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Opera Ensembles by Ambroise Thomas

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Nr.Title scenePopularityOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Plus de soucis Mignon Popularity:

Opera: MignonComposer: ThomasAct: 2

Type: trioVoice: Mz/S T SLanguage: French

Roles: Mignon/Wilhelm/Philine
2Nargue de la tristesse Popularity:

Opera: HamletComposer: ThomasAct: 1.04

Type: ensemble/chorus?Voice: T BLanguage: French

Roles: Marcellus/Horatio
3O mortelle offense Popularity:

Opera: HamletComposer: ThomasAct: 2.07-2

Type: ensemble/finaleVoice: Br T B B Mz S BLanguage: French

Roles: Hamlet/Marcellus/Polonius/Horatio/Gertrude/Ophélie/Claudius
4Le voilà Popularity:

Opera: HamletComposer: ThomasAct: 3.03

Type: trioVoice: S Mz BrLanguage: French

Roles: Ophélie/Gertrude/Hamlet
4 Results
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