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Ernani involami

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Giuseppe Verdi




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Grace Bumbry: Verdi - Ernani, 'Ernani, Ernani, involami... Tutto sprezzo che d'Ernani'

Singer(s): Marian Anderson Martina Arroyo Reri Grist Leontyne Price Grace Bumbry Shirley Verrett

Grace Bumbry (born January 4, 1937), an American opera singer, is considered one of the leading mezzo-sopranos of her generation, as well as a major soprano for many years. She was a member of a pioneering generation of singers who followed Marian Anderson (including Leontyne Price, Martina Arroyo, Shirley Verrett and Reri Grist) in the world of classical music and paved the way for future African American opera and classical singers. Bumbry's voice was rich and sizable, possessing a wide range, and was capable of producing a very distinctive plangent tone. In her prime, she also possessed good agility and bel canto technique (see for example her renditions of the 'Veil Song' from Verdi's Don Carlo in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as her Ernani from the Chicago Lyric Opera in 1984). She was particularly noted for her fiery temperament and dramatic intensity on stage. More recently, she has also become known as a recitalist and interpreter of lieder, and as a teacher...

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maria callas verdi ernani ernani ernani involami  16430
1 - Maria Callas
Anna Moffo sings Ernani Involami 16431
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Rosa Ponselle Ernani Involami 81668
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Anna TomowaSintow Surta e la notteErnani Ernani involami Errnani G Verdi 16433
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Cristina Deutekom Ernani Ernani involami Verdi 16447
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Sylvia Sass Ernani 81676
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Ghena Dimitrova Ernani Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo che d Ernani Live 1981 Dallas 81679
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Aprile Millo Ernani Ernani involami  81680
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Eileen Farrell Sings Ernani Ernani Involami from Verdi s Ernani 16444
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Montserrat Caballe Verdi Ernani Ernani Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo che d Ernani  16437
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Rosa Raisa Casta Diva Ernani involami Un bel di vedremo 19171929 6275
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Joan Sutherland Ernani involami Verdi s Ernani  16465
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Maria Dragoni GVERDI Ernani Scena e Cavatina Teatro Bonci 1990 81691
1 - Maria Dragoni
Beverly Sills Verdi Ernani Surta e la notte Ernani Ernani involami  16463
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Regina Resnik soprano Ernani Involami 81698
2 - Regina Resnik
1 - Renata Scotto

Ernani involami Ernani Verdi 16467
1 - Tamara Wilson
Soprano RITA ORLANDI MALASPINA Ernani Ernani Ernani involami Live 81716
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Elena Mosuc Verdi ERNANI Sorta e la notte Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo  16469
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Eliane Coelho sings Ernani involami with brilliant gusto Verdi Ernani 81720
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Raina Kabaivanska RARE Surta e la notte Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo 81724
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Margaret Price Ernani involami Ernani G Verdi 16448
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Leyla Gencer Verdi Ernani Surta e la notte Ernani Ernani involami  81727
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Soprano ANITA CERQUETTI Ernani Sorta e la notte Ernani involami 1958 81729
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Zinka Milanov Verdi Ernani Ernani Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo che d Ernani  81730
1 - Zinka Milanov
Nelly Miricioiu sings Ernani involami from Ernani by Verdi 81732
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2014 Isabella Moore soprano SemiFinals Concert second performance Verdi 81735
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Antonietta Stella Ernani CONTEST Ernani involami 81743
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Voix Nouvelles 2018 Angelique Boudeville Ernani Ernani involami Ernani G VERDI 16456
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Leontyne Price Surta e la notteErnani Ernani involami 81752
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Fiorenza Cossotto Surta e La Notte Ernani Ernani Involami HQ 81769
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Korjus sings Ernani by Verdi 81770
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Elena Baramova sings Ernani Ernani involami Sofia National Opera 81773
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Rosalind Plowright Ernani involami from Verdi s Ernani 16446
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Sondra Radvanovsky Ernani Ernani involami Ernani Giuseppe Verdi 16435
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Victoria de los Angeles live in concert Ernani involami Verdi Ernani c195258 81788
1 - Victoria de los Ángeles

Martina Arroyo Verdi Ernani Ernani Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo che d Ernani  16473
1 - Martina Arroyo
Ilva Ligabue Surta e la notte Ernani Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo che d Ernani  81798
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Eleanor Steber Ernani CONTEST Ernani involami 81802
1 - Eleanor Steber
Verdi Ernani Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo Caterina Mancini 1950 16472
1 - Caterina Mancini

Gabriella Tucci Ernani Involami Ernani Verdi 16451
1 - Gabriella Tucci
Verdi Ernani Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo Ina Souez 16441
1 - Ina Souez

Leona Mitchell Ernani Ernani involami ERNANI Giuseppe Verdi 16438
1 - Leona Mitchell
2014 Isabella Moore soprano ASC Finals Concert second performance Verdi 81681
1 - Emma Matthews
1 - Isabella Moore
1 - Marianne Mathy

Grace Bumbry Verdi Ernani Ernani Ernani involami Tutto sprezzo che d Ernani  81793
1 - Leontyne Price
1 - Martina Arroyo
1 - Reri Grist
2 - Grace Bumbry
2 - Shirley Verrett
3 - Marian Anderson
Ernani Act I Ernani involami 16434
1 - Leontyne Price
2 - Julia Hamari


Ernani!... Ernani, involami
all'abborrito amplesso.
Fuggiam... se teco vivere
mi sia d'amor concesso,
per antri e lande inospiti
ti seguirà  il mio piè.
Un Eden di delizia
saran quegli antri a me.

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