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Questa o quella

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Giuseppe Verdi




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Duke of Mantua





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Giuseppe Di Stefano: Verdi - Rigoletto, 'Questa o quella'

Singer: Giuseppe Di Stefano

Giuseppe Di Stefano (24 July 1921 -- 3 March 2008) was an Italian operatic tenor who sang professionally from the late 1940s until the early 1990s. He was known as the "Golden voice" or "The most beautiful voice", as the true successor of Beniamino Gigli. He was also known for his long-term performance and recording association with soprano Maria Callas. Giuseppe di Stefano was born in Motta Sant'Anastasia, a village near Catania, Sicily. He was the only son of a carabiniere turned cobbler and his dressmaker wife. After serving in the Italian military (and briefly taking lessons from the Swiss tenor Hugues Cuénod), di Stefano made his operatic debut in 1946 in Reggio Emilia as Des Grieux in Massenet's Manon, the role in which he made his La Scala debut the following year. The great beauty of his lyric tenor voice quickly won him international attention and he was duly engaged by the Metropolitan Opera in New York. He made his New York debut in 1948 as the Duke of Mantua in Verdi's Rigoletto after singing the role in Riccione with Hjördis Schymberg that summer. He went on to perform regularly in New York for many years. In 1957, di Stefano made his British debut at the Edinburgh Festival as Nemorino in L'elisir d'amore and his Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, debut in 1961, as Cavaradossi in Tosca. As a singer, di Stefano was admired for his excellent diction, unique timbre, passionate delivery and, in particular, for the sweetness of his soft singing. In his Metropolitan Opera radio broadcast debut in Faust, he attacked the high C forte and then softened to a pianissimo. Sir Rudolf Bing said in his memoirs that this was the most beautiful sound he had heard come out of a human throat during his many years as general manager of the Metropolitan Opera. In a documentary aired on PBS entitled Pavarotti and the Italian Tenor, a critic remarked that "di Stefano's [singing] technique was not good", due to the fact that he apparently misused the passagio of his voice. Luciano Pavarotti said he modeled himself after di Stefano, a fact that gained much attention after Pavarotti's death in September 2007. He was also the tenor who most inspired José Carreras. Di Stefano sang the tenor leads in several of the most famous recordings of Maria Callas, all of which were for EMI...

Lyrics & English Translation

This girl or that girl are just
the same to me,
to all the others around me
I won't give away my heart
to this beauty nor to the others.
Their charm is a gift
Given by destiny to embellish their lives
If today I love this one
I'll probably love someone else tomorrow.
We hate constancy, the heart's tyrant,
as if it were a cruel plague,
Let those who wish to be faithful
keep their fidelity alive;
There is no love without freedom.
The rage of jealous husbands
and lovers' woes I despise,
I can defy Argo's hundred eyes
If I fancy a beautiful girl.

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Né sventura per me certo saria.

Questa o quella per me pari sono
A quant'altre d'intorno mi vedo;
Del mio core l'impero non cedo
Meglio ad una che ad altra beltà.
La costoro avvenenza è qual dono
Di che il fato ne infiora la vita;
S'oggi questa mi torna gradita
Forse un'altra doman lo sarà.

La costanza, tiranna del core,
Detestiamo qual morbo crudele.
Sol chi vuole si serbi fedele;
Non v'è amor se non v'è libertà.
De' mariti il geloso furore,
Degli amanti le smanie derido;
Anco d'Argo i cent'occhi disfido
Se mi punge una qualche beltà.

Entra il Conte di Ceprano, che segue da lungi la sua sposa servita da altro cavaliere; dame e signori che entrano da varie parti.

alla signora di Ceprano movendo ad incontrarla con molta galanteria
Partite? … Crudele!

Seguire lo sposo
M'è forza a Ceprano.

Ma dee luminoso
In corte tal astro qual sole brillare.
Per voi qui ciascuno dovrà palpitare.
Per voi già possente la fiamma d'amore
Inebria, conquide, distrugge il mio core.

Calmatevi …

Il Duca le dà il braccio ed esce con lei.
Entra Rigoletto che s'incontra nel signor di Ceprano, poi cortigiani.

In testa che avete,
Signor di Ceprano?
Ceprano fa un gesto d'impazienza e segue il Duca. Rigoletto dice ai cortigiani.
Ei sbuffa, vedete?

Che festa!

Oh sì...

Il Duca qui pur si diverte!

Così non è sempre? che nuove scoperte!
Il giuoco ed il vino, le feste, la danza,
Battaglie, conviti, ben tutto gli sta.
Or della Contessa l'assedio egli avanza,
E intanto il marito fremendo ne va.

Esce. Entra Marullo premuroso.

English Libretto or Translation:

That wouldn't worry me at all.

Neither is any different
from the rest I see around me;
I never yield my heart
to one beauty more than another.
Feminine charm is a gift bestowed
by fate to brighten our lives.
And if one woman pleases me today,
tomorrow, like as not, another will.
Fidelity ? that tyrant of the heart –
we shun like pestilence.
Only those who want to should be faithful;
without freedom there is no love.
I find the ravings of jealous husbands
and the frenzy of lovers ridiculous;
once smitten by a pretty face
I'd not let Argus' hundred eyes deter me!

Count Ceprano enters and, from a distance, watches his wife who is on the arm of another man; more ladies and gentlemen enter.

to Ceprano's wife, greeting her with great gallantry
You are leaving us? How cruel!

I must go with my husband
to Ceprano.

So bright a star should be shedding
its brilliance on my court.
You would make every heart beat faster here.
The fires of passion already flare
headily, conquering, consuming my heart.

Calm yourself!

The Duke gives her his arm and leads her out.
Rigoletto meets Ceprano, then the courtiers.

What have you on your head,
my lord of Ceprano?
Ceprano reacts with an angry gesture, then follows his wife and the Duke. Rigoletto says to the courtiers.
He's fuming, did you see?

What sport!

Oh, yes!

The Duke is enjoying himself!

Doesn't he always? That's nothing new.

Gaming and wine, parties, dancing,
battles and banquets ? anything goes.
Now he's laying siege to the Countess
while her husband goes off in a rage.

He leaves the room. Marullo enters excitedly.

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