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Andrem raminghi e poveri

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Luisa Miller


Giuseppe Verdi




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Luisa / Miller


Soprano / Baritone



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Mezza voce: Giangiacomo Guelfi - Andrem raminghi e poveri [Luisa Miller] - 1965

Singer(s): Elena Souliotis Giangiacomo Guelfi

Soft singing is one of the most difficult skills a singer has to use, and it *should* be one of the last things s/he learns. Why? Because it is impossible to do well if 1) the voice isn't properly registered and 2) if the two registers are not coordinated. And there are so many ways to "sing softly" that effectively harm the voice. You hear them all today—deliberately constricting the sound or engaging interfering tensions (making the sound "thick" and/or "throaty"), collapsing the voice and artificially lightening it. Proper soft singing should still be chiaroscuro; the most difficult aspect is maintaining the "scuro" (the depth and throat opening, all the way down the laryngeal pharynx).

So to hear one of the biggest baritones in history do it correctly—with no distortion and no grunting at the end of the phrases (which would signify constriction/gripping/valving)... and even in the upper passaggio—well... it's incredible.

Miller - Giangiacomo Guelfi
Luisa - Elena Souliotis
Conductor Franco Capuana
Orchestra - Teatro Verdi di Trieste

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Andrem, raminghi e poveri,
ove il destin ci porta.
Un pan chiedendo agli uomini
andrem di porta in porta.
Forse talor le ciglia
noi bagnerem di pianto,
ma sempre al padre accanto
la figlia sua starà.
Quel padre e quella figlia
Iddio benedirà!
Al nuovo albore noi partirem.
Come s'appressi la nuova aurora noi partirem.

Miller si ritira
Si ode il suono d'organo dalla chiesa

English Libretto or Translation:

Andrem, raminghi and poor,
where the destin takes us.
A pan asking men
andrem from door to door.
Perhaps his eyelashes
we weep,
but always to the next father
his daughter will stay.
That father and that daughter
God will bless!
At the new dawn we will leave.
As we approach the new dawn we will depart.

Miller retires
The organ sound from the church is heard

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