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Oh, I have wrought much evil with my spells

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The Sorcerer


Arthur Sullivan




The Sorcerer Synopsis


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Lady Sangazure / John Wellington Wells


Contralto / Baritone



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Sullivan: The Sorcerer / Act 2 - 21. Oh, I have wrought much evil with my spells...

Singer(s): Ann Drummond-Grant Peter Pratt

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Sullivan: The Sorcerer / Act 2 - 21. Oh, I have wrought much evil with my spells... · Ann Drummond-Grant · Peter Pratt · New Symphony Orchestra · Isidore Godfrey

Gilbert & Sullivan: The Sorcerer; Utopia Limited

℗ ℗ 1953 Decca Music Group Limited

Released on: 1953-01-01

Producer: John Culshaw
Composer: Arthur Seymour Sullivan
Author: William Schwenck Gilbert

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Oh, I have wrought much evil with my spells!
And ill I can't undo!
This is too bad of you, J. W. Wells--
What wrong have they done you?
And see--another love-lorn lady comes--
Alas, poor stricken dame!
A gentle pensiveness her life benumbs--
And mine, alone, the blame!

Lady Sangazure enters. She is very melancholy

LADY S. Alas, ah me! and well-a-day!
I sigh for love, and well I may,
For I am very old and grey.
But stay!

(Sees Mr. Wells, and becomes fascinated by him.)

LADY S. What is this fairy form I see before me?
MR. W. Oh horrible!--She's going to adore me!
This last catastrophe is overpowering!
LADY S. Why do you glare at one with visage lowering?
For pity's sake recoil not thus from me!
MR. W. My lady leave me--this may never be!


MR. W. Hate me! I drop my H's--have through life!
LADY S. Love me! I'll drop them too!
MR. W. Hate me! I always eat peas with a knife!
LADY S. Love me! I'll eat like you!
MR. W. Hate me! I spend the day at Rosherville!
LADY S. Love me! that joy I'll share!
MR. W. Hate me! I often roll down One Tree Hill!
LADY S. Love me! I'll join you there!

LADY S. Love me! My prejudices I will drop!
MR. W. Hate me! that's not enough!
LADY S. Love me! I'll come and help you in the shop!
MR. W. Hate me! the life is rough!
LADY S. Love me! my grammar I will all forswear!
MR. W. Hate me! abjure my lot!
LADY S. Love me! I'll stick sunflowers in my hair!
MR. W. Hate me! they'll suit you not!


At what I am going to say be not enraged--
I may not love you--for I am engaged!
LADY S. (horrified) Engaged!
MR. W. Engaged!
To a maiden fair,
With bright brown hair,
And a sweet and simple smile,
Who waits for me
By the sounding sea,
On a South Pacific isle.
MR. W. (aside) A lie! No maiden waits me there!
LADY S. (mournfully) She has bright brown hair;
MR. W. (aside) A lie! No maiden smiles on me!
LADY S. (mournfully) By the sounding sea!



Oh agony, rage, despair! Oh, agony, rage, despair!
The maiden has bright brown hair, Oh, where will this end--oh, where?
And mine is as white as snow! I should like very much to know!
False man, it will be your fault, It will certainly be my fault,
If I go to my family vault, If she goes to her family vault,
And bury my life-long woe! To bury her life-long woe!

BOTH. The family vault--the family vault.
It will certainly be (your/my) fault.
If (I go/she goes) to (my/her) family vault,
To bury (my/her) life-long woe!

(Exit Lady Sangazure, in great anguish, accompanied by Mr. Wells.)

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