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O figli o figli miei

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O figli, o figli miei... - Macbeth - G. Verdi

Singer(s): Giuseppe Taddei George Zervanos

A rare recording of George Zervanos as Macduff in one of his last appearances in this role that he marked with his interpretation and sung multiple times throughout his career.

"O figli, o figli miei..." from G. Verdi's Macbeth
George Zervanos, tenor
Greek National Opera - December 1987
A. Paridis, conductor

Rare stage archive photos in this video are from the premiere of this same production in 1975-76 season of the Greek National Opera. Cast appearing in the photos as follows:
Macbeth: Giuseppe Taddei
Lady Macbeth: Mata Markopoulou
Banco: George Pappas
Macduff: George Zervanos
Malcolm: Dimitris Stefanou

Opening photo from George Zervanos' personal archive taken backstage in 1987.

Απόσπασμα κριτικής Κ. Ρωμανού στην Καθημερινή της 15 Ιανουαρίου 1976 για την ερμηνεία του Γ. Ζερβάνου στην παραγωγή της ΕΛΣ του 1976 με τον Taddei και τη Μαρκοπούλου απ'όπου και οι φωτογραφίες του βίντεο.

"Ο Γιώργος Ζερβάνος ήταν εκείνος που μπόρεσε να ελκύσει την διασκορπισμένη μας προσοχή χωρίς καμμία από μέρος μας προσπάθεια. Η φωνή του μαγεύει και μόνο από το πυκνό από λεπτές φωτοσκιάσεις χρώμα του. Η άριά του, στην τελευταία πράξη, ήταν η ομορφότερη ανδρική άρια της παράστασης."

The great Greek tenor George Zervanos was born in Kos, Greece, in 1930. He studied with Kiki Vlachou in Athens and went on to study in depth with L. Guarrini and E. Campogalliani in Milan, and J. Hauschild and H. Arnold in Munich. He won four scholarships from Greece, Italy and Germany (Municipality of Bavarian region and DAAD) as well as Medals and First Prizes in many international vocal competitions. He sang as a soloist in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, England. His performances as Rodolfo in "La Boheme" between 1967 - 1973, where he sang 38 times in more than 20 opera houses of Germany, were praised enthusiastically by the press.In 1974 he was engaged by the Greek National Opera where he sang leading roles in the operas of Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni, Leoncavallo, Wagner, Massenet, Ravel, Mussorgsky, as well as a great spectrum of Greek operatic repertoire by Samaras, Sklavos, Xirelis, etc. At the same time he taught in all the major conservatories of Athens, Greece. For 30 years, he was an outstanding teacher of a large number of students many of who are now established singers leading carriers in Greek and European Opera houses.

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N. 13 - Scena ed Aria Macduff

O figli, o figli miei! da quel tiranno
Tutti uccisi voi foste, e insieme con voi
La madre sventurata!... Ah, fra gli artigli
Di quel tigre io lasciai la madre e i figli?

English Libretto or Translation:

Oh my children! You have all been killed
by that tyrant, together with
your poor mother! Ah, did I
leave a mother and her children in the clutches of that beast?

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