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Merce dilette amiche

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I Vespri Siciliani


Giuseppe Verdi




I Vespri Siciliani Synopsis


I Vespri Siciliani Libretto


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Elena / Choir





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Mirella Freni: Verdi - I Vespri Siciliani, 'Mercé dilette amiche'

Singer: Mirella Freni

Mirella Freni, birth name Mirella Fregni, (born 27 February 1935, Modena, Italy) is an Italian opera soprano whose repertoire includes Verdi, Puccini, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. Freni was married for many years to the Bulgarian bass Nicolai Ghiaurov, with whom she performed and recorded. She was awarded the Italian Cavaliere di Gran Croce and the French Légion d'honneur in March 1993. The University of Pisa awarded her an honorary degree in 2002 for her "great contribution to European culture...

Lyrics & English translation

Thank you, beloved friends,
for these charming flowers;
The lovely gift is a reflection
of your heartfelt sincerity!
Oh, welcome is the bond
that awaits me through love.
If you will bring me bridesmaids,
happy vows will fill my heart.
Thanks for the gift!
Ah, yes! Ah, yes!
Dearest dream, oh, sweet intoxication!
My heart leaps at this new love!
Already I breathe a soft air
that makes all my senses reel.
Oh, my Sicilian homeland,
a tranquil day shines bright.
Too much dreadful vengeance
tears at your wounded heart!
Be filled with hope, forget the pain
of all you have endured.
May the day of my rejoicing
be the day of your glory, too.
I welcome the gift of these flowers
Ah, yes! Ah, yes!
Dearest dream, oh, sweet intoxication!
My heart leaps at this unknown love!
Already I breathe a gentle air
that makes all my senses reel.
Already I breathe an air
that makes all my senses reel.
My senses reel!
My heart leaps at this unknown love!
My heart leaps with joy,
and all my senses reel.

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Le stesse. Elena in veste da sposa scende dalla gradinata del palazzo a diritta. Le giovinette le muovono incontro, offrendole dei fiori, indi Arrigo.

Mercé, dilette amiche,
Di quei leggiadri fior;
Il caro dono è immagine
Del vostro bel candor!
Oh! fortunato il vincolo
Che mi prepara amor;
Se voi recate pronube
Felici augurii al cor!
Sogno beato, caro delirio,
Per voi del fato l'ira cessò!
L'aura soave che qui respiro
Già tutti i sensi m'inebbriò.
O piaggie di Sicilia,
Risplenda un dì sereno;
Assai vendette orribili
Ti lacerano il seno!
Colma di speme e immemore
Di quanto il cor soffrì,
Il giorno del mio giubilo
Sia di tue glorie il dì,
Sogno beato, caro delirio, ecc., ecc.

L'affetto che inspiri
Seduce ognicor!
È serto di gloria
Il serto d'amor!

English Libretto or Translation:

The same. Elena in a wedding dress goes down the steps of the building to the right. The young girls move them to meet her, offering her some flowers, then Arrigo.

Mercé, beloved friends,
Of those graceful flowers;
The dear gift is image
Of your beautiful candor!
Oh! lucky the bond
That prepares me for love;
If you go pronube
Happy birthday to the heart!
Dream of happiness, dear delirium,
For you of fate, wrath ceased!
The gentle aura that I breathe here
Already all the senses drove me.
Or Sicily's peaches,
One day shine bright;
Much horrible vendettas
They tear your breasts!
Full of hope and forgetful
How much the chorus suffered,
The day of my jubilation
Let it be of your glories the day,
Blissful dream, dear delirium, etc., etc.

The love you breathe
Seduce ognicor!
It is full of glory
The serto d'amor!

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