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Tu che le vanita

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Don Carlo


Giuseppe Verdi




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maria callas verdi don carlo "tu che le vanita"

Singer: Maria Callas

Maria Callas:
Vocal size and range
In the years prior to her weight loss, Callas's voice was a powerful soprano, the sheer size of which was much commented upon,[16] and there were no complaints about unsteadiness even in the most exposed passages.[8] In his review of Callas's 1951 live recording of I Vespri Siciliani, Ira Siff writes, "Accepted wisdom tells us that Callas possessed, even early on, a flawed voice, unattractive by conventional standards — an instrument that signaled from the beginning vocal problems to come. Yet listen to her entrance in this performance and one encounters a rich, spinning sound, ravishing by any standard, capable of delicate dynamic nuance. High notes are free of wobble, chest tones unforced, and the middle register displays none of the "bottled" quality that became more and more pronounced as Callas matured."[30] In a 1982 Opera News interview with Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge, Bonynge stated, "But before she slimmed down, I mean this was such a colossal voice. It just poured out of her, the way Flagstad's did... Callas had a huge voice. When she and Stignani sang Norma, at the bottom of the range you could barely tell who was who... Oh it was colossal. And she took the big sound right up to the top."[31] In his book, Michael Scott makes the distinction that whereas Callas's pre-1954 voice was a "dramatic soprano with an exceptional top", after the weight loss, it became, as one Chicago critic described the voice in Lucia,[16] a "huge suprano leggiero".[8] In performance, Callas's range was just short of three octaves, from F-sharp (F#3) below middle C (C4) heard in "Arrigo! Ah parli ad un core" from I Vespri Siciliani to E-natural (E6) above high C (C6), heard in the same opera as well as Rossini's Armida and Lakmé's Bell Song. After her June 11, 1951 concert in Florence, Rock Ferris of Musical Courier said, "Her high E's and F's are taken full voice."[16] In a French TV interview, Callas's teacher Elvira de Hidalgo spoke of her voice soaring to a high E, but did not mention the high F.[11] Although no definite recording of Callas singing high F's have surfaced, the presumed E-natural in her performance of Rossini's Armida —a poor-quality bootleg recording of uncertain pitch—has been referred to as a high F.[27]
[edit] Vocal registers

Callas's voice was noted by Walter Legge and other experts[27] for its three distinct registers. Her low or chest register was extremely dark and almost baritonal in power, and she used this part of her voice for dramatic effect, often going into this register much higher on the scale than most sopranos.[26] Her middle register had a peculiar and highly personal sound—"part oboe, part clarinet", as Claudia Cassidy described it[14]—and was noted for its veiled or "bottled" sound, as if she were singing into a jug.[26] Walter Legge attributed this sound to the "extraordinary formation of her upper palate, shaped like a Gothic arch, not the Romanesque arch of the normal mouth".[26] The upper register was ample and bright, with an impressive extension above high C, which—in contrast to the light flute-like sound of the typical coloratura soprano—she sang with the same full-throated sound as her lower registers.[14] And as she demonstrated in the finale of La Sonnambula on the commercial EMI set and the live recording from Cologne, she was able to execute a diminuendo on the stratospheric high E-flat, which Scott describes as "a feat unrivaled in the history of the gramophone."[8]

The agility of Callas's voice allowed her to sing difficult ornate music with ease and technical polish. In the words of Walter Legge, even in the most difficult florid music, there were no musical or technical difficulties "which she could not execute with astonishing, unostentatious ease. Her chromatic runs, particularly downwards, were beautifully smooth and staccatos almost unfailingly accurate, even in the trickiest intervals. There is hardly a bar in the whole range of nineteenth century music for high soprano that seriously tested her powers."[26] As part of her technical arsenal, Callas also possessed a beautiful and dependable trill in every vocal register.[32]

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Galina Gorchakova Tu che le vanita DON CARLO Giuseppe Verdi 19765
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Don Carlo final act Joanna Parisi Ramon Vargas Tu che le vanita Ma lassu ci vedremo 87403
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Gundula Janowitz Verdi Don Carlos Tu che le vanita conosce  87426
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Il Chiostro del Convento di San Giusto come nell'Atto primo. Notte. Chiaro di luna.

Elisabetta entra lentamente assorta nei suoi pensieri, s'avvicina alla tomba di Carlo V e s'inginocchia.

Tu che le vanità conoscesti del mondo
E godi nell'avel il riposo profondo,
Se ancor si piange in cielo, piangi sul mio dolor,
E porta il pianto mio al trono del Signor.
Carlo qui dee venir! che parta e scordi omai...
A Posa di vegliar sui giorni suoi giurai.
Ei segua il suo destin, la gloria il traccierà.
Per me, la mia giornata a sera è giunta già!
O Francia, nobil suol, sì caro ai miei verd'anni!
Fontainebleau! ver voi schiude il pensiero i vanni.
Giuro eterno d'amor là Dio da me ascoltò,
E quest'eternità un giorno sol durò.
Tra voi, vaghi giardin di questa terra ibéra,
Se Carlo ancor dovrà fermare i passi a sera,
Che le zolle, i ruscel', i fonti, i boschi, i fior,
Con le loro armonie cantino il nostro amor.
Addio, bei sogni d'ôr, illusion perduta!
Il nodo si spezzò, la luce è fatta muta!
Addio, verd'anni, ancor! cedendo al duol crudel,
Il core ha un sol desir: la pace dell'avel!
Tu che le vanità conoscesti del mondo
E godi nell'avel d'un riposo profondo,
Se ancor si piange in cielo, piangi sul mio dolor,
E il tuo col pianto mio reca appié del Signor.

English Libretto or Translation:


The Cloister of the Convent of San Giusto as in the First Act. Night. Moonlight.

Elizabeth enters slowly in her thoughts, approaches the tomb of Charles V and kneels.

You who knew the vanities of the world
And enjoy deep rest in avel
If you still cry in the sky, cry on my pain,
And bring my tears to the throne of the Lord.
Carlo here dee venir! that leaves and forgets omai ...
Posa di vigil on his juraes days.
And he follows his destiny, the glory will trace it.
For me, my day in the evening has already arrived!
O France, nobil suol, so dear to my two years!
Fontainebleau! the vices are opened to you.
I swear eternally of love there God listened to me,
And this eternity one day only lasted.
Among you, vague gardens of this Iberian land,
If Carlo still has to stop the steps in the evening,
That the clods, the ruscel ', the sources, the woods, the flowers,
Our harmonies sing with their harmonies.
Goodbye, beautiful dreams d'ôr, lost illusion!
The knot broke, the light is mute!
Goodbye, two years, still! yielding to the cruel duol,
The core has a sol desir: the peace of the avel!
You who knew the vanities of the world
And enjoy in the avel of a deep rest,
If you still cry in the sky, cry on my pain,
And yours with my weeping bears the sign of the Lord.

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