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General terms and conditions

Last changes to this document: 27 November 2020

The terms and conditions apply to the following domains:

If you have any questions concerning these general terms and conditions, please contact us by email at

1. Introduction
These are the general terms and conditions of In this document you can find the rights and obligations of and the user. Every user agrees fully with the content of these general terms and conditions when using in any form, including anyone using with your account details. Please read these general terms and conditions carefully. Be aware that these terms and conditions can be changed in the future without prior notice. By using after changes in the terms and conditions you automatically concur with the changes in the terms and conditions. You can find the most recent date of change at the top of this document.

2. Logging in/user data
In order to use to its full potential you need to be registered at At this registration process you agree with these terms and conditions.
You are obliged to provide with complete, accurate and recent information, providing the honest truth. You agree that data is stored in order to manage your account. You are responsible for everything that is done by third parties using your account details to access Keep your password personal.

3. Privacy policy's privacy policy, that can be found at, is a part of these terms and conditions. As soon as you agree with these terms and conditions, you also agree with's privacy policy, and the way uses your personal data.

4. Responsibility of
You recognize that is in no way responsible for the behavior of users. You should be informed that does not at any way review messages added by users. is not responsible for the reliability of the messages placed by users. does NOT automatically agree with hyperlinks that are placed in the domain and distances itself from any responsibility concerning hyperlinks placed in the domain. You should be just as critical about information provided at as you would walking public roads. Despite being contradictory to these terms and conditions, it might happen that users provide incorrect, unreliable or even illegal information, stay aware of this. Stay aware that users in the system might appear different from their real identity. Using is entirely at your own risk. in turn will make an effort in preventing improper use, and to make your stay in the domain a pleasant one.

5. Improper use of maintains the right to temporary close down an account and/or completely remove an account, files, data and/or materials and deny any other service. can engage in such action if:
You are dealing in conflict with the terms and conditions; is unable to verify or identify any data provided to; is of the opinion that your actions cause damage to yourself or other users;

Actions against improper use of are not limited to above mentioned cases. is not and will not be responsible in any way for the improper use of

6. Maintenance and improvement of keeps the right to change and/or temporarily close any services provided to you, if considers this necessary, without any rights of compensations for the refused service.

It might occur that shuts down partly or completely due to technical problems,'s will make an effort to make the system available as soon as possible. will try to have their appliance of maintenance and improvements at moments where this is most comfortable, taking the biggest group of users into account. cannot guarantee that the service works at all times without interruptions or malfunctions.

7. Intellectual property rights
You recognize that the domain contains files that are property of and/or its users, and that they are protected by the applicable property rights, i.e. patents, trade marks, copyrights and neighboring rights. Nothing in these terms and conditions or in the domain is meant to transfer any intellectual property rights and/or provide any intellectual property right. You are granted a use of that is limited as described in these terms and conditions. You will not engage in any actions that can violate the intellectual property rights. You recognize and accept that any improper use of files, data and material of which intellectual property rights are applied, violate these terms and conditions as well as the applicable legislation, under which, but not limited to, the Dutch copyright law article 1912. It is not allowed to remove, blur, hide or change any notification or information concerning intellectual property rights.

8. Uploading files/license
As included in the conditions that are provided in these general terms and conditions, you keep the principle copyright and other intellectual property rights that belong to you concerning files that you provide trough the domain.
You recognize and agree that files, content and/or materials provided by you to (i.e. the uploading of these materials), you automatically provide with: (a) a free of cost, free of charge, world-wide, non-exclusive license to your files, data and or materials in order to (i) use these files to multiply, publish in relation to the services provided on and by the domain and (ii) use these files to multiply, publish (for a.o. marketing and/or promotion purposes) in relation to marketing and promotion activities of and's services; (b) the right to remove any of your provided files, materials and/or data from the domain that, intended of unintended, and for any reason including no reason, without is being held responsible in any way against you or a third party, you recognize and concur that the files, data and or materials that you provide to will be used by other users of accepts no responsibility concerning the compliance of these terms and conditions by users of
You recognize as well that the possibility exists that files, data and/or materials provided by you to, are used in a way that is in conflict with or not foreseen in these general terms and conditions. is not responsible for any conflicting actions by a third with these terms and conditions or any legislation or other unlawful behavior of a third. You are able to declare that you posses all the rights of the files, data and/or materials that you upload or send to, and that you have all the rights and authorizations to provide the license as mentioned in these terms and conditions.
You free and all its related organizations and persons as well as users of for all liabilities of third parties that are based on the opinion that the files, data and/or materials violate on any applicable (intellectual property) rights of third parties or are otherwise illegitimate towards third parties and for all responsibilities that result from activities violating with any guarantee as mentioned in these general terms and conditions. All costs made by and dealt damage that are related in any way to these responsibilities will be restituted by you.

9. Content
Your activities within the domain cannot (i) be based on false information or be in any form misleading, (ii) violate any rights of third parties, including copyrights, neighboring rights, trade marks or any other intellectual property rights or rights concerning the protection of privacy; (iii) be in violation with any legislation, regulation, , or any other applicable regulation; (iv) contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, bots or any other form of programming that can damage automated work or data, or otherwise harm the usability or accessibility, or delete or try to posses. You declare that you are licensed to use and to act con-cording these general terms and conditions. Besides, you declare towards that you can, at any time, fulfill any obligations that are mentioned in these general terms and conditions and that you will act con-cording all laws and legislation that are applicable on the use of
Here follows a (non-exhausting) sum up of all the content you cannot publish using or the domain (which are exclusively under the judgment of Content that: discriminates in form of appearance, race, religion, gender, culture, heritage, or that can otherwise appear insulting; calls for violence against and/or stalking of any other or others and/or; that leads to exploitation or abuse of another or others; violates the order or good taste, is violent or contains any link to pornographic material or hyperlinks to websites that contain such content and/or; which personal data is queried of juveniles and/or; in which personal data is provided end/or; with which the acts of illegal activities is encouraged or facilitated and/or; in which a violation is made on the intellectual property rights of others and/or; in which chain-letters, junk mail or spamming is involved and/or; in which passwords or other information is queried that can be traced back to individuals for commercial or illegal activities and/or; in which commercial activities are involved without the prior written approval or, such as advertisements, lotteries, gambling, games, pyramid games en/or; in which a photographic image or other imagery is involved of a third person without its approval.

10. Notification violation on intellectual property rights will research any notification of the violation of any intellectual property rights and if possible take the appropriate measures. If you are of the opinion that your work on the website of is used or copied in a way that violates intellectual property rights, we request you to inform us by sending an e-mail to This notification needs (i) to be signed by the owner of the intellectual property rights or the one that is proven to be authorized to act accordingly; (ii) to contain a description of the work or works on which, in your opinion, intellectual property rights are violated with a specification to which extend it is violating the intellectual property rights; (iii) to contain a description where the supposed violation can be found in the domain; (iv) to contain contact information that can be used by to initiate contact with you, i.e. name, address, phone number and e-mail address; (v) to contain a statement that, according to your judgment, intellectual property rights are violated; (vi) to contain a statement, supported by means of proof, that the information in your notification is correct and complete, in sanction of false-oath, that you are the owner of the intellectual property rights.

11. Warn
If you encounter in any way something that contradicts these general terms and conditions, please inform at does not continuously monitor what is placed by users, so relies on information received from users.

12. Responsibility is in no way responsible for direct or indirect damage that is a result or related to the use of or the possibility to use and/or any related services of

13. Additional terms
These general terms and conditions contain all agreements of the involved parties. It is a replacement of all prior agreements and resolutions that involved parties have made, respectively agreed. Oral announcements, allotments or agreements have no legislative powers, unless these are confirmed in writing.
If one or more terms and/or conditions of these general terms and conditions are obliterate or destroyed, all other terms and conditions stay in unlimited force.

14. Dutch law
These general terms and conditions shall be executed in respect of the Dutch law and all conflicts that may result from these general terms and conditions shall be, with exempting any other, presented to the licensed judge in The Hague (Den Haag), the Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden).

15. Youtube uses YouTube API Services for accurate information from YouTube. By using, you are also bound by the YouTube Terms of Service.

16. Contact
If you want to contact for any reason, you can do that by sending an email to

Privacy policy

Last changes to this document: 27 November 2020

This privacy policy applies to the following domains:

If you have any questions considering's privacy policy you can send an email to:

In this privacy policy informs you in which way handles the information you share on and the personal data you provide us.

Personal data:
In order to be granted full access to, you need to sign up with at least a valid email address, which you can access lawfully. It is not obligatory to provide any other personal data. However, leaving some data absent can sometimes lead to a limitation in the possibilities you will have on wil not in any way sell personal data or provide this data to third parties.

Passwords are stored encrypted, in this way nobody has access to the passwords, not even the creators of considers the following data personal: Name, hometown, gender, email address, date of birth.

Links to other websites
On you can find hyperlinks to other websites that are not the property of, be aware of this. As soon as you follow one of these hyperlinks, the privacy policy and general terms of that website apply. Please inform yourself of those terms and conditions as well.

Stored data on your computer makes use of the possibility to store information locally on your pc. The storage of this data is done with the help of so called cookies, these are small text-files that store your personal preferences. This also makes it possible that you log-in automatically when you go to the website, if you choose this to be your preferred setting. Be aware that you should not use this option when working on a public computer.
If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, please change the settings of your Internet browser accordingly.

Youtube uses YouTube API Services for accurate information from YouTube. We don't share your personal account information with youtube. Also we don't collect personal data related to your youtube usage. Youtube is allowed to show ads in the video window on Youtube may collect anonymous user data. Youtube is part of Google, to see how Google handles your privacy, please check Google Privacy Policy.

Changes in privacy policy
This privacy policy can be changed by in the future, at the top of this document you can see when this policy has been changed. You yourself are responsible to stay informed about this privacy policy. and your privacy
Your privacy is without a doubt a very important issue for, we will put our outmost in protecting your privacy.

If you have any questions, please contact us at