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Luciano Pavarotti

Singer details:

Voice: Tenor
Nationality: Italian
Year of Birth: 1935
Year of Death: 2007

About Luciano Pavarotti:

Luciano Pavarotti, Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI (/ˌpɑːvəˈrɔːti/; Italian: ; 12 October 1935 – 6 September 2007) was an Italian operatic tenor who also crossed over into popular music, eventually becoming one of the most commercially successful tenors of all time. He made numerous recordings of complete operas and individual arias, gaining worldwide fame for the quality of his tone, and eventually established himself as one of the finest tenors of the 20th century, achieving the honorific title The King Of High C's.

As one of the Three Tenors who performed their first concert during the 1990 FIFA World Cup before a global audience, Pavarotti became well known for his televised concerts and media appearances. From the beginning of his professional career as a tenor in 1961 in Italy to his final performance of "Nessun dorma" at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Pavarotti was at his best in bel canto operas, pre-Aida Verdi roles, and Puccini works such as La bohème, Tosca, Turandot and Madama Butterfly. He sold over 100 million records, and the first Three Tenors recording became the best-selling classical album of all time. Pavarotti was also noted for his charity work on behalf of refugees and the Red Cross, amongst others. He died from pancreatic cancer on 6 September 2007.

Luciano Pavarotti was born in 1935 on the outskirts of Modena in Northern Italy, the son of Fernando Pavarotti, a baker and amateur tenor, and Adele Venturi, a cigar factory worker. Although he spoke fondly of his childhood, the family had little money; its four members were crowded into a two-room apartment. According to Pavarotti, his father had a fine tenor voice but rejected the possibility of a singing career because of nervousness. World War II forced the family out of the city in 1943. For the following year they rented a single room from a farmer in the neighbouring countryside, where the young Pavarotti developed an interest in farming.

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More Arias, Duets and Ensembles performed by Luciano Pavarotti

487 Results
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Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
301Gelo che ti da foco Popularity:

Opera: TurandotComposer: PucciniAct: 2.13

Type: recitativeVoice: S TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Turandot/Calaf
302La rivedra nell'estasi Popularity:

Opera: Ballo in maschera, UnComposer: VerdiAct: 1.04-2

Type: aria,choirVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

Roles: Riccardo
303Gavotta! Popularity:

Opera: Bohème, LaComposer: PucciniAct: 4.04

Type: quartetVoice: B Br Br TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Colline/Marcello/Schaunard/Rodolfo
304Della citta all'occaso Popularity:

Opera: Ballo in maschera, UnComposer: VerdiAct: 1.15

Type: trioVoice: S cA TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Amelia/Ulrica/Riccardo
305Morro ma prima in grazia Popularity:

Opera: Ballo in maschera, UnComposer: VerdiAct: 3.02

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: Italian

Roles: Amelia
306D'un pensiero e d'un accento Popularity:

Opera: Sonnambula, LaComposer: BelliniAct: 1.22

Type: quartetVoice: T B Mz SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Elvino/Alessio/Teresa/Amina
307O galantuomo Popularity:

Opera: ToscaComposer: PucciniAct: 2.03

Type: recitativeVoice: Br TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Scarpia/Spoletta
308Che avvien? Popularity:

Opera: Bohème, LaComposer: PucciniAct: 4.08-2

Type: quintetVoice: Br S T S BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Schaunard/Mimì/Rodolfo/Musetta/Marcello
309Questo arcano dal Re Popularity:

Opera: Don CarloComposer: VerdiAct: 1.03-2

Type: recitativeVoice: T BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Carlo/Rodrigue
310Dal piu remoto esilio Popularity:

Opera: due Foscari, IComposer: VerdiAct: 1.01

Type: ariaVoice: bassLanguage: Italian

Roles: Jacopo Loredano
311O di il voto o grande Iddio Popularity:

Opera: ErnaniComposer: VerdiAct: 2

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

Roles: Ernani
312Andiam Belcore Popularity:

Opera: Elisir d'amore, L'Composer: DonizettiAct: 1.20

Type: recitativeVoice: S T BrLanguage: Italian

Roles: Adina/Nemorino/Belcore
313Ah! che diss egli Popularity:

Opera: Favorita, LaComposer: DonizettiAct: 2.11

Type: quartetVoice: Br Mz B TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Alphonse/Léonor/Balthazar/Gaspar
314Se inconscia contro te sposo Popularity:

Opera: OtelloComposer: VerdiAct: 2.09-1

Type: recitativeVoice: S TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Desdemona/Otello
315Parmi veder le lagrima Popularity:

Opera: RigolettoComposer: VerdiAct: 3.01-2

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

Roles: Duke
316Dall aule raggianti di vano Popularity:

Opera: Luisa MillerComposer: VerdiAct: 1.12-2

Type: duetVoice: Mz TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Federica/Rodolfo
317Chi mi frena in tal momento Popularity:

Opera: Lucia di LammermoorComposer: DonizettiAct: 2.11-1

Type: sextetVoice: S Mz T Br B TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Lucia/Alisa/Edgardo/Enrico/Raimondo/Arturo
318I zampognari i zampognari Popularity:

Opera: PagliacciComposer: LeoncavalloAct: 1.07

Type: choirVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

Roles: Canio
319Vogliatemi bene Popularity:

Opera: Madame ButterflyComposer: PucciniAct: 1.13-2

Type: duetVoice: T SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Pinkerton/Cio-Cio
320È serbata a questo acciaro Popularity:

Opera: Capuleti ed i Montecchi, IComposer: BelliniAct:

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

321Tu indietro fuggi Popularity:

Opera: OtelloComposer: VerdiAct: 2.12

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

Roles: Otello
322Suzel buon di Popularity:

Opera: Amico FritzComposer: MascagniAct: 2

Type: recitativeVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

Roles: Fritz Kobus
323Ceda natura al suo autor Popularity:

Opera: IdomeneoComposer: MozartAct: 3.15-3

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

Roles: Idamante
324No puede ser Popularity:

Opera: Tabernera del PuerteComposer: SorozabalAct:

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

325Te deum Popularity:

Opera: ToscaComposer: PucciniAct: 1.20

Type: ariaVoice: baritoneLanguage: Italian

Roles: Scarpia
326No non udrai rimproveri Popularity:

Opera: Traviata, LaComposer: VerdiAct: 2.13-3

Type: duetVoice: Br TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Giorgio/Alfredo
327Rosetta! Popularity:

Opera: Manon LescautComposer: PucciniAct: 3.06

Type: recitativeVoice: B Br S TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Sergeant/Lescaut/Manon/Chevalier
328Tu che guardi le stelle Popularity:

Opera: TurandotComposer: PucciniAct: 3.03-1

Type: quartetVoice: Br T T TLanguage: Italian

Roles: Ping/Pang/Pong/Calaf
329In cielo benedetto Popularity:

Opera: Lombardi Prima CrociataComposer: VerdiAct: 4.01-2

Type: ariaVoice: tenorLanguage: Italian

Roles: Oronte
330E tu ricevi il mio Popularity:

Opera: Ballo in maschera, UnComposer: VerdiAct: 3.18

Type: quartet,choirVoice: Br T S SLanguage: Italian

Roles: Renato/Riccardo/Amelia/Oscar
487 Results
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