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Giuseppe Verdi


Francesco Maria Piave


3 November 1844, Rome (Teatro Argentina)




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About the opera I due Foscari

I due Foscari (The Two Foscari) is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, based on a historical play, The Two Foscari by Lord Byron.
Verdi had considered the Byron play as a subject as early as 1843. But when he proposed such an opera to La Fenice in Venice, it was rejected as unsuitable. The story included criticism of actions of the Republic of Venice, which was offensive to the great families of Venice that had governed the Republic, including the still extant Foscari family. At the same time, a new opera on the subject of Lorenzino de' Medici, which Verdi proposed for the Teatro Argentina in Rome, was rejected by that house. I due Foscari was substituted and it was given its premiere performance there on 3 November 1844.
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Roles in I due Foscari

Francesco Foscari Baritone
Jacopo Foscari Tenor
Lucrezia Contarini Soprano
Jacopo Loredano Bass
Barbarigo Tenor
Pisana Mezzo-Soprano
Attendant on the Council of Ten Tenor
Servant of the Doge Bass

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Arias from I due Foscari

Nr.Title sceneOperaComposerActTypeVoicesLang.Roles
1Odio solo ed odio atrocedue Foscari, IVerdi1.01ariabassItalianJacopo Loredano
2Sento iddio che mi chiamadue Foscari, IVerdi1.01ariabassItalianJacopo Loredano
3Dal piu remoto esiliodue Foscari, IVerdi1.01ariabassItalianJacopo Loredano
4Tu al cui sguardi onni possentedue Foscari, IVerdi1.02ariasopranoItalianLucrezia Contarini
5La clemenze s'aggiunge lo schermodue Foscari, IVerdi1.02ariasopranoItalianLucrezia Contarini
6O vecchio cor che battidue Foscari, IVerdi1.04ariatenorItalianJacopo Foscari
7Non maledirmi o prodedue Foscari, IVerdi2.01ariabassItalianJacopo Loredano
8O padre figli sposadue Foscari, IVerdi3.01ariabassItalianJacopo Loredano
9All infelice vegliodue Foscari, IVerdi3.01ariatenorItalianJacopo Foscari
10Piu non vive l'innocentedue Foscari, IVerdi3.02ariasopranoItalianLucrezia Contarini
11Questa dunque e l'inique mercededue Foscari, IVerdi3.02ariabaritoneItalianFrancesco Foscari
12Quel bronzo feraldue Foscari, IVerdi3.02ariabaritoneItalianFrancesco Foscari
13Notte perpetua nottedue Foscari, IVerdiariabassItalianJacopo Loredano
14Ah! si ch'io senta ancoradue Foscari, IVerditenorItalian
15Eccomi solo alfinedue Foscari, IVerdiItalian
16O vecchio cordue Foscari, IVerdiariabaritoneItalian