.03

Type: trioVoice: Br T TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Ping/Pang/Pong
99Fredda ed immobile Popularity:

Opera: Barbiere di Siviglia, IlComposer: RossiniAct: 1.25-2

Type: Voice: Br T B cA/Mz SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Figaro/Count/Bartolo/Rosina/Berta
100Leporello Signore Popularity:

Opera: Don GiovanniComposer: MozartAct: 2.01-2

Type: recitativeVoice: B BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Leporello/Giovanni
101Orsu Tosca parlate Popularity:

Opera: ToscaComposer: PucciniAct: 2.07

Type: duetVoice: Br SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Scarpia/Tosca
102Ma signor ma un dottor Popularity:

Opera: Barbiere di Siviglia, IlComposer: RossiniAct: 1.26

Type: recitativeVoice: B BLanguage: Italian

Roles: Bartolo/Basilio
103Pappataci che mai sento Popularity:

Opera: Italiana in Algeri, L'Composer: RossiniAct: 2.17

Type: recitativeVoice: B T BLanguage: Italian

Roles: Mustafà/Lindoro/Taddeo
104E buona la mia Tosca Popularity:

Opera: ToscaComposer: PucciniAct: 1.12

Type: trioVoice: B T BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Angelotti/Cavaradossi/A Sacristan
105Finisci il vaticinio Popularity:

Opera: Ballo in maschera, UnComposer: VerdiAct: 1.21

Type: septet,choir,finaleVoice: T Br S cA B B BLanguage: Italian

Roles: Riccardo/Renato/Oscar/Ulrica/Silvano/Samuel/Tom
106Fermo che fai t'arresta! Popularity:

Opera: TurandotComposer: PucciniAct: 1.09

Type: quartet,trioVoice: Br T T TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Ping/Pang/Pong/Calaf
107Signori di fuori son gia Popularity:

Opera: Nozze di Figaro, LeComposer: MozartAct: 2.15

Type: quartetVoice: B-Br Br S SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Figaro/Count/Rosina/Susanna
108Rosetta! Popularity:

Opera: Manon LescautComposer: PucciniAct: 3.06

Type: recitativeVoice: B Br S TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Sergeant/Lescaut/Manon/Chevalier
109Dunque quello sei tu Popularity:

Opera: Don GiovanniComposer: MozartAct: 2.10-1

Type: recitativeVoice: S S T BLanguage: Italian

Roles: Zerlina/Elvira/Ottavio/Masetto
110Ed io venivo a lui Popularity:

Opera: ToscaComposer: PucciniAct: 1.17

Type: duetVoice: S BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Tosca/Scarpia
111Legna! Popularity:

Opera: Bohème, LaComposer: PucciniAct: 1.03-2

Type: quartetVoice: T Br B BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Rodolfo/Marcello/Colline/Schaunard
112Un tal baccano in chiesa Popularity:

Opera: ToscaComposer: PucciniAct: 1.14

Type: ariaVoice: baritoneLanguage: Italian

Roles: Scarpia
113Il mio piano è preparato Popularity:

Opera: Gazza ladra, LaComposer: RossiniAct:

Type: ariaVoice: bassLanguage: Italian

114Signore v'assista il cielo Popularity:

Opera: FalstaffComposer: VerdiAct: 2.03

Type: recitativeVoice: Br T Br BLanguage: Italian

Roles: Falstaff/Bardolfo/Ford/Pistola
115Ah! ah che bella vita Popularity:

Opera: Barbiere di Siviglia, IlComposer: RossiniAct: 1.08

Type: recitative,ariaVoice: baritoneLanguage: Italian

Roles: Figaro/Count
116Ah! finalmente! Popularity:

Opera: ToscaComposer: PucciniAct: 1.01

Type: recitativeVoice: B Br TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Angelotti/A Sacristan/Cavaradossi
117Alfine eccoci qua Popularity:

Opera: Barbiere di Siviglia, IlComposer: RossiniAct: 2.14

Type: recitativeVoice: Br T cA/MzLanguage: Italian

Roles: Figaro/Count/Rosina
118Tosca che non mi veda Popularity:

Opera: ToscaComposer: PucciniAct: 1.15

Type: recitativeVoice: Br S BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Scarpia/Tosca/A Sacristan
119Poiche cantar vi alletta Popularity:

Opera: Elisir d'amore, L'Composer: DonizettiAct: 2.02

Type: recitativeVoice: B Br SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Dulcamara/Belcore/Giannetta
120Mimì è tanto malata! Popularity:

Opera: Bohème, LaComposer: PucciniAct: 3.07

Type: trioVoice: T S BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Rodolfo/Mimì/Marcello
250 Results
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