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Ritorna vincitor

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April Millo: Verdi - Aida, 'Ritorna vincitor'

Singer: Aprile Millo

Aprile Millo (born April 14, 1958) is an American operatic soprano of Italian and Irish ancestry who is particularly admired for her interpretations of the works of Giuseppe Verdi. Possessing a spinto voice of power, warmth and temperament, Millo became one of the most celebrated opera singers of the late twentieth century. Although she has performed at many of the world's leading opera houses and with many orchestras and ensembles internationally, Millo has spent much of her career appearing in productions at the Metropolitan Opera. Aprile Millo was born in New York City, the daughter of two opera singers, tenor Giovanni Millo (John Hamill) and soprano Margherita Girosi. Millo became interested in music at an early age and received her musical education primarily from her parents. Millo is noted for the beauty of her voice and her nuanced interpretation. On April 4, 1986, Donal Henahan wrote in the New York times of Millo's performance in Don Carlo: "Miss Millo sounds more and more like the Verdi soprano we've been waiting for." Later in 1986 (June 18), reviewing a Metropolitan Opera production of Aida in Central Park, Mr. Rockwell wrote, "Miss Millo has a real Verdi sound...her darkly yet delicately colored lower voice, full of urgency in the phrasing, and her overall mastery of this role from a technical and interpretive standpoint, are already very moving. Her performance reached its high point just where it must, in the third act, when Aida grows from a supplicating ingenue into a woman torn by her conflicts. With singing like this, nothing could dull the intensity of Verdi's drama. The concert formality, the populist setting, the amplification, all fell away in the face of real operatic drama embodied in song. If Mr. Domingo and Mr. Pavarotti can match that in the next two parks openers, the Met and its fans will be fortunate indeed."...

Lyrics & English Translation

Return a conqueror!... And from my lips
came the impious word! Conqueror
of my father... of him who takes up arms
for me... to give me back
a country, a kingdom, and the illustrious name
which here I am forced to hide. Conqueror
of my brothers... whence I might see him, stained
with cherished blood, triumph in the acclamation
of the Egyptian cohorts! And behind his chariot,
a king... my father... bound in chains!

Oh Heavens, wipe out
the insane word!
To a father's breast
restore his daughter;
destroy the squadrons
of our oppressor! Ah! -
Wretched one! What did I say... And my love?
Can I then forget
this ardent love which, like a shaft of sunlight,
made my lot here happy although I am captive and a slave?
Shall I call down death
upon Radamès ... upon him whom I love so much!
Ah! never on earth did
anguish more cruel rend a heart!

The sacred names of father, of lover,
I cannot utter, nor yet recall.
For the one... for the other... confused, trembling,
I would weep, I would pray.
But my prayer changes to a curse...
For me tears are a crime, sighs a fault...
In dark night my soul is lost,
and in this cruel anguish I would die.

Oh Heavens, have pity on my suffering!
There is no hope for my sorrow.
Fatal love, terrible love,
break my heart, make me die!
Oh Heavens, have pity on my suffering!

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Ritorna vincitor!
E dal mio labbro uscì l'empia parola!
Vincitor del padre mio di lui
Che impugna l'armi per me
Per ridonarmi una patria,
Una reggia e il nome illustre
Che qui celar m'è forza!
Vincitor de'miei fratelli ond'io lo vegga,
Tinto del sangue amato,
Trionfar nel plauso dell'Egizie coorti!
E dietro il carro,
Un Re, mio padre di catene avvinto!

L'insana parola o Numi sperdete!
Al seno d'un padre la figlia rendete,
Struggete le squadre dei nostri oppressor!

Ah! sventurata! Che dissi?
E l'amor mio?
Dunque scordar poss'io questo fervido amore
Che, oppressa e schiava,
Come raggio di sol qui mi beava?
Imprecherò la morte a Radamès
a lui ch'amo pur tanto!
Ah! non fu interra mai da più crudeli
Angoscie un core affranto!

I sacri nomi di padre d'amante,
Nè profferir poss'io nè ricordar
Per l'un per l'altro confusa tremante
Io piangere vorrei pregar.
Ma la mia prece in bestemmia si muta
Delitto è il pianto a me colpa il sospir
In notte cupa la mente è perduta
E nell'ansia crudel vorrei morir.

Numi, pietà  del mio soffrir!
Speme non v'ha pel mio dolor
Amor fatal tremendo amore
Spezzami il cor, fammi morir!

English Libretto or Translation:

Return, victor!
And from my lips escapes the impious word!
Victor over my father -
over the armies
defending my country,
my palace, and the illustrious name
that is my sky, my strength!
Victor over my brothers, I will see
with whose loved blood is stained -
Triumphant in the applause of Egyptian troops.
And behind his chariot,
a king, my father, the captive of this victor!

The insane word, o gods, forget!
To the bosom of his father return his daughterk
struggling against the squadrons of our
Ah! unhappy one! What did I say?
And my love?
Can I ever forget the fervent love
that oppresses and enslaves!
Like rays of the sun which blesses me?
I will call for death to Radames,
To him that I love forever!
never on earth, by more cruelty
was a heart torn!

In the sacred name of my father, who I love,
I cannot offer or recall
For one or the other confused, trembling,
I weep and want to pray.
But my prayer becomes blasphemy
A crime are my tears, my sighs are my sin.
In night-darkness the mind is lost.
And in cruel anguish, I want to die.

Gods, have pity on my suffering!
There is no hope in my woe
Fatal love, tremendous love,
Break my heart or let me die!

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