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Un Ballo in maschera Libretto
English Translation

Act One
Scene Before
A hall in the Governor's house.
It's morning. - At the bottom, the entrance to his rooms. Deputies, Gentlemen, Populani, Officials; on the front of Samuel, Tom and their Adherents - all waiting for Riccardo.

Officials and Gentlemen
Laying in peace, to beautiful dreams,
O Riccardo, your noble cor. -
Shield you on this dwelling
Love is of a virgin world.

Samuel, Tom, and their adherents
And there is the hatred that prèpara the fio,
Thinking back to the fallen for you -
As you hope, the oblivion has descended
On the unhappy tombs it is not.
Scene II
Oscar from the Count's rooms, then Riccardo.

The Count is advancing.

Riccardo [greeting the bystanders]
My friends ... Soldiers ...
And you of par delight to me! ...
[to deputies in receiving supplications]
He expects me - I'm worse
On my faithful watch, - to be paid
Every vote, if right.
Beautiful being can not be, that de 'subjects
Tears do not hold, and to incorrupt
Gloria does not aim.

Oscar [to him]
Read you like it
The invitation is invited.

You would have no
Forgotten beauty?

Oscar [offering him a sheet]
Here are the names.

Riccardo [reading, to himself]
Amelia ... ah, still dessa! my soul
In her kidnapped every greatness oblivious!

He will see her again in ecstasy
Glowing of pallor ...
And here to play with love
His word will hear.
Or sweet night, get off
You can gemmate at party:
But my star is this:
This heaven does not have!

Officials and Gentlemen
Within himself absorbed
With generous affection
Our good object
His thoughts will do.

Samuel, Tom and their Adherents [softly]
The hour is not - that's all
Here he works.
From the enemy thresholds
Better to go out will be.

Riccardo [to Oscar]
The nod from there with them await.
[everyone goes away.]

Oscar [towards Renato who advances]
Free is the gap to you.
Scene III
Riccardo and Renato

Renato [aside]
Oh, how sad it appears!

Riccardo [among himself]

Renato [bending over]
With you...

Riccardo [cs]
Oh heaven! his husband!

Renato [approaching]
Troubled mine
Mr., while his name is everywhere
Inclited sounds?

For the glory it is a lot,
Nothing for the body - Secreta, immaculate care
I oppress me.

And whence?

Ah no ... no more ...

I cagion.

Riccardo [from himself]
Great God!

I know everything...


I know everything.
Already this same threshold
You do not have asylum.


A guilty drawing
In the aged we get ripe,
Your days threaten.

Riccardo [with joy]
Ah, what about what you're talking about?
More you do not know? ...

If you will be grateful to the names ...

What's up? I despise them.

Unveiling them is my duty.

Taci: in the blood
Contaminate me when I should. Not fia,
Nol vo '. - De 'my zeal
Everyone look at me and protect the sky.

To the life that beats you
Of hopes and full glory,
Of another thousand and one thousand lives
Destiny is chained!
In your heart the genius palpitates
Of your splendid happening!

But it will be everywhere, always
Closed the gap to the wounds,
Because shield of your chest
Is your love affection?
Hatred is the most awake love
His victims to hit!
Scene IV
Oscar, then a judge, and said.

Oscar [at the entrance]
The first judge.


Judge [offering him dispatches to sign]
With you!

What I read! ... the ban on a woman! Or from where?
What is his name? ... What is this?

Ulrica - of the object
Blood of the Negroes.

Around which they crowd
All the lineages. Of the future the high
Soothsayer ...

What in the filthy cave
Call the worst, of every advice
He already suspects. The exile is due to her:
My vote does not change.

Riccardo [to Oscar]
What about 'you?

I want to defend it.

Once the terrea is gone
Face to the stars
How it sparkles
His pupil,
When beautiful
The predicts
Mesto or happy
Of their love!
And it is with the Erebo
All right!

What a vague couple ...
What a protector!

Who fate it
His skirt grabs,
Or passed the sea,
Flights to the war,
His stories
Soave, love
From this he learns
In doubt cor.
And it is with the Erebo
All right!

What a vague couple ...
What a protector!

Be condemned.

Oscar [towards the Count]
Ah! you
Assolverla worthy.

Ebben, all called:
Now I open my thoughts to you.
[Renato and Oscar invite to come back out]
Scene V
Samuel, Tom and Followers, Gentlemen, Officials, and Sayings.

Gentlemen: today of Ulrica
At the magion I invite you -
But under another dress;
I will be there.


Yes, I want to enjoy the scene.

The idea is not prudent.

I find it excellent indeed,
Feconda of piacer.

You recognize someone
There is potria.

What theme!

Samuel, Tom [grinning]
Ve ', ve', everything trembles
This is a councilor.

Riccardo [to Oscar]
And you dress me a dress
From pescator.

Samuel, Tom and their Adherents [sub-item]
Who knows...
That to the revenge the adito
Does not it open up there?

Every care is given to the beloved,
And get caught up in the magical roof:
Everybody in the crowd of believers
You leave and frolic with me.

And he finds out, but he watches the suspect
On the perils that quiver around,
But protect the magnanimous chest
Whom nothing pays for itself.

The guesser says she's beautiful,
And it is well that I interrogate him too;
I will feel if the stars are happy,
What is beneficial for me.

Therefore choose each his way
And answer the festive invitation,
Because you shine with a bit of joy
This life that heaven has of it.

Samuel, Tom and Followers
Without stopping we watch over,
Nor is it lost where the moment pops;
Perhaps the star that holds his fate
In the abyss there extinguish de '.

So, gentlemen, wait,
Incognito, at three o'clock
In the cave of the oracle,
Of the great maga at the foot.

Teco sarem immediately,
Incogniti at three o'clock
In the cave of the oracle,
Of the great maga at the foot.
Scene VI
The habit of the guesser.
On the left a fireplace; the fire is lit, and the magical boiler smoke over a trephie; on the same side the door of an obscure recess. On the right side a staircase that turns and gets lost under the vôlta, and at the end of the same on the front a small secret door. At the bottom the entrance to the main door with a large window. - In the middle a rough table, and hanging from the roof and from the stromenti walls and furnishings similar to the place.

In the background Men and Women of the People. Ulrica at the table; a little boy and a young girl who ask her for the good fortune are not far behind.

Shut up ... the enchantment does not disturb ...
Par that Sàtana flickers to the hearth!

Ulrica [inspired]
King of the abyss, hurry up,
Precipita for the etra -
Without lightning the lightning
My penitra roof.

Three times the hoopoe
From above he sighed;
The ignominious salamander
Three times he hissed ...
And the moans of the tombs
Three times he spoke to me!
Scene VII
Richard as a fisherman, advancing through the crowd, or noticing any of his own.

Arrival the first!

Villano, gives back.
[He goes off laughing.]

Deh! why does everything shine from gloomy?

It's him, it's him! nor palpitate
How I feel now
The voluptuousness rioneere
Of his tremendous embrace!
The face of the future
In the left he has.

He surrendered to my spell,
Rifolgorar the fa:
Nothing, nothing to ascend
At my watch, he will be able to!
[beats the ground and disappears]

Hurray the sorceress!

Ulrica [of earthly]
Silence silence!
Scene VIII
Silvanus breaking the crowd, and said.

Come on, make me wide, know my fate.
Son servant of the Count: I am his seafarer:
I have challenged death for it several times;
Three decades are courses of bitter living,
Three decades that nothing has been done for me.

Ulrica [reappearing]
And you ask?

What fate for the blood spilled
He awaits me.

Riccardo [aside]
Favella as a soldier.

The hand.


Rejoice: omai
The poor days change you will see.

[Riccardo draws a scroll and writes about it]


It must be paid.

Riccardo [placing it in his pocket at Silvano, who does not look after]
Lie not de '.

A good omen was well deserved at mercy.
[rummaging finds the scroll on which he reads ecstatically]
"Riccardo to his dear Silvano Uffiziale."
For bacchus! do not dream! ... of gold and a degree!

Long live our immortal Sybil,
That spreads over all riches and pleasures.
[pokers at the small door]

It beats!
[Ulrica opens and enters a servant]

Riccardo [among himself]
What I see on the secret door,
A servant of Amelia!

Servant [softly to Ulrica, but understood by Riccardo]
Listen: mine
Madam, waiting for you there, please
To pray to you, from the eye, of an arcane parer.

Me no ... Go out, and let me scrutinize in the ver.
Ulrica Why can I answer you? It is necessary that you first bind me to Satan. Go out, and let me scrutinize in the ver. We all go out, and let me scrutinize in ver. [as everyone goes away, Riccardo hides]
Scene IX
Amelia, Ulrica and Riccardo on the sidelines.

What's the matter like that?

Funesta, ascosa
Care that love aroused ...

Riccardo [from himself]
Quai said!

And you
Are you searching for? ...

Pace - flip me from the chest
Who so fatal and desized empires!
He - that on all the ciel referee poses.

Riccardo [in himself, with a lively emotion of joy]
My soul!

The forgetfulness is given. Arcane
Stille I know of a magic'erba,
That renew the cor. But who has it?
To put it on his man's hand in the rent
Of the nights - funereal
It is the place.

Where is?

The dare

Amelia [resolute]
Yes - what it is.

So listen.
From the city to the occasion,
There where the gloomy side
It beats the pale moon
On the field abomined ...
Strict the stamens
To those infamous stones,
Where the fault is guilty
With the last sigh!

Heavens! what a place!

And already you are trembling!

Riccardo [cs]
Poor cor!


Froze ...

And will you dare it?

If such is my duty
I'll find it too.



Riccardo [cs]
Not alone:
For you to follow.

Permit me, O Lord,
Virtue that I wash the core,
And the inflamed throb
In my breast sopir!

Go, not tremar, the enchantment
The tears dry up.
Osa - and drink it in the drug
The oblivion of your martyrs.

Riccardo> [cs]
Ardo, and follow you I'm fixed
If it were in the abyss,
As long as I breathe, Amelia,
The aura of your sighs.

Voices [from the bottom]
Daughter of averno, open the cloister,
[pushed to the door]
And lazy less vêr shows you.

Ulrica [to Amelia]
Soon, go.


Scene X
Ulrica opens the main entrance: they enter Samuel, Tom and Seguaci, Oscar, Gentiluomini and Uffiziali disguised in disguise, to which Riccardo joins.

Up, prophetess, mount the treppiè;
Sing the omen.

But the Count is it?

Riccardo [came to him]
Be quiet, hide it here.
[then quickly moved to Ulrica]
And you, Sibilla, that you know everything,
You will talk to me about my star.

Say if you are faithful
The flood awaits me,
If you are tearful
The woman delights
Saying goodbye
He betrayed my love.

With tattered sails
And the alma in storm,
The furrows know how to break
Of the fatal wave,
The averno and the sky
Irati challenge.

Sollecita explores,
Divine events,
They can not lightning,
The anger of the winds,
Death, love
Loosen it from the sea.

On the agile bow
What moves me in the womb,
If I get upset, I wake up
To the whistles of the nemo,
I repeat between the thunders
The sweet songs.

The sweet songs
Of the native roof,
What the hours complain
Of the last goodbye,
And they all laugh
The forces of the cor.

Su, negra, resound
The litigation;
Open the threshold
That closes the future -
In our soul
Not cape terror.

Who are you, the insane word
May one day cry out,
If who forces the arcane living room
It's the fault in the duel in purgar,
If one defies his insolent fate
It must be shaken by a foul.

Shut up, friends.

But the first who does it?


Riccardo [offering the palm to Ulrica]
The honor you give me.

And it is.

It is the right of a great, lived
Under the star of Mars.

In the true
She caught.

Be still.

Ulrica [breaking away from him]
Go - leave me - do not ask for more:

Come on, go on.

No - leave me.


I beg you.

Chorus [to her]
Eh, do not stop it.

I impose it.

Ebben, you will soon die.

If on the field of honor, I know you can.

No - for a friend's hand ...

Great God!
What orror!

So written it is up there!

Riccardo [looking around]
It's a joke or it's madness
Which from that lip comes out
But how to laugh
Their credulity!

Ulrica [passing between Tom and Samuel]
Eh you, gentlemen, to these
Paròle my worst,
You do not dare to laugh,
There is more in the heart.

Oscar and Coro
And it will therefore be turned off
In short to betrayal?
To think of the soul alone
Shivering goes.

Samuel and Tom [staring at Ulrica]
His word is dart,
The sight is lightning
From the confidant demon
All this is back.

Finisici 'l vaticinio.
Say, who then makes the killer?

Who first
Your man will tighten up today.

[then offering the right to 'surrounding people who dare not touch]
Which one of you, what do you feel?
The liar oracle? ...
Scene XI
Renato at the entrance, and said.

Riccardo [acceding to him]
There he is.
[and joins his to the right of his friend]


Samuel [to his]
Breath - the case saved it.

All [against Ulrica]
The oracle
He lied.

Yes: because the man I hold
It is the most trusting of my friend ...


Ulrica [recognizing the governor]
The Count! ...

Riccardo [to her]
Nor, who were your genius
He revealed you - or that they wanted to banish
Today damn you.


Riccardo [throwing a bag]
You buy and take.

You magnanimous, but there is one among them
The traitor: more than one

Samuel, Tom [aside]
Great God!

Not anymore.

Chorus [from afar]
Viva Riccardo!

What voices?
Scene XII
Silvano from the bottom, where it rested, voletto outdoors, and said.

It's him, ratti movete, it's him:
Your friend and father.
[Sailors, Men and Women of the People crowd at the entrance]
Everybody prostrates himself: love, duty, he asks,
And the hymn sounds of our faith.

O son of England,
Love of this land:
Reggi happy, they are brave
Glory and health to you.

Envied laurel,
Who wins every treasure,
To your hair weave
Recognition and faith.

He does not believe his fate,
But he will still be wounded;
He smiled at my omen,
But he has the foot in the pit.

And I can suspect
Feed in the chest,
If a thousand hearts beat
To sacrifice yourself to me?

But misfortune is what
Even though it is ascending triumph,
Where the hypocritical destiny
Veil a rea ​​mercé.

Samuel, Tom and Followers [among them]
Prohibit any hostile motion
Here the cowardly mob,
Which is lapping the idol,
And who does not know why.

Second act
Scene Before
Lonely field in the surroundings of Boston
on a steep hill. On the left in the lower white two pillars; and the slightly veiled moon illuminates some points of the scene.
Amelia from the eminences. Amelia Here is the horrid field where she mates Death to death! Here are the columns ... The plant is there, green at the foot. S'inoltri. Ah, my heart is stuck! Until the sound of my footsteps, here everything fills me with horror and terror! What if I had to? Perish! it is when my destiny, My duty is, is fulfilled, and is. [to start up] But from the arid stems, as I will have my hand on that grass, And inside the convulsive mind That ethereal semblance will die: What remains, lost love ... What remains to you, my poor heart? ! Oh! who cries, what strength moves me, traverses the squalid street? On courage ... and you made of stone, Do not betray me, from the crying stasis: O you finish beating and dies, T'annïenta, my poor heart! [a touch of hours, far away] Midnight! - and what's wrong? a spectrum of earth rises ... and sighs! In the eyes there is the light of anger And I am afflicted and terrible! [falling on his knees] Deh! hold me up, m'aïta, o mister, my poor heart was risking!
Scene II
Riccardo and Amelia.

I am.

Great God!

It calms you:
What are your themes?

Ah, leave me ...
I am the victim who moans ...
My name almen saved ...
Or the torment and the redness
My life will fall.

I leave you? no, never:
I can not; that bones in my chest
Sovruman of you affection.

Count, be merciful.

So you speak? who loves you
Do you ask for pity and still tremble?
This heart in love
Your honor will respect.

But, Riccardo, I belong to others ...
Of the most trusted friend ...

Shut up, Amelia ...

I am of him,
That will give life to you.

Ah cruel, and mel rammemori,
Repeat it before me!

You do not know if my soul
Remorse dilates and gnaws,
His cry does not cure, he does not hear,
Since the impious of love thrills? ...
You do not know that you resterìa,
If he ceased to beat his heart!
How many nights have I watched awake!
How long I unhappy I fought!
How many times from heaven I implored
Pity, that you ask from me! -
But for this I could have a moment,
Unhappy, do not you live?

Deh succor you, heaven, to the ambascia
Whose lies between infamy and death;
You pitifully illuminate the doors
Of salvation to the errant my foot.
And you go - I can not help you - leave me:
It is of him, that his blood gave you.

My life ... the universe,
For a saying ...

O pitiful heaven!

Tell me that ...

Ah, Riccardo!

A sol said ...

Ebben, yes, I love you ...

M'ami, Amelia!

But you, noble,
Defend me from my heart!

Riccardo [outside of himself]
M'ami, m'ami! ... oh be destroyed
Remorse, friendship
In my womb: extinct all:
Everything is except love!
What a sweet thrill
The lit chest is crying!
Ah, I hear you again
Answer me like that!
Astro of this darkness
To which I consecrate the core:
Radiate with love,
And the day does not rise!

Ahi on the funeral bed
Where he dreamed to turn it off,
Giant back in the chest
The love that hurt me!
That is not given to me in the bosom
To him pour this soul?
Or in death at least
Fall asleep here?
[the moon lights up more and more.]

Shut up ...

draws near
Any ...

Who comes in this
Hotel of death? ...
[Few steps]

Amelia [lowering the frightened veil]
My spouse!
Scene III
Riccardo, Amelia and Renato.

Riccardo [meeting him]
You here?

To save you from them, which are hidden
Up there, they're aiming you.

Who am I?


Amelia [among herself]
Or heaven!

Trasvolai in the closed mantle,
So he took me for one of the ambush,
And I mean some proromper: I saw it:
It is the Count: an unknown beltade is with it -
Then others here vôlto - fleeting purchase!
He shaves the grave, if the tender embrace
Troncar, of my hand, repent I will know.

Amelia [among herself]
I die...

Riccardo [to her]
It's core.

Renato [covering it with his cloak]
But this I give you.
[then pointing to a path on the right]
And mind you, the escape, you are free there.

Riccardo [taken by hand Amelia]
Save you from ...

Amelia [under her breath]
Me miserable! It goes...

Renato [passing to Amelia]
Neither do you already want to mark it, o madam,
To ruthless iron!
[vanishes at the bottom to see if they go forward]

Just fly you out!

What are you leaving here? ...

You are free again
Step, go, flee ...

Leave you alone here
With it? no, never - I will die.

Or flee: or that the veil from the head driped.

What do you say?



I want it.

[Riccardo hesitates, but she renews the order with her hand, and while Renato reappears, the Count goes to meet him]

Amelia [among herself]
For it this only trembling and moaning alma
Save it, nothing else desiro presses it,
And pay a lot, if given the fia,
She herself of fate or shudders oblivious.

Riccardo [to Renato solemnly]
Friend, jealous I entrust to you a cure:
The love you bring me, guarantor is me.

Trust, impose.

Riccardo [with the index towards Amelia]
Promise me, swear
That you gave her, veiled, in the city,
Neither a saying nor a guard sur it will come.

I swear.

And that you touch the doors, you will go
Alone the opposite.

I swear it, and it will be.

Amelia [softly to Riccardo]
You hate how gloomy they are
For this ceremony the accents of death?
From up there, from those black cliffs,
The signal of the enemies departed.
In their breasts they shine with anger ...
And they are already falling down, they surround you ...
To your boss already volser the aim ...
For pity, go, fly away from here.

Riccardo [among himself]
Traditor, wretched are they,
What threaten my life?
But my friend still cheated ...
I am he who wounded him in the heart!
Innocent, I would have challenged them;
Or guilty love ... I flee. -
The piety of the Lord on her
Lay the wings, protect their di!

Renato [breaking away from the bottom where he was exploring]
Flee, flee: for the horrible way
I feel the trace of ruthless steps.
To the exchange of the said executes
Every right the dagger brandished.
It goes, it saves you, or that the gate at the exit
Here you will soon see yourself;
Go, save you, of the people is life
This life you throw this way.
[Riccardo exits]
Scene IV
Renato and Amelia.

Follow me.

Amelia [by itself]
My God!

Why are you trembling?
Fida escort there are, the friend accent
You can lift your heart!
Scene V
Samuel, Tom with followed, from the heights, and said.

Here they are.

Lean on me.

I feel like dying!

Choir [from above]
Go down, get stuck,
Downside is the last one.
The salute of the aurora
On the vain ones it will fall.

Samuel [to Tom]
You shake that white veil
Does your goddess stand out?

Yes, fall from the sky

Renato [strong]
Who is there?

It is not!

Or my furor!

It is not the count!

No, it's me
That stands before you here.

Samuel [mocking]
His trust!

Men of you
Fortunati we were:
What a beautiful smile
We are waiting for you to wait.

I for another in the face at least
I'm going to this Iside mirar.
[some of his belong with lighted torches]

Renato [with his hand on the hilt]
Not a step: if you dare
I draw the iron ...

And do you get inflamed?

I'm not afraid of you.

[the moon is in all its glory]

O heavens, aïta!

Choir [to Renato]
Down the steel ...


Tom [as he goes to trap the veil with Amelia]
I'll finish it ...

Renato [assaulting him]
It's your life
This insult will pay.
[in the act that everyone rushes against Renato, Amelia, outside of herself, slipping into a veil, drops her veil]

No: stop ...

Renato [hit]
What! ... Amelia! ...


His wife!

Ah! for pity!

Samuel, Tom
If you are here at night with your bride
The sweetheart sample is laid
And like the lunar ray of honey
You know on the dunes corcar!

The tragedy changed into comedy
Pleasant - ah! ah! ah! ah!
And that baccano on the strange case
Will go for the city!

Who in the cruel world more than ever,
Misera Amelia, will you turn around? ...
Your despised tear, which,
What pitiful man will shave?

Renato [fixed on the way waves flew Riccardo]
So he pays me, if I saved him!
The contaminated woman has me!
This thick mark was on my forehead,
Macerus the core forever has me!
[then, when he was aroused, and like someone who has taken a serious party, he approaches Samuel and Tom]
You would convert to my roof
On tomorrow morning?

Samuel, Tom
For the sake of suffering?

No - quite another in my heart.

Samuel, Tom
What's stinging you?

You will know it,
If you come.

Samuel, Tom
And you'll see us.
[in going out followed by their]
So let's go - in different ways
From each other they move away.
Tomorrow morning
Great things will learn.

Renato [remained alone with Amelia]
I swore that at the door
You would like to go to the city.

Amelia [among herself]
As a death son
His voice goes to my heart!

Third Act
Scene Before
A study room in Renato's home.
Over a fireplace alongside two bronze vases, in front of which the library. In the background there is a magnificent portrait of Count Riccardo standing, and in the middle of the scene, a trave.
Enter Renato and Amelia.

Renato [laid the sword and closed the door]
The crying is nothing at all to this fault,
He does not hold it and not the excuse.
Other sol will not see you again,
Rea festi you: and here you will die.

But if he is guilty, if only he is guilty
Is it the clue that accuses me? ...

Quiet, or treacherous.

Great God!

Ask him mercy.

And you only need one suspect?
And do you therefore want my blood?
And infamous me, and you no longer feel
Neither justice, nor pity?

Are you done!

If I loved her
An unhappy instant,
Your name did not stain.
Sallo God, that in my chest
He never gave up unworthy affection.

Renato [repeating the sword]
Are you done! It's late ...
Rea you festi ... and here you will die.

Ah! you faint! ... well ...
But a grace ...

Not to me. -
Your prece al ciel address.

Amelia [genuflessa]
Just a saying to you again.
M'odi, the last one will be.

Morrò - but first in grace
Deh! allow me at least
The only son of mine
Get to my breast.
And if to his wife nieghi
This last favor,
Do not refuse it to prostrations
Of my maternal cor.

Morrò - but these bowels
Consoling his kisses,
Then that the extreme has come
Of the fleeting my God.
Off for father's man,
The hand and will stretch
On the eyes of a mother
What never again will not see!

Renato [left the iron, pointing to it, without looking at it, a doorway]
Stand up, there your son
I'll see you again. In the shadows
And in the silence, there,
Your redness and my shame hide.
[Amelia exits]
It's not about her, in her
Fragile chest that hit me.
Other, quite another blood to terger
The offense! ... [staring at the picture] Your blood!
- My iron will not be late
Everything to pour it from your false core:
My avenger's tears!

And it is you who caressed that soul,
The delight of my soul ...
What you trust and suddenly execrable
The universe poisons for me!
Traitor! that in this way they will regain
Of your first friend, the fè!
Or lost sweets! Or memories
Of an embrace that never gets away! ...
When Amelia is so beautiful, so candid
On my breast shone with love! ...
It's over - it does not sit that hate,
And death on the widower cor!
Scene II
Renato; Samuel and Tom enter greeting him coldly.

We are alone. - Hear. Every design of yours
It is known to me. - You of Richard death
Do you want to.


Renato [showing some papers on the table]
I have proof here!

Samuel [quivering]
And now
The plot to the Count will you unveil?

No I want
Divide it.

You joke.

And not with the sayings:
But here with the fact I will scare suspects.
I am yours, comrade will have me
Without posing to the same purpose:
Arra son I give you. The kill
If you miss me.

But such change
It is hardly credible.

What was it?
The cagion you are not looking for. It's yours
For the life of the only child!

Samuel, Tom [among them]
He does not mind.

You hesitate?

Samuel, Tom
Not anymore.

Not anymore.

Renato, Samuel, Tom
So the shame of everyone is one,
One the heart, our wrath will be,
What a tremendous, repent, fast
On that worn head he will fall!

I beg you of a grace.

Samuel, Tom
And which?

That it is given to kill him to me.

No, Renato: the ancestral castle
He took me away, and that right was up to me.

And to me, whose brother was extinguished,
Which decade of agony of revenge
Without requie devora, which part
You assigned?

Forget it, alone
Here the fate decide de '.
[takes a vase from the fireplace and places it on the table. Samuel writes three names and throws you in the wise]

Who is coming? ...
Scene III
Amelia and sayings.

Renato [meeting her]

There is Oscarre that leads
An invitation from the Count.

Renato [paling]
Of him!...
I expect. - And you stay, lo dêi:
Then you appear to have the sky escort you.

Amelia [among herself]
What sadness assails me, what a pain!
What a terrible flash whale!

Renato [pointing his wife to the other two]
Nothing knows - do not worry. This woman
Indeed, the auspice was dear.
[drawing it towards the table]
There are three names in that urn - one derives from it
The innocent your hand.

Amelia [trembling]
And why?

Renato [glaring at her]
Obey - do not ask for more.

Amelia [drawing from the vase a little veil that her husband passes to Samuel] [to himself]
It is not doubtful: this bitter order
It takes me part in an opra of blood.

What is therefore the elected?


Renato [quiver of joy]
My name! - Or justice of fate:
Revenge you delegate me!

Amelia [alone]
Ah! of the Count, death is wanted!
Nol celâr the cruel words!
On that head snudati from anger
Their irons are already shining.

Renato, Samuel and Tom
The weeping of America will fall
The sleal that made it his pride.
If he trafficked, he succumbs to death,
All paid money goes!

Renato [at the door]
The message enters.
Scene IV
Oscar and sayings.

Oscar [towards Amelia]
At the dances
This night, if you like
Bridegroom, my lord
You want ...

Amelia [troubled]
I can not.

Renato [to Oscar]
Will the Count also be there?


Samuel and Tom [among them]
Oh fate!

Renato [to the page, but with a glance at Tom]
A lot of invitation
I know it's worth.

It's a masked ball
Most splendid ...

Renato [cs]
Very well!
[hinting Amelia]
She will intervene.

Samuel and Tom [aside]
And we still, if from that dress
The faster the shot goes.

What a fulgor, what music
The thresholds are exultant
Where so many young people
Beauties the flower welcomes,
How many others palpitate
The genital city!

Amelia [among herself]
And I same, or miserable,
The inexperienced script
From the accomplice urn,
For my angry wife:
On which of the most noble cor
Stop the death is.

Renato [alone]
There the dances to the sonito
Here's the coward I grab ...
Stop the tip vindice ...
And there where I land it
Spire dator of infamy
Without finding pity.

Samuel and Tom [among them]
A vengeance in dominoes
It's what comes back to this purpose.
In the impact of the masks
The purpose will not fail:
And it will be a funeral ball
Among pale beauty.

Amelia [by itself]
Prevent it could - and do not betray
My husband! ...

Of the dances you will be.

Amelia [by itself]
Perhaps it could be Ulrica.

[meanwhile Renato, Samuel and Tom quickly apart]

Samuel and Tom
And what costume would you wear?

The dress, and vermilion
Tape, the ciarpe to the side attorte not even.

Samuel and Tom
And what accent to see?

Scene V
Sumptuous cabinet of the Count.
Table with the necessary to register; in the back a great curling that will discover the dance party.
Riccardo alone.

Perhaps the threshold drew,
And he poses at the end. - Honor
And the need between our breasts broke
The abyss. - Ah! yes, Renato
He will see England again ... and his bride
He will follow him. Without a goodbye, the immense
Oceàn sepàri ... and touches the core.
[writes and in the moment of the signature the signature, leaves the pen to fall]
Do I still hesitate? but, oh heaven, do not you?
[subscribe and close the sheet in the breast]
Ah, I marked my sacrifice!

But if I have the strength to lose you
Forever, or my light,
My heartbeat will come to you
Under what ciel you are,
Closed your memory
In the intimacy of the cor.

And now I presage
The spirit attacks me,
May the see you announce again
Almost a fatal desio ...
As if it were the last one
Now of our love?
[music from inside]
Ah! Dessa is there ... I could see her ... again,
Repair them I could ...
But no: for everything tears me from her.
Scene VI
Oscar with a letter, and said.

Unknown woman this sheet of paper.
It is for the Count, he said; he brings it to him
And hidden.

Riccardo [after bed]
What in the dance some
It will be said to my life.
But if I stop: then,
I'm afraid to say. Nol vo ': none
Though he suspects it de '. You go: he prepares you,
And rat to enjoy the party with me.
[Oscar exits, Riccardo only left alive strongly]
Yes, see you again, Amelia,
And in your beauty,
Once again the soul
D'amor will shine!
Scene VII
Wide and rich ballroom
beautifully lit and party parade.

Happy music preludiano to the dances; and already at the opening of the curtains a multitude of guests impersonate the scene. The greatest number are masked, some in dominoes, others in open-face gala costumes; among the couples dancing some young Creoles. Who goes in track, who avoids, who respects and who pursues. The service is done by the blacks, and everything blows magnificence and laughter.

Chorus general
Love and dances are fervent
In the happy rooms,
So life is alone
A flattering dream.
Night of dear moments,
De 'palpitations and songs,
Why did not stop the flight
On the wave of piacer?
Scene VIII
Samuel, Tom and their adherents in blue domino with vermilion girdle. Renato in the same costume advances slowly.

Samuel [pointing to Renato to Tom]
This is another one of ours.
[and made at Renato] [subheading]
The death!

Renato [bitterly]
Yes, death.
But it will not come.

Samuel and Tom
What are you talking about?

Here, waiting for him is in vain.

Samuel, Tom
Such as? why?

It is enough to know it elsewhere.

Or fate

Tom [trembling]
And it will always get out of hand!

Talk low, some look at us stopped.

And who?

The one on the left from the short domino.
[and they disperse, but Renato is chased by Oscar in a mask]

No longer do I leave you, or mask; badly hide you.

Renato [cansandolo]
Eh away.

Oscar [with vivacity]
You if Renato.

Renato [taking off his mask]
And Oscarre you if.

What a villania!

But good, and you think therefore this,
That while the count sleeps, you slip to the party?

The Count is here ...

Renato [wincing]
What! ... where?

Oscar [turning his back]
Look for it from you.

Renato [with a friendly accent]
Come on - what can you tell me at least about your costume?

Oscar [joking]
Know how you would like
to dress,
when it is what
you want to hide.
Oscar knows,
But he will not say,
Between there,
there, there, there, there.

Full of love
My heart leaps to me,
Serb, however, is secret.

Nol will abduct
Grade or beauty,
Between there,
there, there, there, there.

[groups of masks and dancing couples cross the front of the scene and separate Oscar from Renato]

Renato [reaching him again]
Way, that you can distinguish his friends.

Do you dare
question it, and perhaps hide with it a little?


And then compromise those who told you?

M'offendi. It is confidence that how much I know.

It urges you very ...

Tell me of serious things to it,
Pria that night forward, here favellar. On you
I will make the fault fall, if it does not allow me.

So ...

Give thanks to him, if you talk and not me.

Oscar [closer and faster]
Wearing a black cape, with rosy ribbon on his chest.
[and goes to leave]

A word yet.

Oscar [vanishing in the crowd]
More than enough I said.

[dancers and dancers intertwine at the proscenium; Renato sees far away some of his and disappears beyond. Shortly afterwards, at the turn of the couples in the background, Riccardo in black domino with the ribbon of rose, looks thoughtful, and behind him Amelia in white dominoes]

Ah why here! escape ...

Are you the one in the script?

Death here surrounds you ...

Do not penetrate the
breast in my breast.

Flee, flee, or pierced. You will
fall here!

Reveal me your name.

Great God!
I can not.

And why do you cry ... you beg me terrified?
So, do you feel pity for my life?

Amelia [between sobs that reveal her natural voice]
Everything, for her, my blood ... I would give it all!

Ah invan you hiding, Amelia: that angel you are!

I love you, yes, I love you, and in tears
At your feet I fall for myself,
Wherever I make her an ironic
Corpse tomorrow
You 'll be here if you stay: Save
, go, leave me,
flee from hatred.

Sin that you love me, Amelia,
I do not care for my fate,
I have only you in the soul,
And the universe oblivion.
Nor can I fear death,
Because of her stronger
It is the aura that m'inebria
Of your celestial love.

So, seeing me, do you want
D'anxiety dead and ashamed?

I want you - tomorrow and with Renato you'll go ...

Where is it?

In your native heaven.

In England!

I crash my heart ... but you'll leave ... but goodbye.


Richard [comes off, but after a few steps back to her and with all her soul]
Amelia: once again goodbye,
Last time! ...

Renato [launched unseen between them, stabs him with a knife]
And you get the my!


Amelia [of a cry]

Oscar [coming to him]
Oh heaven!

All [crowding around]
And slaughtered!

From whom?

Where's the infamous?

[see in the background Samuel and Tom]

Oscar [hinting to Renato]
Here they are ...

All [as they surround him and tear off his mask]
- Death ... abomination
On the traitor!

No, no ... leave it.
[to Renato] You still love me.
[and I dispatch the dispatch, and motioned to him to approach]
She is pure, on her death row,
I swear to you, heaven hears me:
I who loved your consort
Respected I have her candor.
[gives him the paper]
A new appointment ascended
You started with her ...
I loved her, but I wanted unharmed
Your name and her heart!

Ciel, what I did! and that
Esecrat awaits me on earth! ...
Of what kind of blood and what vengeance I
suffered the ominous error!

O remorse of love
Who devour my heart,
Between a guilty who bleeds
And the victim who dies!

O pain without measure!
O terrible misfortune!
His forehead is all rorida
Already from the last sudor!

Grazia to everyone: Mr. here are:
Everyone absolves my forgiveness ...

[Samuel and Tom always occupy the bottom of the scene]

Cor so great and generous
You keep us, O God, compassionate:
Ray on earth to us miserable
He is of your heavenly love!

Goodbye forever, oh my children ... forever
Goodbye ... dear America ...
[falls and blows]

It dies!

What a soul passed!

Night of horror!