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Amami Alfredo

Opera details:

Opera title:

La Traviata


Giuseppe Verdi




La Traviata Synopsis


La Traviata Libretto


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Duet details:




Violetta Valéry / Alfredo Germont


Soprano / Tenor



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G. Verdi - Anna Moffo & Richard Tucker "La Traviata" Libiamo ne' lieti calici

Singer(s): Anna Moffo Richard Tucker

G. Verdi
"La Traviata"
Libiamo ne' lieti calici

Anna Moffo as Violetta Valéry
Richard Tucker as Alfredo Germont
Conducted by Fernando Previtali
Roma Opera Orchestra and Chorus
Recorded 1960


ACT I. In her Paris salon, the courtesan Violetta Valéry greets party guests, including Flora Bervoix, the Marquis d'Obigny, Baron Douphol, and Gastone, who introduces a new admirer, Alfredo Germont. This young man, having adored Violetta from afar, joins her in a drinking song (Brindisi: "Libiamo"). An orchestra is heard in the next room, but as guests move there to dance, Violetta suffers a fainting spell, sends the guests on ahead, and goes to her parlor to recover. Alfredo comes in, and since they are alone, confesses his love ("Un dì felice"). At first Violetta protests that love means nothing to her. Something about the young man's sincerity touches her, however, and she promises to meet him the next day. After the guests have gone, Violetta wonders if Alfredo could actually be the man she could love ("Ah, fors'è lui"). But she decides she wants freedom ("Sempre libera"), though Alfredo's voice, heard outside, argues in favor of romance.

ACT II Some months later Alfredo and Violetta are living in a country house near Paris, where he praises their contentment ("De' miei bollenti spiriti"). But when the maid, Annina, reveals that Violetta has pawned her jewels to keep the house, Alfredo leaves for the city to settle matters at his own cost. Violetta comes looking for him and finds an invitation from Flora to a party that night. Violetta has no intention of going back to her old life, but trouble intrudes with the appearance of Alfredo's father. Though impressed by Violetta's ladylike manners, he demands she renounce his son: the scandal of Alfredo's affair with her has threatened his daughter's engagement ("Pura siccome un angelo"). Violetta says she cannot, but Germont eventually convinces her ("Dite alla giovine"). Alone, the desolate woman sends a message of acceptance to Flora and begins a farewell note to Alfredo. He enters suddenly, surprising her, and she can barely control herself as she reminds him of how deeply she loves him ("Amami, Alfredo") before rushing out. Now a servant hands Alfredo her farewell note as Germont returns to console his son with reminders of family life in Provence ("Di Provenza"). But Alfredo, seeing Flora's invitation, suspects Violetta has thrown him over for another lover. Furious, he determines to confront her at the party.

At her soirée that evening, Flora learns from the Marquis that Violetta and Alfredo have parted, then clears the floor for hired entertainers - a band of fortune-telling Gypsies and some matadors who sing of Piquillo and his coy sweetheart ("E Piquillo un bel gagliardo"). Soon Alfredo strides in, making bitter comments about love and gambling recklessly at cards. Violetta has arrived with Baron Douphol, who challenges Alfredo to a game and loses a small fortune to him. Everyone goes in to supper, but Violetta has asked Alfredo to see her. Fearful of the Baron's anger, she wants Alfredo to leave, but he misunderstands her apprehension and demands that she admit she loves Douphol. Crushed, she pretends she does. Now Alfredo calls in the others, denounces his former love and hurls his winnings at her feet ("Questa donna conoscete?"). Germont enters in time to see this and denounces his son's behavior. The guests rebuke Alfredo and Douphol challenges him to a duel.

ACT III. In Violetta's bedroom six months later, Dr. Grenvil tells Annina her mistress has not long to live: tuberculosis has claimed her. Alone, Violetta rereads a letter from Germont saying the Baron was only wounded in his duel with Alfredo, who knows all and is on his way to beg her pardon. But Violetta senses it is too late ("Addio del passato"). Paris is celebrating Mardi Gras and, after revelers pass outside, Annina rushes in to announce Alfredo. The lovers ecstatically plan to leave Paris forever ("Parigi, o cara"). Germont enters with the doctor before Violetta is seized with a last resurgence of strength. Feeling life return, she staggers and falls dead at her lover's feet.

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Che fai?

nascondendo la lettera


Sì... no.

Qual turbamento!
a chi scrivevi?

A te.

Dammi quel foglio.

No, per ora

Mi perdona son io preoccupato.

Che fu?

Giunse mio padre

Lo vedesti?

Ah no: severo scritto mi lasciava
Però l'attendo, t'amerà in vederti.

molto agitata
Ch'ei qui non mi sorprenda
Lascia che m'allontani... tu lo calma
mal frenato il pianto
Ai piedi suoi mi getterò divisi
Ei più non ne vorrà sarem felici
Perché tu m'ami, Alfredo, non è vero?

O, quanto...
Perché piangi?

Di lagrime avea d'uopo or son tranquilla
Lo vedi? ti sorrido
Sarò là, tra quei fior presso a te sempre.
Amami, Alfredo, quant'io t'amo Addio.

Corre in giardino

Ah, vive sol quel core all'amor mio!
Siede, prende a caso un libro, legge alquanto, quindi si alza guarda l'ora sull'orologio sovrapposto al camino
È tardi: ed oggi forse
Più non verrà mio padre.

entrando frettoloso
La signora è partita
L'attendeva un calesse, e sulla via
Già corre di Parigi. Annina pure
Prima di lei spariva.

Il so, ti calma.

(Che vuol dir ciò?)


Va forse d'ogni avere
Ad affrettar la perdita. Ma Annina
Lo impedirà.
Si vede il padre attraversare in lontananza il giardino
Qualcuno è nel giardino!
Chi è là?

per uscire

alla porta
Il signor Germont?

Son io.

Una dama
Da un cocchio, per voi, di qua non lunge,
Mi diede questo scritto

Dà una lettera ad Alfredo, ne riceve qualche moneta e parte

Di Violetta! Perché son io commosso!
A raggiungerla forse ella m'invita
o tremo! Oh ciel! Coraggio!
Apre e legge
"Alfredo, al giungervi di questo foglio"
come fulminato grida
Volgendosi si trova a fronte del padre, nelle cui braccia si abbandona esclamando:
Padre mio!

Mio figlio!
Oh, quanto soffri! tergi, ah, tergi il pianto
Ritorna di tuo padre orgoglio e vanto

Disperato, siede presso il tavolino col volto tra le mani

English Libretto or Translation:

comes in
What are you doing?

hiding the letter

You were writing?

Yes ... no ...

Why are you so confused?
Who were you writing to?

To you.

Give me the letter.

No, later.

I'm sorry, there's something worrying me.

getting up
What is it?

My father's arrived ...

Have you seen him?

But he left me an angry letter.
I shall wait for him.
He'll love you when he sees you.

in great agitation
Don't let him find me here ...
Let me go ...
You can calm him down ...
near to tears
I'll throw myself at his feet,
He won't want to part us any more.
We shall be happy,
Because you love me, Alfredo,
Don't you?

So very much, but why are you crying?

I felt like crying
But I'm better now.
controlling herself
You see ... I'm smiling ... you see?
I'm all right now ...
I'm smiling.
I shall be there amongst the flowers,
Always near to you.
Love me, Alfredo,
Love me as I love you! Farewell!

She runs out into the garden.

Her love for me
Is her whole life!
He sits down and picks up a book, reads for a mo ment, then gets up and looks at the clock above the fireplace.
It's late, perhaps my father
Won't come back today.

entering hurriedly
Madame has gone,
There was a carriage waiting,
It's on its way to Paris now.
Annina went on ahead.

I know, don't agitate yourself.

to himself
What does it mean?

He goes out.

I expect she's gone to hurry up the sale
Of her things,
But Annina will stop her.
His father is seen in the distance, crossing the garden.
There's someone in the garden?
Who is it?

He turns to go out.

at the door
Monsieur Germont?


A lady in a carriage,
A little way from here,
Gave me this note for you.

He gives Alfredo a letter, receives a tip and goes out.

From Violetta! Why am I so disturbed?
Perhaps she suggests my joining her?
I'm afraid! Oh, heaven! Give me courage!
He opens the letter and reads.
“Alfredo, when you get this note …”
He cries out.
He finds himself in his father's arms.
My father!

My son!
I know how much you suffer!
But don't give way to tears,
Rather become your father's
Pride and joy again.

Alfredo, in despair, sits down near the table with his face in his hands.

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