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Grace Bumbry

Singer details:

Voice: Mezzo
Nationality: American
Year of Birth: 1937

About Grace Bumbry:

Grace Melzia Bumbry (born January 4, 1937), an American opera singer, is considered one of the leading mezzo-sopranos of her generation, as well as a major soprano for many years. She was a member of a pioneering generation of African-American opera and classical singers who followed Marian Anderson (including Leontyne Price, Martina Arroyo, Shirley Verrett and Reri Grist) in the world of classical music and paved the way for future African-American opera and concert singers. Bumbry's voice was rich and sizable, possessing a wide range, and was capable of producing a very distinctive plangent tone.

In her prime, she also possessed good agility and bel canto technique (see for example her renditions of the 'Veil Song' from Verdi's Don Carlo in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as her Ernani from the Lyric Opera of Chicago in 1984). She was particularly noted for her fiery temperament and dramatic intensity on stage. More recently, she has also become known as a recitalist and interpreter of lieder, and as a teacher. From the late 1980s on, she concentrated her career in Europe, rather than in the US. A long-time resident of Switzerland, she now makes her home in Salzburg, Austria.

Bumbry's career in the world of opera was a remarkable and long one, if somewhat controversial. Initially, Bumbry began her career as a mezzo-soprano, but later expanded her repertoire to include many dramatic soprano roles. In the mid-1970s and 1980s she considered herself a soprano; but in the 1990s, as her career approached its twilight, she often returned to mezzo roles. She was one of the more successful singers who have made the transition from mezzo-soprano to high soprano (along with her compatriot and contemporary Shirley Verrett); however, audiences and critics were divided over whether she was a "true" soprano. Nonetheless, she sang major soprano roles at most major opera houses around the world up until the end of her operatic career in the 1990s—singing Turandot at the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden (London) in 1993, for example. Her operatic career spanned from 1960 (her debut in Paris as Amneris) to 1997 (as Klytämnestra, in Lyon, France).

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More Arias, Duets and Ensembles performed by Grace Bumbry

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Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Wer uns getraut? Popularity:

Opera: Zigeunerbaron, DerComposer: Strauss jrAct: 2.05

Type: duet,choirVoice: T SLanguage: German

Roles: Barinkay/Saffi
2Voici l'ordre, partez Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 1.13

Type: recitative,finaleVoice: B MzLanguage: French

Roles: Zuniga/Carmen
3Voi lo sapete, o mamma Popularity:

Opera: Cavalleria RusticanaComposer: MascagniAct: 1.12

Type: aria,duetVoice: S cALanguage: Italian

Roles: Santuzza/Lucia
4Vieni t'affretta Popularity:

Opera: MacbethComposer: VerdiAct: 1.06

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Lady McB
5Vieni sul crin ti piovano Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 2.03-1

Type: recitativeVoice: mezzoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Amneris
6Vieni o diletta appressati Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 1.05-2

Type: recitativeVoice: Mz S TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Amneris/Aida/Radames
7Vieni in Roma ah vieni Popularity:

Opera: NormaComposer: BelliniAct: 1.16

Type: duetVoice: T S/MzLanguage: Italian

Roles: Pollione/Adalgisa
8Vanne e li cela entrambi Popularity:

Opera: NormaComposer: BelliniAct: 1.17

Type: recitativeVoice: S SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Norma/Clotilde
9Va crudele al Dio spietato Popularity:

Opera: NormaComposer: BelliniAct: 1.15

Type: duetVoice: T S/MzLanguage: Italian

Roles: Pollione/Adalgisa
10Tu qui, Santuzza? Popularity:

Opera: Cavalleria RusticanaComposer: MascagniAct: 1.13

Type: duetVoice: T SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Turiddu/Santuzza
11Tu che le vanita Popularity:

Opera: Don CarloComposer: VerdiAct: 4.01-1

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Elisabeth
12Teneri figli Popularity:

Opera: NormaComposer: BelliniAct: 2.02-2

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Norma
13Stride la vampa Popularity:

Opera: Trovatore, IlComposer: VerdiAct: 2.02

Type: ariaVoice: mezzoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Azucena
14Si tu m'aimes, Carmen Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 3.13

Type: duet,choirVoice: B-Br MzLanguage: French

Roles: Escamillo/Carmen
15Sgombra e la sacra selva Popularity:

Opera: NormaComposer: BelliniAct: 1.12

Type: ariaVoice: mezzo or sopranoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Adalgisa
16Sacerdoti compiste un delitto Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 4.10-2

Type: ariaVoice: mezzoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Amneris
17S'appressan gl'istanti Popularity:

Opera: NabuccoComposer: VerdiAct: 2.07-2

Type: quartetVoice: T S Mz BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Abdallo/Abigaille/Fenena/Nabucco
18Ritorna vincitor Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 1.10-1

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Aida
19Re dell'abisso affrettati Popularity:

Opera: Ballo in maschera, UnComposer: VerdiAct: 1.10-2

Type: ariaVoice: contraltoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Ulrica
20Radames Radames Radames! Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 4.09

Type: recitativeVoice: B SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Ramfis/Sacerdotessa
21Qui Radames verra Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 3.03-1

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Aida
22Quale insolita gioia nel tuo sguardo Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 1.04

Type: recitativeVoice: Mz TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Amneris/Radames
23Qual cor tradisti Popularity:

Opera: NormaComposer: BelliniAct: 2.16

Type: trioVoice: S T BLanguage: Italian

Roles: Norma/Pollione/Oroveso
24Pur ti riveggo mia dolce Aida Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 3.09

Type: recitativeVoice: T SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Radames/Aida
25Pres des remparts de Seville (Seguidilla) Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 1.12

Type: ariaVoice: mezzoLanguage: French

Roles: Carmen/José
26Pleurez mes yeux Popularity:

Opera: Cid, LeComposer: MassenetAct:

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: French

27Pieta ti prenda del mio dolor Popularity:

Opera: AidaComposer: VerdiAct: 2.05

Type: recitativeVoice: S MzLanguage: Italian

Roles: Aida/Amneris
28Pieta perdon per la rea che si pente Popularity:

Opera: Don CarloComposer: VerdiAct: 3.04

Type: recitativeVoice: Mz SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Eboli/Elisabeth
29Parle-moi de ma mere Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 1.09

Type: duetVoice: T SLanguage: French

Roles: José/Micaëla
30Pace pace mio Dio Popularity:

Opera: Forza del destino, LaComposer: VerdiAct: 4.05

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Leonora
101 Results
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