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Pace pace mio Dio

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La Forza del destino


Giuseppe Verdi




La Forza del destino Synopsis


La Forza del destino Libretto


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Aprile Millo: Verdi - La Forza del Destino, 'Pace, pace mio Dio!'

Singer: Aprile Millo

Aprile Millo (born April 14, 1958) is an American operatic soprano of Italian and Irish ancestry who is particularly admired for her interpretations of the works of Giuseppe Verdi. Possessing a spinto voice of power, warmth and temperament, Millo became one of the most celebrated opera singers of the late twentieth century. Although she has performed at many of the world's leading opera houses and with many orchestras and ensembles internationally, Millo has spent much of her career appearing in productions at the Metropolitan Opera. Aprile Millo was born in New York City, the daughter of two opera singers, tenor Giovanni Millo (John Hamill) and soprano Margherita Girosi. Millo became interested in music at an early age and received her musical education primarily from her parents. Millo is noted for the beauty of her voice and her nuanced interpretation. On April 4, 1986, Donal Henahan wrote in the New York times of Millo's performance in Don Carlo: "Miss Millo sounds more and more like the Verdi soprano we've been waiting for." Later in 1986 (June 18), reviewing a Metropolitan Opera production of Aida in Central Park, Mr. Rockwell wrote, "Miss Millo has a real Verdi sound...her darkly yet delicately colored lower voice, full of urgency in the phrasing, and her overall mastery of this role from a technical and interpretive standpoint, are already very moving. Her performance reached its high point just where it must, in the third act, when Aida grows from a supplicating ingenue into a woman torn by her conflicts. With singing like this, nothing could dull the intensity of Verdi's drama. The concert formality, the populist setting, the amplification, all fell away in the face of real operatic drama embodied in song. If Mr. Domingo and Mr. Pavarotti can match that in the next two parks openers, the Met and its fans will be fortunate indeed."...

Lyrics & English Translation

Peace, peace, my God!
Cruel misfortune, alas, constrains me to languish;
Deep as on the first day, for so many years
My suffering has endured.
Peace, peace, my God!
I loved him, it's true! But God adorned him so much
With beauty and courage,
That I still love him, nor will I be able to remove
His image from my heart.
Fate! Fate! Fate!
A crime has separated us in this world!
Alvaro, I love you, and it is written above in heaven:
I will never see you again!
O God, God, make me die;
Since only death can give me calm.
In vain my soul hoped for peace here,
While prey to such grief.
Wretched bread . . . come prolong
My comfort-less life . . . But who is approaching?
Who dares to profane the sacred place?
Let them be accursed!

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Presso la grotta di Leonora. Valle tra rupi inaccessibili, attraversata da un ruscello. Nel fondo a sinistra dello spettatore è una grotta con porta praticabile, e sopra una campana che si potrà suonare dall'interno. La scena si oscura lentamente; la luna apparisce splendidissima. Donna Leonora, pallida, sfigurata, esce dalla grotta, agitatissima.

Pace, pace, mio Dio!
Cruda sventura
M'astringe, ahimé, a languir;
Come il dì primo
Da tant'anni dura
Profondo il mio soffrir.
L'amai, gli è ver!
Ma di beltà e valore
Cotanto Iddio l'ornò.
Che l'amo ancor.
Né togliermi dal core
L'immagin sua saprò.
Fatalità! Fatalità! Fatalità!
Un delitto disgiunti n'ha quaggiù!
Alvaro, io t'amo.
E su nel cielo è scritto:
Non ti vedrò mai più!
Oh Dio, Dio, fa ch'io muoia;
Che la calma può darmi morte sol.
Invan la pace qui sperò quest'alma
In preda a tanto duol.
Va ad un sasso ove sono alcune provvigioni deposte dal Padre Guardiano
Misero pane, a prolungarmi vieni
La sconsolata vita … Ma chi giunge?
Chi profanare ardisce il sacro loco?
Maledizione! Maledizione! Maledizione!

Torna rapidamente alla grotta, e vi si rinchiude.

English Libretto or Translation:


A valley amid precipitous rocks, traversed by a stream. In the background, to the spectator's left, is a cave with a practicable door, above which is a bell that can be rung from within. The sun is going down. The scene darkens slowly; the moon appears, extremely bright.
Donna Leonora, pale and worn, emerges from the cave in a state of great agitation.


Peace, peace, O God!
She comes down.
Cruel misfortune
compels me, alas, to languish;
my suffering has lasted for so many years,
as profound as on the first day.
Peace, peace, O God!
I loved him, it is true! But God had blessed him
with such beauty and courage
that I love him still, and cannot efface his image
from my heart.
Fatal destiny! A crime
has divided us down here!
Alvaro, I love you and in heaven above it is written
that I shall never see you again!
O God, God, let me die, for only death
can bring me peace.
In vain this soul of mine here sought peace,
a prey to so much woe.
She goes to a rock on which the Father Superior has left food for her.
Wretched bread, you come to prolong
my inconsolable life. - But who comes here,
daring to profane this sacred retreat?
A curse! A curse!

She retreats rapidly into the cave, closing it behind her.

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