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Solange Michel

Singer details:

Voice: Mezzo
Nationality: French
Year of Birth: 1912
Year of Death: 2010

About Solange Michel:

Solange Michel (November 27, 1912 – December 15, 2010) was a French classical mezzo-soprano who sang in concerts, recitals, and operas from the 1930s to the 1970s. She was particularly associated with the French opera repertory and was one of the most popular interpreters of the title heroine in Georges Bizet's Carmen in post World War II France.

Born Solange Boulesteix in Paris, Michel studied at the Conservatoire de Paris under Thomas Salignac and André Gresse. She began her career as a concert singer, giving her first performance on French Radio in 1936, and made her stage debut in 1942, as Charlotte in Werther.

In 1945, she changed her name to Solange Michel and became a member of the Opéra-Comique where she debuted as Mignon. Shortly afterwards, she was invited to perform at the Paris Opera, and quickly established herself as the most important mezzo of her era. Her interpretation of Carmen is now widely regarded as a classic. Other notable roles included; Charlotte, Dalila in Camille Saint-Saëns's Samson et Dalila, Geneviève in Claude Debussy's Pelléas et Mélisande, Marguerite in Hector Berlioz's La damnation de Faust, and Orfeo in Christoph Willibald Gluck's Orfeo ed Euridice. She also participated in the premieres of Pierre Wissmer's Marion in 1951, and Gian Carlo Menotti's The Last Savage in 1963.

She made guest appearances at the Royal Opera House in London, at La Scala in Milan, the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, the Liceu in Barcelona, the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, also appearing in Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Lisbon, etc.

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More Arias, Duets and Ensembles performed by Solange Michel

22 Results
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Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Pres des remparts de Seville (Seguidilla) Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 1.12

Type: ariaVoice: mezzoLanguage: French

Roles: Carmen/José
2Parle-moi de ma mere Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 1.09

Type: duetVoice: T SLanguage: French

Roles: José/Micaëla
3Connais tu le pays Popularity:

Opera: MignonComposer: ThomasAct: 1

Type: ariaVoice: mezzo or sopranoLanguage: French

Roles: Mignon
4Printemps qui commence Popularity:

Opera: Samson et DalilaComposer: Saint-SaënsAct: 1

Type: ariaVoice: mezzoLanguage: French

Roles: Dalila
5Melons! coupons! (Card Trio) Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 3.03

Type: trioVoice: S Mz MzLanguage: French

Roles: Frasquita/Mercédès/Carmen
6Je vais danser en votre honneur Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 2.07

Type: duetVoice: Mz TLanguage: French

Roles: Carmen/José
7En vain, pour éviter Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct:

Type: ariaVoice: mezzoLanguage: French

8Si tu m'aimes, Carmen Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 3.13

Type: duet,choirVoice: B-Br MzLanguage: French

Roles: Escamillo/Carmen
9O nuit d'amour Popularity:

Opera: FaustComposer: GounodAct: 3.10-3

Type: duetVoice: T SLanguage: French

Roles: Faust/Marguerite
10Trahir Vincent Popularity:

Opera: MireilleComposer: GounodAct: 2

Type: recitativeVoice: sopranoLanguage: French

Roles: Mireille
11La brise est douce et parfumee Popularity:

Opera: MireilleComposer: GounodAct: 2

Type: duet,choirVoice: S TLanguage: French

Roles: Mireille/Vincent
12Seigneur Dieu, que vois-je! Popularity:

Opera: FaustComposer: GounodAct: 3.07

Type: quartetVoice: Mz/cA S T B-BrLanguage: French

Roles: Marthe/Marguerite/Faust/Méphistophélès
13Nous avons en tete une affaire Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 2.05

Type: quintetVoice: Br Mz S T MzLanguage: French

Roles: Dancaïre/Mercédès/Frasquita/Remendado/Carmen
14Oui je souffre votre tristesse Popularity:

Opera: Don QuichoteComposer: MassenetAct: 4

Type: ariaVoice: mezzoLanguage: French

Roles: Dulcinée
15Je connais un pauvre enfant Popularity:

Opera: MignonComposer: ThomasAct:

Type: ariaVoice: mezzo or sopranoLanguage: French

Roles: Mignon
16Par ici mes amis Popularity:

Opera: FaustComposer: GounodAct: 4.10

Type: recitativeVoice: Br Mz/cA S Mz/SLanguage: French

Roles: Valentin/Marthe/Marguerite/Siébel
17Tête folle Popularity:

Opera: FaustComposer: GounodAct: 3.11

Type: recitativeVoice: B-Br TLanguage: French

Roles: Méphistophélès/Faust
18Ecoute, ecoute, compagnon Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 3.02

Type: sextet,chorusVoice: Mz T Br T S MzLanguage: French

Roles: Carmen/José/Dancaïre/Remendado/Frasquita/Mercédès
19Voici l'ordre, partez Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 1.13

Type: recitative,finaleVoice: B MzLanguage: French

Roles: Zuniga/Carmen
20Carmen! sur tes pas nous nous pressons tous Popularity:

Opera: CarmenComposer: BizetAct: 1.08

Type: duet,choirVoice: T SLanguage: French

Roles: José/Micaëla
21Bonsoir la soupe est prête Popularity:

Opera: LouiseComposer: CharpentierAct: 1.04-1

Type: recitativeVoice: Br Mz SLanguage: French

Roles: Father/Mother/Louise
22A vos pieds hélas me voila Popularity:

Opera: MireilleComposer: GounodAct: 2

Type: ariaVoice: sopranoLanguage: French

Roles: Mireille
22 Results
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