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Piangi fanciulla

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Giuseppe Verdi




Rigoletto Synopsis


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Rigoletto / Gilda


Baritone / Soprano



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Verdi: Rigoletto, Act 3 - Piangi, fanciulla (Giuseppe De Luca and Amelita Galli-Curci)

Singer(s): Giuseppe De Luca Amelita Galli-Curci

The great Act 3 duet from Giuseppe Verdi's early masterpiece Rigoletto (1851) as sung by two of the Metropolitan Opera's biggest stars of the Golden Age, Giuseppe De Luca (1876-1950) and Amelita Galli-Curci (1882-1963). The recording was made on December 16, 1927 in NY, with the Metropolitan Opera House Orchestra, Giulio Setti conductor, and released on HMV DA 1020 (matrix no. 7-54048).

The recording session is documented in Frederick Fellers' "The Metropolitan Opera on Record" (Greenwood Press, 1984). Galli-Curci and De Luca 6 record sides from 10:30am - 4:25pm at the Liederkranz Hall in NY (E 58th St. between Lexington and 4th Ave.). They recorded this, as well as 'Ah! veglia, o donna' from Rigoletto and 'Imponete' and 'Dite alla giovine' from La traviata. Also on that day they recorded two ensembles: the sextet from Lucia di Lammermoor ('Che mi frena') with Galli-Curci, De Luca, Louise Homer, Beniamino Gigli, Ezio Pinza, and Angelo Bada and the quartet from Rigoletto ('Bella figlia dell'amore') with Galli-Curci, de Luca, Homer, and Gigli.

The record is played on a restored portable Columbia Viva-Tonal 113a, ca. 1928. Sorry for the label shot. The camera on my Macbook's iSight is not good enough to handle faint script but I ensure you the performance itself makes up for any shortcomings of my video capturing capabilities.

Watch videos with other singers performing Piangi fanciulla:

Verdi Rigoletto Act 3 Piangi fanciulla Giuseppe De Luca and Amelita GalliCurci 30964
1 - Amelita Galli-Curci
6 - Giuseppe De Luca
Edita Gruberova Renato Bruson Tutte le feste al tempio Piangi fanciulla Rigoletto 30953
1 - Edita Gruberová
6 - Renato Bruson

CARLO TAGLIABUE e MARGHERITA CAROSIO Rigoletto Solo per me Piangi piangi fanciulla  102666
1 - Margherita Carosio
6 - Carlo Tagliabue
Rigoletto Act II Ah Piangi fanciulla piangi 30973
1 - Nadine Sierra
6 - Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Rigoletto Act II Piangi fanciulla Gilda Rigoletto 30957
1 - Renata Scotto
6 - Ettore Bastianini
Rigoletto Act II Scene 9 Piangi fanciulla Gilda Rigoletto 30991
1 - Renée Doria
6 - Robert Massard

Rigoletto Act II Piangi piangi fanciulla Gilda Rigoletto 30982
1 - Gianna D'Angelo
6 - Renato Capecchi

Piangi piangi fanciulla Rigoletto 102691
1 - Maria Galvany
6 - Titta Ruffo

Rigoletto Act II Piangi fanciulla Rigoletto Gilda 30988
1 - Lina Pagliughi
6 - Tito Gobbi
Rigoletto Act II Piangi fanciulla 30997
6 - Giuseppe Danise
7 - Vincenzo Bettoni

Rigoletto Act 2 Tutte Le Feste Al Tempo Piangi Fanciulla Compiuto Pur Quanto A Fare Mi 102694
1 - Lina Pagliughi
6 - Luigi Piazza
Rigoletto Atto secondo Piangi fanciulla  102695
1 - Roberta Peters
6 - Leonard Warren

Rigoletto Act II Piangi fanciulla Gilda Rigoletto 102698
1 - Joan Sutherland
6 - Cornell MacNeil
Rigoletto Act II Duet Piangifanciulla Rigoletto Gilda 102706
1 - Erna Berger
6 - Leonard Warren

Verdi Rigoletto Act 2 Ah piangi fanciulla Padre in voi parla un angiol  102710
1 - Cheryl Studer
6 - Vladimir Chernov
Rigoletto Piangi Fanciulla Davidson Van Jueten 30980
1 - Diana Damrau
1 - Erika Köth
1 - Ileana Cotrubas
1 - Lucia Popp
1 - Maria Chiara
1 - Martina Arroyo
1 - Mirella Freni
1 - Montserrat Caballé
1 - Raina Kabaivanska
1 - Éva Marton
2 - Agnes Baltsa
2 - Fiorenza Cossotto
2 - Waltraud Meier
6 - Antonio Cotogni
6 - Titta Ruffo

Rigoletto Piangi fanciulla piangi Carmen Fuggiss Nikola Mijailovic 102662
6 - Nikola Mijailović
COLORATURA Evelyn Scotney G Rimini Rigoletto Piangi fanciulla RED record gmmix 102669
1 - Evelyn Scotney

Giancarlo Pasquetto Rigoletto Piangi fanciulla  102670
1 - Ruth Ann Swenson
1 - Luciana Serra

Hermann Uhde Rigoletto Piangi fanciulla Si vendetta 102673
6 - Hermann Uhde

Ilona Domnich Leo Nucci Mio padrePiangi fanciulla Rigoletto Giuseppe Verdi 30963
6 - Leo Nucci

Simone Osborne Piangi fanciulla duet Rigoletto G Verdi 30985
1 - Simone Osborne
Lotte Schone Schoene Herbert Janssen Tutte le festePiangi fanciulla Rigoletto G Verdi 30958
6 - Herbert Janssen

Rigoletto Act II Ah Solo per me l infamia Piangi piangi fanciulla 102687
6 - Gino Bechi
Piangi piangi fanciulla Rigoletto 30990
6 - Apollo Granforte

Rigoletto Act II Piangi piangi fanciulla Rigoletto Gilda 30996
6 - Sesto Bruscantini
Rigoletto Act II Piangi piangi fanciulla 102693
6 - Cesare Formichi

Rigoletto Act II Act II Piangi piangi fanciulla Gilda Rigoletto 102708
1 - Renée Doria
2 - Denise Scharley
6 - Robert Massard


(Ah! Solo per me l'infamia
A te chiedeva, o Dio …
Ch'ella potesse ascendere
Quanto caduto er'io.
Ah, presso del patibolo
Bisogna ben l'altare!
Ma tutto ora scompare,
L'altare si rovesciò!)
Ah! piangi, fanciulla, scorrer
Fa il pianto sul mio cor.

Padre, in voi parla un angiol
Per me consolator.

Compiuto pur quanto a fare mi resta,
Lasciare potremo quest'aura funesta.


(E tutto un sol giorno cangiare poté!)

English Libretto or Translation:

(Ah! I asked infamy, O God,
only for myself,
so that she might be raised
as high as I had fallen.
Ah, beside the gallows
one must raise an altar!
But all is now lost,
the altar is cast down!)
Weep, my child, and let your tears
fall upon my breast.

Father, an angel speaks through you
and consoles me.

When I have finished what I must do here,
we can leave this house of doom.


(A single day has changed everything!)

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