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Gia nella notte densa

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Giuseppe Verdi




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Otello / Desdemona


Tenor / Soprano



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(OTELLO): Giovanni Martinelli & Helen Jepson: Gia nella notte densa (1939)

Singer(s): Helen Jepson Giovanni Martinelli Lawrence Tibbett

Italian Tenor Giovanni Martinelli (1885-1969) & American Soprano Helen Jepson (1904-1997) / Gia nella notte densa / Otello (Verdi) / Metropolitan Opera & Chorus Conducted by Wilfred Pelletier / Otello Excerpts Album recorded May 3-9, 1939 (note Lawrence Tibbett is given top billing in the program) --

Giovanni Martinelli (October 22, 1885 -- February 2, 1969): Italian operatic tenor associated with the Italian lyric-dramatic repertory, although he performed French operatic roles to great acclaim as well. Martinelli was one of the most famous tenors of the 20th century, enjoying a long career at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and appearing at other major international theatres. The full wikipedia article can be found here:
Helen Jepson (November 28, 1904 - September 16, 1997): American lyric soprano noted for being a "stunning blond beauty" as well as for her voice. She was born in Titusville, Pennsylvania on November 28, 1904 and raised in Akron, Ohio, where she studied voice performed in high school operatic productions. She attended the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia on scholarship. She sang with the Philadelphia Civic Opera Company and formed a four singer group called "The Mississippi Misses", traveling "6,000 miles in 12 weeks giving concerts in 87 towns". Her professional success accelerated in Philadelphia leading to a move to New York City with her husband, flautist George Poselle. Her career in radio began in 1933 with a performance with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Philip James. The broadcast was only local to New Jersey. She would later perform on the radio with bandleaders Paul Whiteman and Rudy Vallee also. She was selected as Most Important New Air Personality of 1934". Her radio broadcasts attracted the attention of the Metropolitan Opera and her debut there was in John Laurence Seymour's one-act opera In the Pasha's Garden.[2][3] Her husband also found employment at the Met. She sang lead soprano with the Metropolitan Opera from 1935 to 1941. Some of her best known roles while at the Met include Desdemona (Othello) and Marguerite (Faust). The Faust recording is still in print, as is her recording of Porgy and Bess; she was the first soprano to record in that role, and the extant recording of her was supervised by Gershwin himself. Jepson's attempt to move into Hollywood was unsuccessful, although it did expose her to wider audiences. Her only film role was 1938's unsuccessful The Goldwyn Follies, in which she sang "The Brindisi" from Verdi's La Traviata, Enrico Toselli's "La Serenata", the Gershwins' "Love Walked In", and "Sempre Libre". Paramount offered her further work, but as filmed opera never proved successful, the deal never came to fruition. Jepson and George Poselle were divorced and she married Walter Dellera, son of Ricardo Dellera, a conductor and voice coach for the Metropolitan Opera. Jepson then became a resident of Closter, New Jersey, where she gave music lessons at a studio in her home. She and Walter had one son, Ricardo (Rick) Dellera who died in 2006. In later life, Jepson attended Seton Hall University and acquired a degree in speech therapy. She worked for the school district in Monmouth County, New Jersey as a speech therapist for children. When she retired she and Walter Dellera moved to Bradenton, Florida where she was very active with the Bradenton Opera Guild. She died in Bradenton, Florida on September 16, 1997, aged 92. (wikipedia)


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Eileen Farrell Richard Tucker Gia nella notte densa Otello G Verdi 23818
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Leontyne Price Placido Domingo Otello Giuseppe Verdi 93372
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5 - Plácido Domingo

OthelloDesdemona en francais Jose Luccioni Regine Crespin OTELLO Giuseppe Verdi 93382
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Act 1 Gia nella notte densa s estingue ogni clamor 93412
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5 - Giovanni Martinelli
Otello Act I Gia nella notte densa Otello Desdemona 93416
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Ruben Dominguez Gia nella notte densa  93302
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Francisco Araiza as OTELLO in Duet Act I 93304
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HD Gia nella notte densa Otello 23814
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OTELLO Gia nella notte densa Kunde Crocetto 93320
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Gia nella notte densa 23840
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6 - Peter Glossop
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5 - Ramón Vinay
6 - Frank Guarrera

Otello Gia nella notte densa 93402
6 - Renato Zanelli

Otello Act I Act I Gia nella notte densa Otello Desdemona 93417
5 - Robert Dean Smith

Otello Act I Scene 6 Gia nella notte densa Otello Desdemona 93426
1 - Maria Guleghina
Otello Act I Gia nella notte densa 93414
1 - Miriam Gauci
5 - Nicola Martinucci
6 - Eduard Tumagian

Otello Act I Gia nella notte densa 93410
1 - Stella Roman
2 - Martha Lipton
5 - Alessio De Paolis
5 - Torsten Ralf
6 - Leonard Warren
Otello Act I Gia nella notte densa 93423
5 - Beniamino Gigli


Otello e Desdemona

Già nella notte densa
s'estingue ogni clamor.
Già il mio cor fremebondo
s'ammansa in quest'amplesso e si rinsensa.
Tuoni la guerra e s'inabissi il mondo
se dopo l'ira immensa
vien quest'immenso amor!

Mio superbo guerrier! Quanti tormenti,
quanti mesti sospiri e quanta speme
ci condusse ai soavi abbracciamenti!
Oh! com'è dolce il mormorare insieme:
te ne rammenti!
Quando narravi l'esule tua vita
e i fieri eventi e i lunghi tuoi dolor,
ed io t'udia coll'anima rapita
in quei spaventi e coll'estasi in cor.

Pingea dell'armi il fremito, la pugna
e il vol gagliardo alla breccia mortal,
l'assalto, orribil edera, coll'ugna
al baluardo e il sibilante stral.

Poi mi guidavi ai fulgidi deserti,
all'arse arene, al tuo materno suol;
narravi allor gli spasimi sofferti
e le catene e dello schiavo il duol.

Ingentilia di lagrime la storia
il tuo bel viso e il labbro di sospir;
scendean sulle mie tenebre la gloria,
il paradiso e gli astri a benedir.

Ed io vedea fra le tue tempie oscure
splender del genio l'eterea beltà.

E tu m'amavi per le mie sventure
ed io t'amavo per la tua pietà.

Ed io t'amavo per le tue sventure
e tu m'amavi per la mia pietà.

E tu m'amavi…

E tu m'amavi…

Ed io t'amavo…

… per la tua, (mia) pietà.

English Libretto or Translation:

Now as the darkness deepens
all harsh sounds die away,
and now my turbulent heart
finds peace in this embrace
and calm refreshment.
Let cannons roar and all the world collapse
if after the immeasurable wrath
comes this immeasurable love!

My splendid warrior! What anguish,
what deep sighs and high hopes
have strewn the path to our glad union!
Oh, how sweet to murmur thus together!
Do you remember?
You used to tell me of your life in exile,
of violent deeds and suffering long endured,
and I would listen, transported by the tales
that terrified, but thrilled my heart as well.

I would describe the clash of arms, the fight
and violent thrust toward the fatal breach,
the assault, when hands, like grisly tendrils,
clung to bastions amid the hissing darts.

Then you would lead me to the glaring desert,
to scorching sands, the country of your birth;
and then you would relate your sufferings,
tell me of chains and slavery’s agony.

Softened was your lovely face by tears,
your lips by sighs, when I my story told;
upon my darkness shone a radiance,
heaven and all the stars in benediction!

And I descried upon your dusky temples
genius’ ethereal beauty shining there.

You loved me for the dangers I had passed,
and I loved you that you did pity them.

I loved you for the dangers you had passed,
and you loved me that I did pity them.

And you loved me...

And you loved me...

... and I loved you...
... that you did pity them.

... that I did pity them.

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