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O mio rimorso!

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La Traviata


Giuseppe Verdi




La Traviata Synopsis


La Traviata Libretto


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Alfredo Germont





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Michael Fabiano sings O mio rimorso from La Traviata

Singer: Michael Fabiano

Michael Fabiano sings Alfredo's Act II cabaletta from La Traviata.
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Sonya Yoncheva reprises her widely praised interpretation of the heroine Violetta Valéry in Verdi’s La Traviata. Michael Fabiano is her lover, Alfredo, Thomas Hampson, in one of his most acclaimed Met roles, returns as Alfredo’s protective father, Giorgio Germont. San Francisco Opera Music Director Nicola Luisotti conducts.

La Traviata premiered at Venice’s Teatro la Fenice in 1853, and survived a notoriously unsuccessful opening night to become one of the best-loved operas in the repertoire. Following the larger-scale dramas of Rigoletto and Il Trovatore, its intimate scope and subject matter inspired the composer to create some of his most profound and heartfelt music. The title role of the “fallen woman” has captured the imaginations of audiences and performers alike with its inexhaustible vocal and dramatic possibilities—and challenges. Violetta is considered a pinnacle of the soprano repertoire.

In a remarkable career spanning six decades in the theater, Giuseppe Verdi (1813–1901) composed 28 operas, at least half of which are at the core of today’s repertoire. Francesco Maria Piave (1810–1876) was Verdi’s librettist during his productive middle period, who also worked with him on Ernani, Macbeth, Rigoletto, and La Forza del Destino, among others. Alexandre Dumas fils (1824–1895) was the son of the author of The Three Musketeers. The play La Dame aux Camélias is based on his own novel of the same name.

With La Traviata, Verdi and Piave fashioned an opera from a play set in contemporary times—an exception in the composer’s long career. Dumas’s La Dame aux Camélias was a meditation on the author’s youthful affair with the celebrated prostitute Marie Duplessis, known as a sophisticated and well-read woman whose charms and tact far surpassed her station. The play is still staged today in its original form and exists in several film incarnations, most notably Greta Garbo’s Camille (1936).

After the opening night performance, The New York Times observed that “A soprano grows into her stardom… It was a revelation to hear Ms. Yoncheva’s voice… She sounded wonderful throughout… Her voice was suffused with warmth.” The Huffington Post proclaimed, “Traviata shines anew at the Met with Yoncheva and Fabiano… A memorable operatic outing.” Mezzo soprano Isabel Leonard hosts the broadcast.

Production: Willy Decker. Set & Costume Designer: Wolfgang Gussmann. Lighting Designer: Hans Toelstede. Choreographer: Athol Farmer.

La Traviata was originally seen live in movie theaters on March 11 as part of the groundbreaking The Met: Live in HD series, which transmits live performances to more than 2,000 movie theaters and performing arts centers in over 70 countries around the world. The Live in HD series has reached a record-breaking 22 million viewers since its inception in 2006.

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La traviata Giuseppe Verdi Act II O mio rimorso Rolando Villazon as Alfredo Germont 19443
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MICHAEL SPYRES La Traviata Alfredo s aria cabaletta 86945
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Juan Diego Florez La traviata O mio rimorso 86946
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La Traviata Giuseppe Verdi 86948
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Jose Carreras sings O Mio Rimorso o Infamia La Traviata acti II 86950
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La Traviata oeO mio rimorso 19448
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La Traviata O mio rimorso Matthew Polenzani 19444
5 - Matthew Polenzani

Luciano Pavarotti De miei bollenti spiriti O mio rimorso Salzburg 1976 19452
5 - Luciano Pavarotti
Domingo s Traviata editing disaster 86951
5 - Plácido Domingo

Teodor Ilincai La Traviata Lunge da leiOh mio rimorso Bucharest 2009 86952
5 - Teodor Ilincăi
Vittorio Grigolo La traviata Choregies d Orange 2009 Oh mio rimorso  19473
5 - Vittorio Grigolo

Giuseppe Sabbatini Lunge da lei Dei miei bollenti spiriti O mio rimorso La Traviata  86954
5 - Giuseppe Sabbatini
Roberto Alagna La Traviata 6 Acte II O mio rimorso  86956
5 - Roberto Alagna

O mio rimorso La Traviata Jesus Leon 86957
5 - Jesús León
Giacomo Aragall Lunge da lei O mio rimorso La traviata Giuseppe Verdi  19449
5 - Giacomo Aragall

Jose Cura O mio rimorso O infamia La Traviata 19463
5 - José Cura
FRANCESCO DEMURO oh mio rimorso La Traviata 86958
5 - Francesco Demuro

Luis LimaVerdiLa Traviata Aninaoh mio rimorso  86960
5 - Luis Lima
Fabio Armiliato O mio rimorso La Traviata Verdi 19458
5 - Fabio Armiliato

Bulent Bezduz VERDI LA TRAVIATA Lunga da lei O mio rimorso 2013 Istanbul 19468
5 - Bülent Bezdüz

Stefan Pop La Traviata O mio rimorso Bucharest 2011 86981
5 - Ștefan Pop

Francisco Araiza La Traviata Chicago 1985 86983
5 - Francisco Araiza
Joseph Calleja Lunge de leiDe miei bollenti spiritiO mio rimorso La traviata G Verdi 19455
5 - Joseph Calleja

6 - Russell Christopher
La Traviata Act II Scene IV O mio rimorso O infamia  87009
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Verdi La Traviata Annina donde vieni O mio rimorso Act Two 87010
5 - Giuseppe Di Stefano
La Traviata O mio rimorso 87017
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La Traviata Atto II Scena ed aria Annina donde vieni O mio rimorso Alfredo Annina 87019
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La Traviata Act II part I Scene 4 Annina donde vieni O mio rimorso Alfredo 87021
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La Traviata Act 2 O mio rimorso O infamia Alfredo 87022
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La Traviata Act II Lunge da lei De miei bollenti spiriti O mio rimorso Live 87024
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La traviata Act II O mio rimorso  87025
5 - Carlo Bergonzi
La traviata Act II Annina donde vieni Oh mio rimorso Alfredo Annina 87032
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Weh mir Im Traume tief und schwer O mio rimorso La Traviata Alfredo 2 Akt1988 87038
5 - Josef Traxel

Bollenti spiriti info 86944
5 - Giuseppe Filianoti
5 - Luciano Pavarotti
5 - Plácido Domingo

C5 de O mio rimorso Tenores 1 19462
5 - Alfredo Kraus
5 - Francisco Araiza
5 - Javier Camarena
5 - Juan Diego Flórez
5 - Luciano Pavarotti
5 - Nicolai Gedda
5 - Rolando Villazón
5 - Saimir Pirgu
5 - Salvatore Fisichella
C5 de O mio rimorso Tenores 4 19465
5 - Alfredo Kraus
5 - Helge Rosvaenge
5 - Ivan Kozlovsky
5 - Javier Camarena
5 - Luciano Pavarotti
5 - Plácido Domingo
5 - Salvatore Fisichella

C5 de O mio rimorso Tenores 2 86955
5 - Franco Bonisolli
5 - Gianni Poggi
5 - Luciano Pavarotti
5 - Stefano Secco
5 - Teodor Ilincăi
C5 de O mio rimorso Tenores 3 86965
5 - Alfredo Kraus
5 - Carlo Bergonzi
5 - Luciano Pavarotti

LA TRAVIATA O mio rimorso MET IM KINO 11 MARZ 2017 86978
5 - Michael Fabiano
6 - Thomas Hampson
Peter Dvorsky Lunge da leiDe miei bollenti spiritiO mio rimorso  86982
5 - Peter Dvorský
6 - Kostas Paskalis

La traviata Act 2 Annina donde vieniO mio rimorso Alfredo Annina Violetta Germont 19469
5 - Francesco Albanese
6 - Ugo Savarese
Verdi La traviata Act 2 O mio rimorso  19460
5 - Rolando Villazón
6 - Philip Kraus

La traviata Act II Scene 1 Scene Aria De miei Annina donde vieni O mio rimorso 87015
5 - Alfredo Kraus
6 - Renato Bruson
La Traviata Annina donde vieniO mio rimorso AlfredoAnnina 87014
5 - Sergio Tedesco
6 - Mario Sereni

La traviata Act II Scene 1 Annina donde vieni O mio rimorso Alfredo Annina 87036
5 - Peter Dvorský
6 - Renato Bruson
Verdi La traviata Act 2 O mio rimorso Alfredo  87048
5 - Luciano Pavarotti
6 - Matteo Manuguerra

Verdi La traviata Act 2 O mio rimorso Alfredo 87051
5 - Giacomo Aragall
6 - Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Verdi La traviata Act 2 O mio rimorso Alfredo 87052
5 - Carlo Bergonzi
6 - Robert Merrill


O mio rimorso! O infamia
e vissi in tale errore?
Ma il turpe sogno a frangere
il ver mi balenò.
Per poco in seno acquétati,
o grido dell'onore;
M'avrai securo vindice;
quest'onta laverò.

English Libretto or Translation:

Oh, my remorse! Oh, disgrace!
And I lived so mistaken!
But the truth, like a flash,
Has broken my base sleep!
For a little while be calm in my breast,
Oh, cry of honour;
In me you shall have a sure avenger;
I shall wash away this infamy.
Oh, shame! Oh, disgrace!
Ah, yes, I shall wash away this infamy!