Arabella Libretto
English Translation


Salon in a Viennese city hotel. Wing door in the middle. At the right front a window, further back a door. Also a door on the left. The salon is rich and newly furnished in the taste of the 1860s.
Adelaide with the card-maker at a table on the left. Zdenka in a boy's dress, on the right, is busy arranging papers on another table

The cards are better than the last time.

Give that to God!
Someone's Knocking
Only no disturbance now!

runs to the middle door. You give her something from outside
My father is not here, the mother has migraine!
Come later. - It's another bill!

Not now! put it there!

There are already so many there.

Silent, quiet! - What are our cards?
The worry and the impatience devour me!

bent over the cards
Chill out. The inheritance is approaching - only slowly!

with broken hands
No, we can not wait anymore!
There - there is only one hope
the early marriage of my Arabella!
What do your cards say, dearest wife!

They show everything as in a mirror:
I see the father, your husband -
Oh dear, his anxiety is near him - it's completely dark for him.
He fights, he plays - oh, and he's gambling again
the big sum.

Holy Mother!
Come to my aid through my beautiful child!
For God's sake, the engagement - is she close?
Our credit is very shaky, dearest wife!

looks at the cards for a long time
There stands the officer.

An officer? Oh dear!

in front of him

No! that is not the real thing!

I hope so!

From there comes the stranger, the bridegroom.

The brooch with emeralds is your property
when your prophecy becomes true,
in this week!

slow, as deciphering the destiny book
He comes from further afield. A letter called him.

From further afield? It is Count Elerner, no doubt!

I see a big forest: that's where it comes from.

That's him! Elemer! o how you describe him!
Gorgeous! - But why is he hesitating?

The delay comes from her.

You see through people as through glass!
That's her nameless pride. 0 God, soften their pride!
He is as tall as her beauty.

Someone's Knocking. Zdenka hurries to the door

No, now it is impossible!

She receives another bill, which she puts down

What do you mean? what do you frown?

thinking about the cards
It pushes himself into it
between the beautiful daughter and the rich gentleman!

Holy Mother of God, do not let it happen!

bent over the cards How? Do your Grace have a second daughter?
I did not knew that. Oh, that's going to be a serious threat!

Quietly! You are stirring a family secret!

Zdenka on the right, listen over

Where does the second girl come from?
She brings disaster to her sister!

For heaven's sake, quietly!

over the cards
Keep the sisters apart!
Otherwise everything will fail!

close to her
What is it that you see?

I see a big fight - split
The groom wants to leave!
There are terrible words! strange people listen!

You great god in heaven!

All evil
comes from the little blond and the officer.

kneels down beside the table
Their flocks of angels are up there, hear the pleading of a mother
in her heart's anxiety!


Zdenka! stay still and do not worry about anything happening here!
Up, quietly; pointing to Zdenka
Quietly! she is it!

There the young gentleman?

She is a girl. Because she was wild like a boy
they were still allowed to run as boys.
We are not rich enough in this city
to perform two girls worthy of a stand. -
But she loves her older sister over all the masses
how could she do her evil?

The cards are not lying.
There stands the officer. There is the blonde girl.
I see a drawn saber, and the bridegroom withdraws.
The cards warn you!

stands up
You are my good angel!
Here in my room! You try again!

The cards do not take anything back.

Fast fast! I implore you.
Pull her into the next room on the right

pick up the bills that have piled up, look into it
They all want money! They are threatening with the dishes!
What? I do not know anything about that: they write:
they have already heard that we want to travel!
Oh! then everything is over!
Then I will never see him again!
She runs to the left door in her fear and listens
She says: the Arabella is threatening something -
from an officer.
He's not allowed in the house anymore, mom says
she is compromised by him.
Not in the house anymore? Oh God - then he'll kill himself -
and everybody knows that's because of her -
and she - then finally she knows how he loved her 11
Go away from the door
My God, do not let that make us travel!
Let the dad win! Let the aunt die in Goerz!
Make Bella love Matteo above all else
and that he becomes happy, and that we are no longer poor!
I want to sacrifice myself for it - all my life
walking in Jack-in-the-wool clothes and doing nothing!

Someone's Knocking. She goes to the middle door. The door is carefully opened from the outside and Matteo enters, wearing a hunting uniform, his cap in his hand, but without a saber


Zdenko! you! Are you alone?

quiet, timid
There's mom in there.

And Arabella?

She is walking on the ring with the companion.

one step closer
And nothing for me? Not a word? No letter?
Zdenka shakes her head sadly
And last night?

Was she in the opera?
with the mom.

With mom alone?

I believe with the mum and the three counts.

And afternoon?

hesitant, timid
They come with sledges and pick them up -
I should also with: a chaperone must be there.

hit hard
That's what happened between me and her!
If I did not have you, I would not even know what she is doing!
She has nothing left for me now and then
a half dark half-scattered look!

And yet she loves you! Believe me! I know it, me!

lighting up
Zdenko, my only friend! you know it? She confessed it to you?

You know: she is locked up like the tomb,
she does not say it in words.
I know it - and did not give it to you three days ago
written the letter about which you were blessed?

O three times blessed - how the heaven was the letter!
But then she walks past me, cold and strange, how should I understand that - and endure, Zdenko - how?

quiet, important
That's a girl Give a girl more and more -
she just wants to show nothing. She's just so ashamed.

As you know, dear boy!
So you also know -
He holds Zdenka by the arm, she starts immediately
- What hours are that
and what thoughts there have over me
when she sees through me like through empty air -
and you do not bring me a sign
which I can hope for and live again!

Certainly. I'll bring you another letter like that
today or tomorrow!

Even today! You are my only friend!
Give me your man's word - I rely on you!
And if I could not rely on you anymore,
then something else would come!

What? what would happen then, Matteo?

very dark
Then tomorrow I report to the rapport and ask for transfer to Galicia.
And if that does not help me and me there too
Arabella can not forget -
then there's just a way out: the revolver.

Oh my goodness!

Remember how you help me!
He hurries away

almost meaningless with excitement and fear between so many dangers and difficulties
Help him - oh my God! And me, who helps me!
I would have the words in me for a hundred such letters -
and also the writing that I meet in my sleep -
But what does the letter help him, if I am with her?
to write the tenderly in love words!
I have to find the words that go to the heart of her
that she recognizes the only one who deserves to be loved by her -
That's the heavier thing and if I do not succeed - I've lost it.

has entered from the right, in hat, veil and fur jacket, behind her the companion
Thank you, miss. Get me tomorrow at the same time,
I do not need them anymore for today. Adieu.

Companion leaves

take off your hat and jacket. She sees the roses standing on a gueridon
The beautiful roses! Did she bring a hussar?
She takes the roses

As? a hussar?

The Leibhusar from a foreign traveler!

No. They are from Matteo.

Arabella puts the roses away quickly - Zdenka puts them back in the vase

So you go with his flowers!
And yet he brings new ones every day.

Ah, let it go! - And there the other bouquet?

From the Elemer.
And there's perfume from Dominik, and lace
from the Lamoral.

The three! Lose money for three, fall in love with the same girl -
At the end, all three of them get engaged with me!

They are worth nothing - and something is worth only one - the!
She holds out her Matteos roses

Ah, let it go! The three are funnier and have more in them.

Can you say that! More in itself than the Matteo!
He loves you from all his soul,
from the bottom of his heart

and from all his powers!
Only the forces are not big!

Just do not sin! You loved him!

Perhaps !
Had! So it's over: you say it yourself.

Be careful he hears you say that!
It would be his death.

Mann pictures do not die so fast!

It would be his death! he adores you

looks at her
Zdenkerl, you already have the exalted sound of Mama!
Take care of yourself!

If my heart turns around, how I see it suffering!

without looking at her
Are you in love with him?

stomps on
His friend is me!
His only friend in this world!

looks at her attentively again
Zdenkerl, there's something dangerous about you lately.
It seems to me it would be time to become a girl
in front of the world and that the Masquerade has an end.

I'll stay a boy to my end. I do not want to be a woman -
as one as you are. Proud and coquett, and cold!

You, you! It seems to me it is even high time!

It would be time for you to be the only heart worthy of your
do not step under your feet!

very seriously
He is not the right person for me!
He is not a whole man. I just can not be afraid of him.
Who that is not, has lost me!

You talk like a witch!

she has sat down
I'm serious, I'm telling the truth to you now!
I can not help that I am like that.
A man quickly gets me pretty fast
and again he is nothing for me anymore!
In there done in the head, and quickly, I do not know how!
It starts to ask, and to the questions
I do not find the answer, by day and not by night.
Without my will, then my heart turns
and turns away from him. I can not help it
but the right one - if there is one for me in this world -
he will suddenly stand there before me
and will look at me and me him
and no doubt will be and no questions
and blessed shall I be and obey him as a child.

after a little break, she looks lovingly
I do not know how you are, I do not know if you're right -
I love you too much! I just want you to be happy -
with one of the deserved! and I want to help you with that.
Even more intimate, more for herself, and at the same time with Arabella
So the prophetess saw it:
she in the light and I down into the darkness.
She is so beautiful and sweet, - I will go
and still in the walk I will bless you, my sister.

for himself and at the same time with Zdenka
The right one, if there is one for me,
he'll look at me and me him
and no doubt will be and no questions
and blessed shall I be and obey him as a child!

You can hear the bells of a sled

This is the sled of the Elemer. I know the clamps.

again very easy and cheerful
And behind him comes the Dominik
and behind that the Lamoral. That's how they do it.
And I - I'll take it with me - because only once is carnival.

No: today comes the Elemer alone.
That is settled between them.
Are you happy? No! He can not be the right one!
No, no, that must not be!

I do not know!
A man, he is fine. Maybe too much a man.
A wild, angry man - can be, I have to take him!
She is thoughtful

My God, then the Matteo will kill himself -
I knock on his door, he does not answer.
I throw myself over him - I kiss for the first time
his icy lips! then everything is over.

for himself, without paying attention to Zdenka
Maybe, I have to. It will come to me already a sign!
This evening the carnival is over. I have to decide this evening.
Zdenkerl, what are you looking so sad?
I know that, parents are trembling
to get rid of me. And I, I can not
if not everything bothers me and pushes and throws to the one!
Do you see - there was a stranger this morning -
she goes against the window
as I walked out of the house,
over there he was, on the corner, big, in a traveling fur,
and behind him a body-hussar - a stranger stops
from Hungary or from Wallachia ...
He looked at me with big serious eyes,
then he said something to his servant.
I would have sworn he would send me flowers.
Flowers of that would be more to me than anything today!
I would take that in my room
and when I get home on the night of the ball
would I find them again, and I did not let them fool me
until he came himself! Just leave me
these are fantasies
do not look at me so scared!

tears the roses of Matteo out of the vase, holds her passionately
Take this! they come from the most loyal people in the world!
Take them to you, very close to you, take no other than them!
I feel: your and my destiny depends on it!
The bells of the sled stronger

What is wrong with you? What's wrong with you?

Be quiet! Here comes the Elemer.

The center door opens, Elemer stands in the door, throws off the fur he's been hanging on, a groom picks up the fur, closes the door from the outside. Zdenka left quickly and quietly to the right

So triumphant are you entering?

Today is my day! that's how we solved it.
I let my Russians tension
because today I may lead you in my sled,
and then on the Fiakerball in the evening
I am your master!
Arabella frowns
I mean: I, your first servant
because you are always the queen!

You have solved for me! You are the right one for me!

Yes, it must be one of us three you choose!
So it's decided and summoned among us.

Ah? must one of you three be?
And me? I'm the slave you've already thrown the lot at?
In what war did you capture me if I may ask?

For the price she has used herself
with your eyes she has asked us to stand her:
A girl's look is strong and gives and takes -
and he promises even more!

for themselves
With someone else's eyes, someone looked at me today!
She looks at him firmly
Yes, - you demand - and you want - and you love too - maybe!

Perhaps? The word dare you to say -
me after these weeks -?
He grabs her angrily at the wrist

She starts to walk away and walks away from him
But I have my pride and could not forgive much!
And I do not want to wear a fetter!

Their pride demands only one thing: to nestle under a man's hand!

Does he require that? Then I should be angry with you
that you are now courting me for a carnival -
and still you have not saved my heart
of that pride - and have not given me anything better -
and always I am the same as I was,
and that only bittersweet luck
that lingers on a girl, that's what I eat out: hiding
and be in suspense, and not give yourself completely!
and still hesitate and still -
But maybe something else will come soon, Elemer.
With a sweet smile
Who knows - maybe very soon, maybe this night!

The other will come in the hour
which I beg from heaven, Bella -
where you throw off those cowardly hesitant doubts
and wanting to be what you are, the most glorious creature
created bliss to bring about me, alone in this world!
Do you hear my horses? How they stomp
and shake their bells? How they ring:
You want yes! Come over! then we whiz away with you!
Thinking is death! in the non-consideration is the luck!

Is it the Russians? Are you shaking with impatience?
Yes / Yes! I want. This is Carnival Tuesday
and today at midnight everything is over.
Down the main avenue - that my breath passes. -
But the Zdenko goes with us.

angry, unhappy
Not a word,
no word should I speak to you?
In me words are burning, destined for you alone!
and otherwise for no man's ear!

The boy comes along.

You cruel!

I'll be down in half an hour
with him. As long as the Russians have to be patient!
Saying goodbye to him

You are a worshiped creature
an incomprehensible! a cruel one! Adorable!
He goes

enter on the right
Did you send him away?

We're going out with him. Quick get dressed.
In the sledge.

You need me for that?

Yes, I need you for that.
The sled down more lively
Look at the beautiful black horses, how impatient they are. -
Calling with a sudden changed voice

What is it? what are you terrifying so?

He! that's him! he! my stranger! there! he's over there!
with his servant. He sure wants to know where I live.
Look, now he's looking for what my windows are.
Look at his eyes, what are those big, serious eyes -

behind her
How should I see his eyes, he does not look up!

No, he does not look up.
Turns to the room
He passes by. Elsewhere, another woman is waiting for him -
I hate them now! And wish you all evil in the world!

And tonight you forgot her - and so did him.
You have your fantasies.

Arabella is scowling

approaches her
The men are the only ones who are allowed to vote
and we, we have to wait until we are chosen
or we are lost.
She presses her head to Arabella's shoulder

You wisdom!
Zdenka raises her head
Have a look! Your eyes
are full of water! Zdenkerl, say what about you?

You hear the sleigh bells

get going
Nothing at all. So you want to go with the Elemer?

Yes / Yes. Go. Get dressed. You are traveling with us. I want.

Pst, mom.

Adelaide stepped out on the left, listening: she heard Waldner coming. Waldner comes through the center door at the same moment, well dressed, city fur and cylinder, cane, gloves. He looks elegant, but tired and tired, walks through the room, as if he does not see the others and settles in an armchair on the front right.

Leave us alone, my children.
Your father is worried.

Arabella goes left backwards. Zdenka right backward

(gets up, drops down - behind a screen - puts the cylinder on the table. He sees the envelopes with the bills, looks at them mechanically, opens one envelope, then the next
Nothing but the stuff there? and no one else's letter?

You have played? You lost, Theodore?
Waldner is silent
You wrote to your regimental mate?

No one answer! that is hard.
Throws himself on the armchair; to himself, halfway to Adelaide
There was a certain Mandryka
he was rich in stone and a phantast to it.
For a girl, he once has the streets of Verona
Sprinkle with three thousand bushels of salt
because she wanted to go sledging in the middle of August!
I appealed to his magnanimity -
and got a picture from Bella -
in the steel blue ball gown with swan trimming
I thought: maybe he comes,
a fool as he is, and marry the girl!

Oh God my beautiful child with an old man!

It must be a solid candidate therefore
and an end to eternal courting
which leads to nothing! Otherwise I know no way out!

He got up - goes around the room

with sudden ecstasy
Stay with us! To the aunt Jadwiga!
She takes us on her locks!
You become steward
I lead the aunt's house.

And the girls?

Zdenka will groom forever -
we are not able to
to get two daughters!
And Arabella - you are prophesied
she makes her fortune by a big marriage!

Meanwhile, the last fifties is gone!

Be quiet, Theodore, I've had three numbers in my dream!
Infallible glorious numbers!

Ah, chatter!
Put the emerald brooch and give me the money!
What? you do not have her anymore? offset? pledged?

Last week. She was the last one.

And today I would be lucky!
I feel in every finger!
You unfortunate person!
As he walks around, he sees the boxes
What are these things?

has quickly opened the boxes
Sweets from the Dominik! Perfume from the Elemer!
Tips from the Lamoral! So full of Attentionen are the young gentlemen!

Sharpen? where are the tips?

Da: point d'Alençon.

Go out, see what you sell as well as possible.

The tips that belong to the child?

A tempo! fix! I do not have a guilder more in the bag!

Oh, this Vienna!
She takes the packet of tips
That's how I often dreamed it!
Out of the deepest shame, it takes us up once
to the highest altitude by the hand of beauty!

Waldner waved her violently

retreating, left front, between door and hinges in ecstasy
Has it perhaps in the Most High Erzhaus
have not given love marriages yet?
She goes off

back to the bills, the first reads:
"Am I unable to wait any longer?"
Take the second one
"Would I have to use the courts ..."
Poor woman! poor girls!
He rings the bell by reaching behind him. Roomkeeper enters


At number 8 I can not serve anything anymore!
Except wish to pay immediately!

Go away. I do not need anything.
Up and down
Now they sit down and start playing again,
And everything else is lost time!

entering with a tray
A gentleman!

They say: I went out.
The stuff there!

The waiter places a card at the place indicated by Waldner and leaves

That's not an account. Sign up
Are the suppliers already using business cards?
He goes, takes the card in his hand, happy surprised
Do not trust his eyes
The rich guy! my best friend in the regiment!

at the door
The Lord asks urgently.

I'll ask!
To meet the newcomer with open arms
Goodbye, Camerad!

tall, very strong, elegant man of at most thirty-five, somewhat indefinable. Rural in appearance: very well dressed, without any provincial elegance.

Welko, entering behind Mandryka, stops in the doorway

perplexed, step back
Ah ok! With whom do I have the honor?

Do I have the honor of Captain Waldner?

Waldner, that's my name. Captain no longer.

Mandryka reaches for his right hand. Welko, in bowing, hands him a letter

entering with the letter on Waldner
Are you, Mr. Graf, the author of this letter?

Waldner takes the letter, which is crumpled and full of bloodstains

very easy and cheerful and very good
He has become a bit bloody, and no longer legible.
I am the day he came to me,
She went to an old bear, she accepted me
and a bit scratched - that's what happened.

by returning the letter to him after taking a look
However, I wrote to a gentleman of your name -
he was my friend and regimental comrade.

That was my uncle. He is dead. I am the only Mandryka.
Thus, forgive me for having the letter
open to me. - now it all depends on one thing:
Welko, the picture!

by handing over a photograph
It's okay, Gospodar.
The beautiful lady with the face lives here.

the photograph in the hand
Mr. Graf, you have your own letter,
who was comradely addressed to my uncle,
You have enclosed this portrait of a lady.

easy-looking, without importance
Ah yes! the photograph of my daughter

with noticeable excitement, but without losing his posture
The gracious daughter is unmarried -?

Still unmarried.

- and not engaged at the moment?

Not yet.

very serious, almost solemn
Then I ask for a conversation of five minutes.

Welko quickly moves two armchairs opposite each other, then withdraws. Waldner and Mandryka sit down. A small break of embarrassment at Mandryka, the tension at Waldner

May I be so immodest and ask a question?

You are the nephew - and heir of my dear camerad.
Have me!

Thank you very much. -
He thinks for a moment
As in the letter to my blessed uncle
the lovely portrait of Miss Daughter
was included,
may I assume that there is an intention
was in the game? - I ask for forgiveness.

My God, I thought so I'm the old man with a joke!

very attentive, anxious to grasp every word Waldner's full weight
Uncle fun? - But if that would have been the consequence:
that my uncle, who was a whole man
and in the best years,
she would have fallen in love with the beauty of the portrait
and would have come here before you, exalted Lord,
as an open-hearted nobleman before another,
and would have said, "Who saw the face
and does not act as an applicant
does not deserve that God let him live on this beautiful earth:
So give the girl to me wife and mistress! "
What would have happened then? Put the case, he would have said so!

Then we would have found ourselves in an unexpected situation.

stands up, very excited, but controlled
The uncle is gone. Today I am the Mandryka, nobody else.
Mine are the woods, mine are the villages.
Four thousand subjects pray that I am happy -
and me, with lifted hands, please:
Father, give me the gracious daughter,
give her to the woman who has been fourteen weeks now
every thought here in this breast rules.

Waldner is silent in amazement

very seriously
I'm a widower. Will the gracious daughter be scared?
My Maria was too good for me!
Only two years she stayed with me.
Waldner asks him by sign to sit down again
Your hesitation is not a death sentence? No?
Waldner shakes his head
Can I see her?
Waldner nods
Concern: this letter arrives, and in the same hour
the old bear takes me in her arms
and presses four of my ribs.
Twelve weeks I was so in bed -
in front of my eyes this picture - and a thought more and more
until he has pulled out the soul!
Very naive, without any boasting
Come my stewards: what about our Lord?
Coming from the Meier farms: What's wrong with our Lord?
Do they come from the farms? Is not our master happy for a horse?
Come, my foresters, are not we to hunt our Lord?
I give you no answer. Welko! I call,
get me the Jew, well! what is the name of the Jew in Sissek,
who wants to buy my forest? there the Eichwald!
Quickly with him, and he should bring money
tomorrow I will be driving in the Kaiser's capital
money costs every breath
and there must be no obstacles on the bridal ride!
He produces a large but elegant portfolio; it contains, loosely put in, a thick pack of thousand gulden notes
That's the forest. -
It was a beautiful forest: hermits were in it,
Gypsies were in there and old stags
and charcoal smokers have smoked in there -
Everything has turned into the few pieces of paper!
But there are oak forests enough still on my floor
for children and for grandchildren - God get! -
Forgive me for God's sake that I'm talking about such things!
It's whole, I do not know how, done!
He wants to pocket the portfolio

stop him by an involuntary movement
Oho! I find it incredibly interesting!
If one considers: a forest - Einsiedler were in it
Gypsies were in there and old stags
and at one two - such a portfolio!
I have not seen something like that for many years!

He stares at the portfolio in fascination

Hold it, very easy and amiable
May I maybe? do you need?
So for the moment? You are doing me a favor!
Teschek, serve yourself!

after a moment's hesitation takes a thousand guldennote
My banker is only away!
I'll give it to you this evening at the latest!

holds the portfolio again, very cordially
No more? I ask a lot! But!
Teschek, serve yourself!

Waldner takes a second note and puts it with nonchalance to the first in the back pocket.
Mandryka slides the portfolio into his breast pocket. A slight pause of embarrassment

And when will you be comfortable
to introduce myself to your countess -
and then the gracious daughter?

They are right there in the next room.

Mandryka gets up, really scared

also gets up
Do you want to see her? I call' -
I introduce you.

Now? so? I ask: no! under no circumstance!

So shy was the uncle, not!

very seriously
This is a case of a different kind.
It is something sacred to me.

Whatever you want.

in a different tone
I will log in here in the house
and wait for the order of your countess
when can I present myself in the afternoon
or in the evening - or when?
(Bowing down, Waldner hands him and then escorts him to the door.)

Alone Did
I dream? Dahier he sat
the nephew of Mandryka.
This does not happen to you!
He pulls out one crumpled thousand, then the second, smooths both, puts it in his completely empty wallet
Did I dream? No!I did not dream!
He takes out the one thousand, turns it, quite unthinkingly, a small paper bag and keeps it in his hand. With a light expression, copying Mandryka's tone, quite loudly
Teschek, help yourself!

Is this called?
He sees the Thousand in Waldner's hand and immediately changes the tone
Have I been ordered?

front of
you , softly, gently Teschek, serve yourself!

to change this thousands?

later. not now. Room waiter

goes from

to himself, with grace
Teschek, use you!
Almost melting tender
Teschek, serve you!
Teschek, serve yourself!
He takes coat, hat and stick

out of the door on the right
Did you call, daddy?

with turbulent cheers
Teschek, serve yourself!

Who is he talking to? Did something happen to you, Dad?

now noticing that he is not alone at
all. I'm going out now. I'm expected.
Do you need it?
He beckons her with the thousand he has kept in my hand.
I will be changed.
Adieu. Off
through the middle door

daddy! He is already gone.
I've never seen him like that before.
The worries drove him crazy!
We have to get out of this city - tomorrow
and tomorrow I'll see Matteo for the last time -
O god in heaven help me poor girl!

Matteo quickly and furtively in through the middle door. Zdenka scares

He did not see me. I pushed sideways into the door.

points to the door on the left backwards
Pst! she is there!
She calls me!

Can not I see her?

now! I beg you! not now!

Do you have the letter?

The letter? Yes! No!She does not want it now.
She says she wants him - this evening - come on the Fiakerball -
and before that's home -
here in the hotel - maybe I'll bring him
into your room - or you'll get him there!

You will not let me down? I have your word!

Zdenka, anxious, points to the door on the left. Matteo quickly. Arabella emerges from the door on the left, in another dress, a cloak, another hat. Zdenka is confused and embarrassed. You hear the sleigh

Are you not finished! yes, what did you do all the time?
So get dressed! The rappen are already full of impatience.

The Rappen - and your Elemer maybe even more!
Runs into the next room right

My Elemer! - It has such a strange sound. ,
She sits down
He my - I be. What is that, it's
like, as if a fear attacked me -
and a longing yes, after what in the world?
After the Matteo?
gets up because he always says
he can not live without me, and look at me
with eyes like a child?
She listens to herself
After the Matteo, nothing in me yearns!
A hesitation, then breaking out
I want to see my stranger again!
I would like to hear his voice once! -
Then he would be like the others for me. -
How does the Zdenka say: we have to wait until one chooses us,
and otherwise we are lost. It's time
for her to come in girl's clothes, the little one,
she has such strange looks. If I'm married then
she has to be with me. Married to the Elemer?
She shudders involuntarily.
What touches me as if I'm trampling on you?
Is this the stranger with whom I have never spoken a word that
attracts me in the dark?
Lord God, he is certainly a married man
and I shall and I will not see him again 1
And today is Faschingdienstag and in the evening is my ball
- of which I am the Queen - and then ...

comes out, in a short fur, a cylinder in his hand
So I'm done.


Zdenka opens the door for her. Arabella goes out. Zdenka puts the cylinder on and follows her. The sled bells are tingling up the




to a public ballroom, splendid in the taste of the 1860s. Lodge-like rooms, of columns and draperies, left and right. In the middle stairs to an estuary, from which one looks down into the actual ballroom, and to which one descends left and right of these stairs. Arabella and behind her Adelaide, accompanied by several gentlemen, slowly descend the stairs from the dais. Waldner and Mandryka are down, sideways. Both in black tailcoat, with wrapped black cravatte.

This is an angel that is coming down from heaven!

Well, finally! Always half an hour 'too late.

O Waldner, Waldner!

If you print my hand that way
I will not be able to hold cards for three days.
come on now! I introduce you! What are you going to go back!

Adelaide with Arabellaa, having reached the bottom, step slightly to the left. The accompanying gentlemen have stayed behind

quietly to Arabella
There he stands. Did I say too much?

without looking at her
mom - that's really the decision!

You are very pale! Are you not well, my child?
Do you want to sit down? do you want to leave?

No, leave mom.
Just leave me alone for a moment.

Adelaide approaches the two gentlemen to


What is it?

Leave it for a moment!

What for?

A sudden trepidation.
You know their nature.

Now is not the time for such faxes!
Here I introduce you to Mr. von Mandryka.

Adelaide extends Mandryka the hand that he kisses

to them continuously
Mama, here I am.

My daughter Arabella.

Mandryka bows deeply. Adelaide pulls Waldner aside. They disappear to the right. Mandryka looks at Arabella without a word

You do not look like someone who cares .
By fanning herself
What brings you here then?

to Vienna?

Here on this ball!

You ask me what brings me here, Arabella?

Dominik comes from backwards, wants to get Arabella to dance

to Dominik
Later. Now I'm talking to this gentleman here.

She steps to the left. Dominik from

after a little break
So your father did not tell you?

sits down and waves him a fan to sit next to her.
What should he have told me?

comes back to Arabella
May I ask for this waltz?

Later. Now I stay here.

Elemer bows and goes to

looks at Mandryka
What should my dad say to me?

You do not know anything about me?

Arabella shakes her head

I have had a wife, very beautiful, very angelic.
She stayed with me for only two years,
then the Lord God called her to her quickly.
I was too young and not yet good enough for such an angel.
He lowers his head

after a pause, with a bit of roguery.
That's what my dad should tell me?

Very serious and hard
Forgive me, I'm half a farmer,
with me everything is slow but strong.
if with a sudden decision You are beautiful, Arabella - Your beautiful face
even on a paper already burns the soul!

with a frown
How do you get
a picture of me down there in Slavonia ?

looking at her)
How to make a picture - that's the same! -
You are so beautiful - there is a force in your
face to penetrate your soul as in soft wax!
Over the simple man, surrounded by fields and woods,
such violence is very great, and he becomes like a dreamer,
as he becomes obsessed and makes the decision with the soul,
a whole determination and how determined he is act,

Arabella is
frightened by the dull

fury , stands up MANDRYKA
stands on
countess, I have forgotten how else the world is different.
Here are not my woods and fields, you must forgive
my improper speeches, which prevents me from dancing.

comes from back to Arabella
May I disturb now and ask for a waltz?

No.Later, Lamoral, I'd like to talk to the gentleman a bit,
if he - maybe - will sit down again.

Lamoral bows and goes

sits down and waves Mandryka, to sit down
They want to marry me, my dad says
yes do you have any idea who we are?
We are not very much, according to the measure of this world -
we just walk along as something dubious existences!

Your pedigree, Arabella,
which you wear written in your face!
and if you have enough to command over one again, command
over many,
come with me and be the mistress!
They will graze peacocks on silken ground
and that will not happen that anyone thinks about you
unless the king and emperor and his empress! - but nobody else!

front of him
The right one, if there is one for me,
who will be there at once,
and will look at me and I will be him
and no fools and no questions,
no, all bright and open, like a river of light on which Sun is shining!

So the bright quiet Danube flows past the house,
and has brought you! you most beautiful!
And tonight, before bedtime -
If you were a girl from the villages of mine,
you would have to go to the well behind your father's house
and clear water draw a cup full
and I reach out to him before the threshold, that I will be your betrothed before God
and before men, my dearest!

I have never seen anyone like you!
You bring your own life air
and what does not listen to you is not there for you.

That's why I can not live until I magnify something glorious
about myself, and so in that hour
I exalt you, and choose you as my wife,
and where I am master, you will be mistress
and will command where I am the master!

very quietly, with him
And you will be my lord and I submit to you
your house will be my house, in your grave I want to be buried with you -
so I give myself to you for time and eternity.
Changing their tone completely, but serious
now but drive home. Therefore I ask you.

And you?

I'll stay.

Mandryka bows

I want to dance yet, and say goodbye
to my girlhood, only for an hour.
Do you grant me that?

If you stay here,
my place is no different than here.
Arabella frowns
but you do not have to say a word to me!

A flock of felishers and ball guests, including the Fiakermilli and some such girls, and the three counts, comes up from the dance hall

looks at Mandryka
May I?

You are allowed! Yes!You can do everything you want!
By stepping aside and opening the way for those approaching,
break apart, good people,
for the four sides of the world!
Let the young maid dance a little
before she is married to her father!

The Fiakermilli, a handsome person in a very striking ball gown, a big bouquet in hand, steps out of the swarm towards Arabella, who is now in the middle

DOMINIK stepping
next to Milli
The ball desires its queen!
Milli is the Fiaker herald,
we have put our homage in her mouth!

by handing over the bouquet with a Knix Arabella, frivolous, almost cheeky
The Viennese gentlemen understand
they could be from the star warden
and they do not know how!
quickly find out a new star the Viennese gentleman
they make the queen
of their firmament:
To which then it sounds in the club:
you shall be our festive queen

You shall be our festival queen.

The Fiakermilli immediately changes from her song into a cheeky, overbodied yodeling. The yodeller forms the transition to the now-waltz. Arabella, yodelling Milli among the sounds of the waltz, takes flowers from the bouquet and distributes them among the gentlemen and fiakers. Finally, she throws the plundered bouquet under her and takes Dominik's arm, and descends with him into the ballroom, followed by everyone. Mandryka looks after them, then turns. Adelaide appears from the right at this moment. Matteo has also

stepped out
on the left, Zdenka shy behind him, dressed in boys' clothes, but a sort of black tuxedo hiding behind a pillar ADELAIDE on Mandryka to
you are alone? Where is Arabella?

Where her duty calls her as Queen of the Ball.

in the air
How she forgets me - in the intoxication of her beauty!

Your eyes light up. How can I interpret that?

behind Matteo, anxious
She thinks of you, I know, Matteo!
Her looks only take her very seriously.

on Adelaide to
O Countess, you yourself so young, so charming -
and you her mother! With what words
on earth could I thank you!
He kisses her hand with

heartiness MATTEO
steps forward
The flowers for all! for all your smile!
she herself for all! what's left for me?

To Mandryka
O you could guess what's going on in me!
my friend! my son! my driving knight!
Too much for my heart. I have to share it!
To him, to her! No, stay here!
I find him! he has to hug you!
She hurries off to the right

heartfelt but tender, to Matteo
Everything remains for you: she needs your grief
deep as a well to throw in
her whole soul -
shallow are the others!

front of you
One thing remains: go to Galicia
and forget it - if I can!
And is it too late - so there is another means!
He goes to the front, Zdenka stays on the left, fearing to be seen

The dad! the mom! that nobody sees me!
Where are you going, Matteo?

Matteo steps into the background staring gloomily down into the ballroom. Adelaide and Waldner, from the right, towards Mandryka. Zdenka disappears to the left

O Theodor! here he is, Theodor!

How do you stand before me, neveu my old Mandryka?
It seems to me that you understand how to win women, as well as your uncle!
N / A!Teschek! embrace me already!

Happy, you good I stand before you -
gentle embrace
happy so much that I almost must be ashamed! -
Not like a man, I stand before you
like a boy waiting for the evening -
in our villages -
when everything is dark, the fires are extinguished!
but he xveiss, the girl is waiting in her father's house,
then she slips to the well and draws for him
a drink of clear water:
she hands it to him from the dark threshold.

O what delicacy, enchanting rural custom!
I feel the air of my homeland around me, and the castle of my fathers,
dormant down the village -

with a defensive gesture very hurry
I am immediately available!
Let me! I'm in the profit!

From right

Mandryka raises his hand and snaps his fingers; Immediately Welko, Djura and Yankel are around him; all in black tails, but with metal buttons

Here is a table. We will have supper.

Immediately a waiter with a map and waiter

to Adelaide
Which champagne? order yourself!


presents Adelaide the wine list ADELAIDE
Moët-Chandon, half tart and half sweet - that's what it was at my engagement!

Thirty bottles of this!
He shows
six on the wine list for the table
and the others serve around in the hall -
and another thirty!
and another thirty!
Welko, you are ordering! Ice bucket in every corner!
until they all in the room never again know
whether they are counts, bewitched in Fiakerkutscher,
or Fiakerkutscher, turned up in counts!
You should be happy if I am happy!
Command on!

, meanwhile , you are presented with lobsters, pheasants, ice cream, etc.
Do we have flowers?

Take care, you there! Give him money, Welko!
Take a Fiaker and
unlock another, let the gardener shops,
wake up the pretty shop assistants,
they should clear out their basement!
Fill a cart with roses,
one with red and white camellias.
Waltz should dance on flowers
say goodbye to girls!
Later I spread my hands
she will not dance waltz anymore
but dance on my hands!

O how I found the dream of my girlhood!
You are
magnanimous and full of strength - short on command, and certainly terrible in anger -
what a confidence you infuse, O unspeakable!
Quick your arm and lead me to the dais!

She takes his arm and they go backwards up the stairs. From the right, a table is pushed in and splendidly covered for a cold supper. On the right side, the table is set. Arabeila, on Dominik's arm, comes out of the dance hall from behind. You turn left

And now I say goodbye , my dear Dominik.

Adieu? You're already driving home?

calm, cheerful
That was our last dance for all time.
It may be that we meet again later
then we are just acquaintances from the youth.


He takes her by the arm

gets going quickly
You were the first man, Dominik
- I do not speak of boys - who told me
that he likes me, and I was quite happy.
But the right thing for you I was not,
and you do not hold the right thing for me.
Do not talk, Dominik. Here comes the Elemer. Adieu!

She nods to Elemer. Dominik moves away slowly

ELEMER coming
out of the dance hall, on Arabella to
As beautiful as today I've never seen you!
Something happened to you!

Yes, Elemer, something has happened to me!
And that's why I shake your hand
and say: Goodbye, thank you, Elemer -
there were many beautiful moments under it -

It was, Bella, and it will be!

Do not hold my hand, just feel the pressure of my fingers,
and know that we are good friends
if we do not meet again!

They fell in love with this stranger,
this gelding or what he is!

love - it may be more -

Elemer mocks

Do not spoil this last moment!
Here comes the Lamoral, waiting
for his last dance!

Lamoral appears on the stairs, out of the dance hall. Right is

on with the tablecloths ELEMER close to her Be
my wife!
Who in the world is allowed to hinder me!

For me, another happiness was for sure .

She leaves him and approaches Lamoral. Elemer left from

O Arabella, is there anything better than you on a ball!

half for yourself
Yes, sweet is the infatuation, sweet is this ups and downs,
but there is something more beautiful a thousand times!

someday you'll understand, maybe - LAMORAL
Do not talk about Anderm, which is far away -

serious It's
still far away for you, you're right.

I'm scared myself. They are so different, Arabella!
It takes you away from me who!

away? go, you boy!
But there you have your first and at the same time your last kiss.

She leans over to him and kisses him quickly and lightly on the forehead. They are on the left, covered to a

certain extent by the draperies LAMORAL
From whom do I have the wonderful kiss?

at once completely dissolved; she walks away from him to the middle of
a girl who is happy today,
so happy that she must be all alone,
all alone in her room,
and for a long time to lie without sleep for sheer happiness!
With a changed tone
Now we're still dancing this waltz,
then I'm leaving you - never again!

Off with him in the dance hall. Matteo comes from the right, past the Tischdeckenden. Zdenka,

standing on the left, anxious not to be seen, stares at him .
MATTEO for himself.
Fort with me! Fort and an end! Otherwise I'm a coward!

O God! His expression! how awfully determined!

She waves to him, he walks over to her. Mandryka comes the steps of the dais down, goes right over across the stage to the set table, takes a message Welkos contrary

Are you that way again? Have you again?

MATTEO Frantic
eating me!

She thinks of you! nothing else thinks of her!
Matteo laughs bitterly

you can tell the lie
She gave me a letter for you!
Here he is.
She reaches into the breast pocket of her

tailcoat MATTEO
gives way back to the middle
I do not take it!
He brings the end forever!
I feel it!

Zdenka follows the retreating, the letter in his hand. Mandryka becomes attentive. Yankel with people carrying a load of flowers from the right. Zdenka is followed Matteo to the middle of the stage

Carry him back! I feel that it is my farewell!

You have to take him, everything will be different!
Feel it!

holds the letter
A key?

Take him! just take it!

MATTEO rips open
the letter
No letter! only a key?
What are these funs? Zdenko, I ask!

pale, fainting
That's her key!

O your key?

almost toneless
From the room. Take care. Hide him.

That's the key -? I am not at your senses!
Are we on the ball? Are you the Zdenko?
is she your sister dancing down there?
That's the key -?

To her room.

The key to Arabella's room!
He holds the key in front of him

I myself interrogated!

Yankel wants to approach him. Mandryka waves him off, approaches the two of them

soon red, now pale, overcoming the shame
Thou shalt go home - she will come in fifteen minutes .
The key locks the room next to her,
silently she comes to you - Matteo, because she wants to do everything
so you'll be happy this night!

that this is true!
The key to Arabella's room!

You have him! as true as he locks up
so true, the one who gives him to you
today wants to do everything to make you happy!
I have to go now! You can not see me here!
Runs away on the left

front of him
Mystery of a girl's heart , unfathomable!
Quickly off to the left

suddenly waking up from a kind of rigidity
Stop!you any one or who you are!
Welko! to run! keep people there!
Come with him in front of me! the one there with the key!

Dominik with Adelaide has appeared from the left front

undecided on whom his master wanted to rush him
Which, Gospodar? and what kind?
Pointing to Dominik

Dominik and Adelaide,

is on the left side of a canapé square
And if there are a lot of Arabella -
my goddamn hunter
ears fooling my stupid hard skull -
that I'm a fool in front of a stranger?
Will she send the key from the room?
while herself dancing here in the ballroom?
He looks after the clock
is not even over the hour
I've just released her -
so I'm already a fool and ass?
To Welko
Leave everything! Continue there at the dining table!
He goes up and down quickly
Beautiful is the music, and nothing of key,
violins in there, and not fucking keys
and in a few minutes she will stand
there in front of me, and flowers I will stray
that instead of my they kiss her foot.
Haj! How does she dance now and take leave
of the girl's time in this hour!
Looking grimly
Why do many come and not them?
Why do goddamn keys clank in there!

on Elemer's arm, on Mandryka, other couples stand up to it
My lord, again I have to come
and ask: give the ball back to the queen!

in anger, in front of him
What does the woman say? I'm supposed to
give her back to her? I did not lock her up.
I do not have the key. He is in the envelope.

He grabs a chair so that its back bangs. Welko offers champagne

pulls himself together
I ask that you give me the honor -
all as you are, known and unknown!

But we want Countess Arabella
do not miss in the nice moment!

You 'll be sure to find her.

grabs her neck, loosens the cravat
Find to know? Key! Welko! Search!
The gracious Misses are looking in the hall!
Have you found in the great city of Vienna
you will find to know in the dance huts dahier!

Welko hurries after

, strong
- and ask her here if she wants to have mercy!
Then to Milli, who has freed herself from Elemer's arm.
Such a sweet beak must also have something sweet to drink!
He serves her a glass of champagne. Milli answers yodelling

brings a note on a tray
There's a bill for your Grace.

Feel if a key is in it?

As?a key?

hurriedly picks up the ticket, still hesitating to open it
Who, Lord God, has given this face so much power over me!
that I am afraid now -
go aside, tear open the envelope, read, repeat the contents, grim
For today I say good night.
I'm going home.
From tomorrow on I am yours.
A little a instead of a signature!
Not even her name! Is not synonymous
for a bullfinch, one on the go!
With bitter mirth
She must say goodbye to the girlhood -
for that she needs all the tenderness:
she has no time for a tender signature!
He forces himself to a cheeky cheerfulness, steps back to the others, waving
away the flowers now! Bubbly
Serve left and right, until all lie under the table -
the counts and Fiaker and Fiakerbräute all together!
Today goes the whole thing, but already the whole thing
on my bill!

Waiters spread out, serving all champagne

Should I sing something to beautiful Milli now?
He attracts her
I would like to!
Fiakermilli answers tenderly, without words, with a yodeller

MANDRYKA between self- mockery
and angry tears
Go through a forest, do not know what
a girl was looking for, do not know whose daughter!
stepped on his foot, did not know which one, started to shrine, does not know why, but:
see the wretch, how he thinks love!

Milli repeats the chorus yodelling, Mandryka pulls her down beside him on the canapee. Adelaide eludes Dominik, standing on

well stünds on to give him pot of wine,
giving wine, mugs not giving
like the runt drinking from heavy pot!
May plague to clever days!

Milli yodels the chorus

every hour to give me the girl to give
me, but not to give a bed
May the guy sleep on the bare earth, it
may plague until clever days!

He leaves Milli, gets up suddenly. Milli repeats the chorus

more and more evil, for herself
For today she is going home to her key lord -
from tomorrow on she will be mine!
Milli, give me a Bussl!
Does she kiss
How much does the key to Comtessenzimmer here in Vienna cost?

suddenly before him
Lord of Mandryka, where is my daughter?

standing, Milli in the arm
Do not know! she has not had the grace to
tell me. Do you still want Moët-Chandon?
Here is! Serving the wife Countess mother!

Hurriedly hurrying to the right
Where is my husband? I'm looking for my husband!

Dominik to the right, fast to search Waldner

back to Mandryka
Let's summon you! Where is Arabella?

That's what I ask myself, the Countess Mother!

Waldner appears on the right, with Dominik, behind him the three gentlemen with whom he played

O Theodor!
Protect your wife and daughter!

What is going on here? Mandryka, how are you behaving?
in the presence of my wife!

Exactly how it is!
I'm taking off the stupid guy from the province
and am, as befitted under Viennese counts!
Sit down with us, there are girls, bubbly,
Teschek! help yourself!

close to him
Where is my daughter?

MANDRYKA Unfortunately,
I can not give you any information!
Comtessen seems to sometimes pull back
in an animated moment.

to Adelaide, angry.
Where's the girl? I want to know where she is!


You know it? what is that supposed to mean?

An idea! a sudden melancholy!
a caprice! You know her naturally.

You swear she is at home?

It is yours and my daughter!

Very well.We also drive home. Instantly.
You knock on her door and tell us
if she's all right: just so we calm down.
Then I will say two words to you -
that is why you will have the kindness, accompany us.

It will be a very special honor to me.
Bow and give Adelaide the arm

to his teammates
We play immediately in the hotel,
as soon as the little misunderstanding is eliminated there.

MANDRYKA stopping
at the door, calling back
The gentlemen and ladies are my guests for now !

Eljen! we are your guests!

Gäste heben die Champagnergläser. Mandryka mit Adelaide ist schon ab, Welko und Djura vor ihnen, Waldner mit den Spielern folgt



Im Hotel. Offener Raum, zugleich Stiegenhaus. Die Stiege läuft in zwei Wendungen aufwärts. Unten stehen ein paar Tische mit Zeitungen, Schaukelstühle, Fauteuils. Vorne rechts ist die Portiersloge und der Ausgang auf die Gasse. Es ist Nacht; der Raum ist mit Öllampen erleuchtet. Matteo, in Uniformbluse, wird am Stiegengeländer in der Höhe des ersten Stocks sichtbar. Er späht hinunter. Es läutet an der Haustür, Matteo verschwindet. Der Zimmerkellner tritt aus der Portiersloge hervor, sperrt auf. Arabella tritt ein, in Mantel und Capuchon, vom Ball kommend. Der Zimmerkellner verschwindet wieder. Arabella geht langsam auf die Stiege zu. Ihre Augen sind halb geschlossen, ihr Gesicht hat einen glücklichen Ausdruck. Die Musik des Balles umschwebt sie, durch die Tanzrhythmen schlingt sich der Rhythmus von Mandrykas slawischer Redeweise. Sie lächelt

as if dreaming awake, sits in the foremost rocking chair and sways softly, thinking out loud.
The car will drive over its fields
and through its high, silent forests -
yes, to which it fits: high, silent forests.
And then his horsemen will meet us.
"This is your mistress," he will say,
"which I have fetched," he will say,
"from the imperial city, but now she will never return,
she only wants to stay with me in mine Forests. "

reappears, he bends over the railing. He sees the one sitting down below, can hardly believe that it is Arabella, whispers to himself
Arabella! impossible! it is not conceivable!

Arabella gets up from her happy reverie. She does not see Matteo; he is in her back. She only feels that she is no longer alone. Matteo quietly reaches the bottom, bowing to her

astonished but without excitement; she is fast on
you here? So late?
So you still live here in the house?

with hidden relationship
you here? So I have to ask, Arabellal
One step closer
Are you leaving so late again?

I come home from the ball and go to my room. Good night.
She nods to him and wants to go past him

with infinite irony
They come home from the ball! You go to your room!
Half of a
secret of a girl's heart, unfathomable!

Yes.Good night. What amuses you so much?

Oh, Arabella!
He smiles in love and

telling ARABELLA
If you have anything more to tell me,
then I ask, by day! not now, not here!

Still - something? I - still - something?
Oh sweet Arabella, I want to thank you
from today to the end of my life! Thank

- for what? That's all over once and for all.

with the strongest irony
Thank you? for what? - the art is too high for me!
I dread so much virtuosity.

What do you have?

Play comedy so masterfully, just for the sake of
comedy, play comedy without publicity!
this is too much! that borders on evil witchcraft!

Of all your speeches I do not understand a word,
and thus good night.

Matteo shows her the way

MATTEO Alright
! now a look, one who tells me
that you are the same at heart!

The same?

Like a quarter of an hour ago !

quite innocent
A quarter of an hour ago I was elsewhere!
With the expression of transfigured memory

MATTEO Fifteen minutes ago
! Yes!up there!

looking up, no understanding
I do not know what you mean, and I do not want to stand here any longer.

That's too much! So cold control over every nerve
after such moments - no man can stand that!
I appeal to the one drop of blood in you
who is incapable of hypocrisy!
He grabs her arm

You are not with you!
Matteo! Give me the way or I'll call!

You could make a man mad,
you, like no one in the world!
Affirmative with a single last look
what has been between us up there
and nothing in this world I demand more of you!


waiter comes quietly out of the porter's lodge, go unlock ARABELLA
Here come people, let me go!

I have sworn that you will be free from me,
into your tears, I swore into your whispering kisses -
from tomorrow! I hold my oath!
In the dark we were, I did not see your eyes:
Give me a look now, which seals everything for the last time,
and you're free forever!

Adelaide, behind her Mandryka, who stops immediately, then Waldner, finally the three players, who stand in the half-dark vestibule; behind him Welko and Djura. Matteo steps awkwardly and

sheepishly aside ADELAIDE
What an excited tête-à-tête in the stairwell!
So you did not retire?
My child, what does that mean?

But nothing, mom. Nothing at all.

looks at Matteo
Yes.It's the damned one with the key.

takes a step against Mandryka, quite uninhibited.
I did not suppose to see you today, Herr von Mandryka!

MANDRYKA scowling
at Adelaide
Very well. Please, Countess, for permission to withdraw me!
Stepping back,

with him
The Gospodar has recognized him?

You pack. We're going home with your first train.

ARABELLA approaching
Here's nothing that concerns you, Mandryka.
I come home, meet this gentleman.
This is an old friend of ours. Everything about it
I'll tell you later if you want.

I'm really sorry to apologize!
He makes an appearance to go

Arabella shakes his head in astonishment

Oh Vienna! you city of mediation and intrigue!
Against Matteo
you unfortunate!

You stay a moment!
It seems that misunderstandings have remained here!
To Arabella
I ask you, my child! Where are you from?
Did the lieutenant accompany you from the ball home
with your consent?

Dad, look me in the face!
Can a madman make you foolish at one two?

You have nothing to say to me?

But really nothing,
as you already know, dad,
since tonight. Or do not you know it?

I'm very relieved.
Kiss Arabella on her forehead. To Mandryka:
So please!
Nothing happened! but nothing!
Sponge over all the excitement and good night!
To the players
I invite you in there. We play immediately.

joins Arabella, just talking to her
I will help, so much money and goodwill can help
cover up this ugly comedy,
since I am not suited to play the role
you have given me, miss.

How are you talking to me! Who am I?

You're just who you are.

quasi outcry Something
like a bad dream I have never experienced anything!

turns -
no, no, how is that possible! no, how can that be possible!

O three times unfortunate encounter!

Now no arias, if you please!

only to Mandryka
Mandryka, listen, as true as a god in heaven is,
so you have nothing to forgive me here!
Rather, I have to forgive you, if I can, for
what you have said to me and in what tone!

MANDRYKA (glaring
at Matteo)
I beg you to spare me the same sayings.
I would have to be blind and have unfortunately sharp eyes,
I would have to be deaf and unfortunately have good ears,
and would have to be weak in the head -then maybe
that I did not recognize the individual there
and did not understand what is played here for a game at the night!

hit by the insult that lies in Mandryka's eyes and face.
Sir, if you have any rights here
own, if only for a short time -
I am available!

standing between them
Yes, all rights have this gentleman: because he is my fiancé!
and you do not have the slightest, nor a shadow of rights!
Tell yourself!

hesitant, tormented
No.None -

to Mandryka
you hear.

If you had let the Lord speak !
A small word was still on his tongue -
"No, no - except" he wanted to say
and quickly swallowed
it but I just saw it on his lips.

Matteo, never have I known you for low!
What are you doing to me now -!
You want to compromise me out of spite of the world!

intriguer! so he wants to sneak the hand of my child!

a step closer to Matteo
"Except -"! Out with the secretive truth!

Not a word! Not a word!

to Arabella
Except for the right, he wanted to say -
who gave this night!
Try, maybe to you all alone
, he'll say a word about it!

to Matteo
Do you
still have anything to say to me before this gentleman?

lowers his head

I congratulate you, Lieutenant,
on your luck with beautiful girls and your discretion.
The two are the same size.

Did you hear, dad!

Mandryka, you will give an account of that!
Come to me, my child!

stays where she is, with a deeply painful expression.
If everything goes as it pleases, life is worth nothing!
What is in the world when this man is
so weak and does not have the strength to believe in me -
and gives me over for nothing!

on top of the stairs mumble
As?Do you know each other? Which one got who?
What?She wanted to go? How about the lieutenant?

with a big gesture on Waldner to
no, this young man is not worth
coming to your pistol, Theodore!
that's the vile cabal of
the rejected suitor, and nothing else!

talks about that. The Mandryka -
that is gratitude to me. On the spot.
Where are my pistols? what - sold? O sacrament!
I'll know how to get others.

We protest!
First comes the revanche you owe us!

I alone am the culprit. I take back every word
and every look! Everything is misinterpreted.
I meant nothing of what you thought you heard.
If someone deserves punishment, that's me.

Dunking and washing in turn in a breath
that was not customary in my time at Officieren 1

only to Arabella
The young man behaves as good as possible.
It would be time for you to consider him
a bit, dear child.
Confess the truth to me alone!
It is your lover! I'll do anything -
you can count on me, Arabella!

looks straight at him
By my soul and bliss, Mandryka,
the truth is with me!

Do not conspire your soul, girl!
My heart hurts for you!
for themselves
Oh, God, what do you do for a shame on this woman!
again to Arabeila, softly
When I saw the boy after all,
how he handed the key to him to your room.

What a boy?

The Jack, your groom you sent!

The Zdenko? My God! or who?

Aha!I want you to confess! me alone!

for herself
Is hell conspiring against me!

Should I protect the man there who has ruined my life,
should I spare him as your lover? Speak!

The truth is with me, Mandryka, just the truth,
because everything else - that's what I see - is against me.

For the last time! Want to marry there the man
with whom you had the sweet rendezvous
after our engagement ten minutes!

I have nothing to answer, Herr von Mandryka,
to your questions.
She walks away from him
Oh, God, is not the right person the right one?
O God as you humble me to the bone
that remains of me because left over after this hour?

too good. Unlock an arms shop, Welko,
should cost what it wants, I need sabers!
two heavy sabers, sharpened!
Right here! and wake up a doctor,
otherwise I do not need anything. There is the conservatory.
With half a turn to Matteo
We will finish everything without witnesses.
He takes out his cigar bag, thinking, offers Matteo one who refuses; light one yourself
The gentlemen may allow us
to stay alone until then.
He smokes

dull expectation

from above
Dad! Mummy!


looks at ZDENKA
in a negligee, with open hair, completely girl, comes down the stairs, throws herself in front of her father's knees

Arabella stands on

covering Zdenka with her mantle
Zdenka! What a lift! what a shame!

What happened! Zdenkerl! Red. I'm with you.

Just a quick good bye I tell you all. I have to go.
I have to get into the Danube before it's day.

What does this mean?

Who is this pretty girl again?

me I have already seen the face where today!

Forgive me all - and let me go!
I am so ashamed - I die of shame - so let me go!
Before sunrise, I have to lie in it - deep -
then then all will forgive me, even the daddy!

wraps her and pulls her close
You stay with me. And whatever happened
to you, nothing happened to you, that you have to love less!

ZDENKA pointing
at Matteo
He is innocent. He did not know anything.
Only me alone -

Silence, unfortunate child!
Silence to the grave!

silent now, and let's talk the girl
? Now you have the reward of your masquerades.

to Arabella
Only I can tell you, you only, you alone!

I am with you, I will not let you down, I am with you!

ZDENKA nestled
against her
He thought it was you! I did it
out of fear for him, Bella, do you understand me!
He does not know yet that it was me!

What sweet voice is calling me?

The voice of the impostor, Matteo!
Your friend, your only one, your Zdenko is calling to you!
I am a girl, oh my God, I have never been anything else!

O my friend! You my girlfriend! You my everything!

I beg your pardon, you and
you both - oh my God!
She covers her face with her hands.

If too much love begs forgiveness,
please forgive him! Push

close and kiss her MATTEO
In the room it was too dark, I did not hear your voice -
And yet, as if I knew it
from the beginning, oh, sweet little Zdenko!

Zdenka looks at him tenderly, but remains in Arabella's arms

for herself
The girl was the groom! I want to sink in soil!
How can she ever forgive me
where I can not forgive myself!

Welko comes from the right, two Cavalry sabers in his arms. Behind him Djura with two pistols in a box, behind a doctor. Mandryka sees her, dismisses her. They stay on the right

WALDNER saw them too
. With the cold determination of the player
Very well.Now I have my right vis-à-vis.
The thing is all about the father.

Oho! wow!

without paying attention to Waldner; only to Arabella
How do I stand before you, Arabellal
I know: not a look of you I'm worth my life!
Like a dolt, with both fists there,
I thought that one should reach for the greatest happiness!
and have become unworthy - so in no time.
And now there is remorse and me-ashamed of my last day.

Zdenkerl, you are the better of us two,
you have the more affectionate heart, and there is nothing for you
nothing in the world, as what your heart means to do you.
I thank you very well, you give me a great lesson
that we may want nothing, ask nothing, do not
weigh and do not mark and sting not,
only give and love always gone!
She does not give Mandryka the eagerly anticipated look that would

make up for everything ZDENKA
at the same time with her
How gentle you speak to me! you are not angry with me!
You are so unspeakably good, I know you as no one knows you,
and I always would like to do everything to you -
and only disappear I would like to be silent
and not offend you! but you understand me, you
and will not leave me, which is still coming!

front of you, very timid
What's coming now -

O God! o excess of shame!
Oh, this evening would never have been!
No prophetess foretold us!

What's coming, that's very clear 1
He takes a determined step, with a look at the pistols

to Zdenka
Whatever comes, I'm with you!

looking at Arabella, pressed
What's coming -


Angel from Heaven,
God bless that the world should pollute you!

still pressed
What's coming now - he turns to

softly, over Zdenkas shoulder
She holds her hand over Zdenka in the air

on the hand
I am not worth such pardon!

Still Mandryka!
We are not talking anymore. We have
forgotten what happened here!
It was not our fault.
We want to have goodwill
for all that is coming!

For what else is coming?
He resolutely takes Matteo's hand and leads this on Waldner to
bridal advertising!
With this gentleman, I stand before you, high-born gentleman,
bow to me and ask for him as my friend,
that you do not refuse his hand to him from this young lady.

Waldner makes a defensive gesture

Do not refuse him what great love has bestowed on him!

Matteo! oh, dad! what is that?
Do not I have to leave?

You must be happy now as you deserve!

is touched, she
does not kiss so sweet , little one. Give me your hand, sir.
He gives Matteo his hand

Oh Theodor, what a twist!


in tears
Oh Theodor!

hugs Adelaide, then turns to the players.
I'm at your disposal, my lords!
Hurry up in the conservatory, the players with him

We go to sleep. nothing happens anymore.

Lead her up, Mama.

Mandryka takes a step towards Arabella

We are not talking anymore
until the day is bright again! Do not you agree?

Adelaide and Zdenka climb the stairs to the first floor


Go on, he'll be here tomorrow morning.
Then you have him forever.

Matteo disappears. Mandryka is anxiously anxious as

ARABELLA approaches
Mandryka, very easily
Can her servant
in the yard go to the well and give me a glass
quite fresh water bring up there?

Welko hurries off

I think I would be fine!
She walks up the stairs.

watches her until she's upstairs. Someone must have turned off a lamp, it is noticeably darker now
She does not give me a look, she does not say good night,
she lets me stand and leaves. Did I earn something else?
What is deserved in this world? I do not
deserve anything, sticks are worthy of a guy like me -
but I would have liked to take a look -
so half a look!

Welko appears, with a glass of water on a tray, Mandryka looks questioningly at

Just go up!

Welko goes up

She meant nothing but a glass of water
and peace before my sight. Or did she want to sneer,
maybe -? If only she at least mocks, it
is already a grace, an undeserved, God knows!
He turns to go, hesitates, turns again, hard, to leave. Arabella appears at the top, looks down to see if he's there, her face lights up. She takes the glass, and slowly descends with the glass. Welko behind her. Mandryka is almost gone, turns, sees Arabella with the glass, which she carries with both hands on the tray, slowly and solemnly come down. He walks behind with joyful terror

from the last step
That was very good, Mandryka, that you have not left yet -

Mandryka, step by step closer

The glass I wanted to drink all alone
forgetting the evil, what has been
and going to bed silently, and Do not think more about you and me,
and about all that has been between us
until bright daylight has come over us,
maybe - maybe not. That was in God's hands.
But then, as I have felt you here in the dark
, a great power touched me
from the top to the heart
that I do not have to refresh myself at a trunk:
No, the feeling of my happiness refreshes me already,
that I have found the one who tied me to his fate
tied me that I can not get rid of me -
and this untouched potion I credit my friend,
the evening, where the free girl time is over for me.

She steps off the step and hands him the glass. Welko cleverly takes the empty tray out of her hand and disappears

by quickly drinking in one draft and holding the glass up in his right.
As true as this glass will be, no one will drink for me,
so you are mine and I am yours for eternal Time!
He smashes the glass on the stone steps

stands on the step again and puts his hand on his shoulder
And so we are betrothed and connected
to joy and sorrow, and woe and forgiveness!

Forever, my angel, and everything that will come!

And you will believe -?

You will stay as you are?

I can not help it, take me as I am!

She sinks into his arms, he kisses her, she quickly gets going and walks up the stairs. He sees her for a