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Di quella pira

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Il Trovatore


Giuseppe Verdi




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Carlo Bergonzi: Verdi - Il Trovatore, 'Ah, sě ben mio... Di quella pira!'

Singer: Carlo Bergonzi

Carlo Bergonzi (born 13 July 1924) is an Italian operatic tenor. Although he performed and recorded some bel canto and verismo roles, he is above all associated with the operas of Giuseppe Verdi, including a large number of the composer's lesser-known works that he helped revive. Essentially a lyric tenor with spinto capabilities, Bergonzi was greatly admired during the peak of his career for his beautiful diction, smooth legato, warm timbre and elegant phrasing. Above all he was acclaimed for his attention to the style required in Verdi's operas...

Gabriella Tucci [Leonora]

Lyrics & English Translation

Ah yes, my love, when I am
yours, and you are my wife,
my spirit will be more fearless,
my arm will be stronger.
And yet, if on the page
of my destiny it's written
that I must be among the victims,
pierced by the foe's steel,
as I draw my last breath,
my thoughts will come to you,
and death will seem to me
only preceding you to heaven.
And death will seem to me, etc.

The wave of heavenly sounds
descends, pure, into our hearts!
Come, the altar opens to us
the joys of unspoiled love!
Ah! the joys of unspoiled love, etc.


What is it?

The gypsy... come... in irons... look

Oh God!

Those barbarians' hands
have already lighted the pyre...

approaching the balcony
Heaven! My legs fail me,
my eyes are clouding over!

You're raging!

I should!
Learn then: I am ?


Her son!


Ah, cowards! This wicked sight
almost takes away my breath!
Get our men together! Hurry
Ruiz! Go, go... And fly back!

The horrible blaze of that pyre
burns, enflames all of my being!
Monsters, put it out; or very quickly
I'll put it out with your blood!
Before I loved you, I was yet her son;
your suffering cannot restrain me...
Unhappy mother, I hasten to save you,
or at least hasten to die with you!

I cannot bear such deadly blows.
Oh, how much better to die!

The horrible blaze of that pyre, etc.

To Arms! To arms!
Here we are, ready to fight with you,
or die with you!
To arms, etc.

Unhappy mother, I hasten to save you,
or at least hasten to die with you! etc.
To arms! To arms! To arms!

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Di quella pira l' orrendo foco
tutte le fibre m' arse, avvampň!...
Empi spegnetela, od io fra poco
col sangue vostro la spegnerň...
Era giŕ  figlio prima d' amarti,
non puň frenarmi il tuo martir.
Madre infelice, corro a salvarti,
o teco almeno corro a morir!

English Libretto or Translation:

The flames of that terrible pyre
inflamed and consumed all my being!...
Pitiless men, put it out, or I will shortly
do it with your own blood...
I was your son before I began to love you,
Your torments won't stop me.
Unhappy mother, I run to rescue you
or I shall die with you!

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